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The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork

Dr. John C. Maxwell

The Law of Significance

One is too small a number to achieve greatness.

Why Do We Stand Alone?

 Ego  Insecurity  Naivete  Temperament

The Law of the Big Picture

The goal is more important than the role.

The Process of the Big Picture

Look up at the big picture Size up the situation Line up needed resources Call up the right players Give up personal agendas Step up to a higher level

The Law of the Niche

All players have a place where they add the most value.

Correctly Placing People

 Wrong Person/Wrong Place = Regression  Wrong Person/Right Place = Frustration  Right Person/Wrong Place = Confusion  Right Person/Right Place = Progression  Right People/Right Places = Multiplication

Correctly Placing People

 You must know the team  You must know the situation  You must know the player

How to Find Your Niche

 Be secure  Get to know yourself  Trust your leader  See the big picture  Rely on your experience

A sign of a great team leader is the proper placement of people.

The Law of Mount Everest

As the challenge escalates, the need for teamwork elevates.

A Team for Your Dream

 What is your dream?  Who is on my team?  What should my dream team look like?

Growing Your Team

 Develop team members  Add key team members  Change the leadership  Remove ineffective leadership

The Law of the Chain

The strength of the team is impacted by its weakest link.

Teamwork is not for Everyone

 Not everyone will take the journey  Not everyone should take the journey  Not everyone can take the journey

Impact of a Weak Link

 The stronger members identify the weak ones  The stronger members have to help the weak one  The stronger member come to resent the weak one  The stronger members become less effective  The stronger members question the leaders ability

The Law of the Catalyst

Winning teams have players who make things happen.

Three Kinds of Players

 People who dont want the ball  People who want the ball but shouldnt  People who want the ball and should

Characteristics of a Catalyst
 Intuitive  Communicative  Passionate  Talented  Creative

Characteristics of a Catalyst
 Initiating  Responsible  Generous  Influential

On the road to improvement

 Find a mentor

 Begin a growth plan

 Get out of your comfort zone

The Law of the Compass

Vision gives team members direction and confidence.

Aligning Your Vision

 A moral compass (look above)

 An intuitive compass (look within)

 A historical compass (look behind)

Aligning Your Vision

 A directional compass (look ahead)

 A strategic compass (look around)

 A visionary compass (look beyond)

The Law of the Bad Apple

Rotten attitudes ruin a team.

Attitudes & Teamwork

 Attitudes have the power to lift up or tear down a team  An attitude compounds when exposed to others  Bad attitudes compound faster than good ones

Attitudes & Teamwork

 Attitudes are subjective, so identifying a wrong one can be difficult  Rotten attitudes, left alone, ruin everything

Theres only one thing more contagious than a good attitude and thats a bad attitude.

The Law of Countability

Teammates must be able to count on each other when it counts.

Countability Characteristics
 Character  Competence  Commitment  Consistency  Cohesion

How are you doing?

 Is your integrity unquestioned?  Do you perform your work with excellence?  Are you dedicated to the teams success?  Can you be depended on every time?  Do your actions bring the team together?

The Law of the Price Tag

The team fails to reach its potential when it fails to pay the price.

How to Pay the Price?

 The price must be paid by everyone  The price must be paid all the time  The price increases if the team wants to improve, change, or keep winning  The price never decreases

Team Player Requirements

 Sacrifice  Time Commitment  Personal Development  Unselfishness

Modeling Sacrifice - Are you

 Willing to make financial sacrifices for the team  Willing to keep growing for the sake of the team  Willing to empower others for the sake of the team  Willing to make difficult decisions for the sake of the team

The Law of the Scoreboard

The team can make adjustments when it knows where it stands.

Keeping Score
 Is essential to understanding  Is essential to evaluating  Is essential to decision making  Is essential to adjusting  Is essential to winning

The Law of the Bench

Great teams have great depth.

Honor & Developing Your Bench

 Todays bench players may be tomorrows stars  The success of a supporting player can multiply the success of a starter  There are more bench players than starters

Honor & Developing Your Bench

 A bench player placed correctly will at times be more valuable than a starter  A strong bench gives the leader more options  The bench is usually called upon at critical times for the team

Predicting the Future of Your Team

 Recruitment: Who is joining the team?

 Training: Are you developing the team?

 Losses: Who is leaving the team?

Correctly Placing People

Personality Passion Pattern Potential Profile Placement

The Law of Identity

Shared values define the team.

Connection & Shared Values

Glue A foundation A ruler A compass A magnet An identity

Core Values of a Team

 The personal growth of each team member

 The priority of adding value to others

 The power of partnership

Core Values of a Team

 The practice of raising up and developing leaders

 The proper stewardship of the ownership

Thinking About Your Teams Values

Articulate the values Compare values with practices Teach the values Practice the values Institutionalize the values Publicly praise the values

The Law of Communication

Interaction fuels action.

Developing Good Communication

 From leader to teammates  From teammates to leaders  Among teammates  Between the team and the public

When leaders dont listen

 They stop gaining wisdom  They stop hearing what isnt being said  Team members stop communicating  Their indifference spreads to other areas

The Law of the Edge

The difference between two equally talented teams is leadership.

Teamwork & Leadership

 Personnel determine the potential  Vision determines the direction  Work ethic determines the preparation  Leadership determines the success

Leaders bring out the best

 Leaders transfer ownership for work to those who execute the work  Leaders create an environment where each team member wants to be responsible  Leaders coach the development of personal capabilities  Leaders learn quickly and encourage others to learn rapidly

The greater the challenge, the greater the need for the many advantages that leadership provides.

Adding Value to Yourself

 Acknowledge the value of leadership  Take personal responsibility for your leadership growth  Put yourself on a leadership development program  Find a leadership mentor

The Law of High Morale

When youre winning, nothing hurts.

High Morale Magnifies Everything

 It is the great exaggerator  It is the great elevator  It is the great energizer  It is the great eliminator  It is the great emancipator

The Four Stages of Morale

 Poor Morale the leader must do everything  Low Morale the leader must do productive things  Moderate Morale the leader must do difficult things  High Morale the leader must do little things

The Law of Dividends

Investing in the team compounds over time.

Investing in the Team

 Make the decision to build a team  Gather the best team possible  Pay the price to develop the team  Do things together as a team  Empower team members

Investing in the Team

 Give credit for success to the team  Watch to see that the investment in the team is paying off  Stop investing in players who dont grow  Create new opportunities for the team  Give the team the best possible chance to succeed