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‘µtacton¶ -action triggered by touching

‘color µred¶- connotations of warmth and
love, to convey the cordiality and warmth of
interpersonal communications.

‘dhort range wireless communication

‘covered under- Human Area
‘uses minute electric field emitted on
surface of human body

‘decure- intra-body
‘Congestion free
‘Human-to-human information exchange system
‘Low network setup costs

‘first proposed by Thomas G. Zimmermann and his
coworkers at IBM, California
‘improvised by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.,
‘Name given by NTT- µRedTacton¶
‘NTT alone has the basic patent of RedTacton over the

Electro-optic sensor has three key
1. can measure electric fields from a
device under test (DUT) without
contacting it. This minimizes
measurement disturbance
2. Ultra wide-band measurement
3. dupports one-point contact
measurement that is independent of
the ground.

6 ree main functional
features of Red6acton-
‘unlocking or locking,
starting or stopping
equipment, or obtaining
‘Duplex interactive
communication at max
speed of 10Mbps
‘Various conductors and
dielectrics can be used
as transmission media
along with human body

‘The transmitting and receiving electrodes
covered with insulating film
‘RedTacton conforms to the µRadio Frequency-
Exposure¶ protection dtandard (RCR dTD-38)
issued by the Association of Radio Industries and
Businesses (ARIB)
J J 



 Elimination of Human Error :
‘user touches the wrong medicine, alarm will trigger on
the terminal he is carrying
‘reduces false alarms common with passive wireless ID
tags, which can trigger simply by proximity.
u Intuitive Operations :
‘èust by touching the desired printer with one hand
and a PC or digital camera with the other hand, get
any document printed
ΠInstant Private Data Exc ange :

‘ By shaking hands, personal profile data can be

exchanged between mobile terminals on the users.
‘Communication can be kept private using
authentication and encryption technologies
- Personalization of Automobiles
‘ ditting in the seat triggers the car to load all its
‘The seat position and steering wheel height adèust
to match the driver èust by sitting in the car.
‘The driver's home is set as the destination in the car
navigation system.
M Conferencing System
‘Connect to a network èust by putting a laptop on the
table(An electrically conductive sheet is embedded in the
‘Using different sheet patterns enables segmentation of
the table into subnets.
r Security Applications
User verification and lock management at entrances
Carrying a mobile RedTacton capable device in pocket,
ID is verified and door unlocked when the user holds the
doorknob normally
‰ Confidential Document Management
Automatic access log for confidential document storage

keeps a record of who accessed documents at what


 Security Devices (Development

Portable Card-dize Transmitter

Î6ransmission rate: 230Kbps
ÎProtocol: Proprietary protocol
Î6ransmission met od: Unidirectional
Embedded Receiver
Î6ransmission rate: 230Kbps
ÎProtocol: Proprietary protocol
Î6ransmission met od: Unidirectional
ÎExternal device interface:
10/100BAdE-T, Rd232C
ŶData 6ransmission Devices
(under Development)

PC Card 6ransceiver
Î6ransmission rate: 10Mbp
ÎProtocol: TCP/IP
Î6ransmission met od: Half-duplex
Î6erminal interface: PCMCI
Embedded Receiver
Î6ransmission rate: 10Mbp
ÎProtocol: TCP/IP
Î6ransmission met od: Half-duplex
ÎExternal device interface: 10BAdE-T
‘Communication is difficult during
noise production by frequencies used
by RedTacton¶s bandwidth
‘Under development
‘ Restricts us to know the actual
costing required for the product
‘user friendly
‘independent of the environment in which it is
used in
‘best short range wireless communication
‘ cost of RedTacton device setup is expected to
drop down
‘provides seamless service wherever,
whenever and whoever uses it
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