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Front cover

For the front cover I wanted

something different and
unique, so I created this
background and it stood out
well for me and with my first
look I liked it and decided this
is the one.
For my album cover me and
my partner wanted a large
image on the front, so
people can notice the artist,
and so it can stand out and
look good.
I then basically added In the
artist name in black bold
writing that was fairly large, so
this would catch the audiences
I then added in the
album name that me
and my partner wanted,
we done this in a font
so it looked like that the
artist had signed it in
her own writing, making
it more better and
@ack cover

First of all I had to make the back

cover same as the front cover, so
it looks professional.
I then added the large image I
wanted on the back cover
I then added the list of songs
on the album with italic writing
=o make it look more
professional and like a cover I
added a bar code making it more
I then added a little description in
the bottom left corner, this writing
explains the producers, artist, and
lyrists of the album.
I then added the artists
name so people know who
the artist is. =his Is done
because I wanted it to be
Inside cover

Here I had to do the same as I

did for the back cover and add
in the same background as the
Here I have added ͚thank you͛
in bold large writing which will
catch the eye of the audience
Here is the thank you note from the
artist to the fans and family and her
explaining the happiness of the work.
Here to make it more
personal I͛ve added in
͚lots of love͛ this
making it sound more
I then added in the
artist name in a
signature kind of way
writing, so it seems
like its from her
=o make it slightly
more personal I
added in kisses next
to her name, this
makes it more girly
and emotional

I have again added in the

same background.
Here I have added in an image,
this shows the audience who
the artist is and will catch the
eye of fans.
I then added in the lyrics of the
main song, this creates an effect,
because it goes well with the
picture and also it is different
from other album covers as most
covers don͛t contain this.
I then added the title of the
song so people who don͛t know
what it is called now do. I also
done all the writing in this red
so it stands out.

For the poster I thought that I

would have the same
background as I did for the CD
cover, this was because it
stands out and it is also
different to other poster that
normally have white plain
Here I added in a large
image of my artist looking
up holding an umbrella, I
like this picture because it
was natural and it stands
Here I have added the
artist name on the
poster so people
recognise it is her
music being
Äith this I listed a few things
where my artist has had
collaborations with, also it
tells the audience what is
contained in her new album.
Here I have added a bit of
writing that states that
the new album is out, this
just tells the audience
that they can buy her
Here I have added a picture
of the album, so people can
just recognise the album,
and I don͛t this so I can be
different and challenge
Here I have just added a rating
from a magazine that has been
given to the album and the song,
this makes it realistic, also it
makes it out be like that the
album is good.