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Promotion is one of the four elements of marketing mix (product, price, promotion, place). It is the communication link between sellers and buyers for the purpose of influencing, informing, or persuading a potential buyer's purchasing decision

There are seven main aspects of a promotional mix. These are:

 Advertising  Personal selling  Public relation  Corporate image  Direct marketing  Exhibitions

The need of this study is to find the effect of promotion in marketing strategies, since these are changes in modern world of marketing. Affecting buyers behaviour is a challenging job and it is the object of the promotion. As a service to exhibitor, to ensure that participants get maximal opportunity, to meet buyers and users, the promoter actively carries unique characteristics in order to take advantage of the competitors market environment

This study investigates the effect of promotion to wipro consumer care & lighting division. The study covers all level of promotion, from personal selling, advertising, direct marketing public relations, publicity to sales promotion.

To know what promotional mix aspects is wipro following. To know how the promotional mix helps to increase the demand of the product. To know the problems in promotional mix.

Wipro Consumer care and Lighting is in the business of manufacturing and marketing Wipro Brand of Luminaires, Lamps and Accessories. Wipro Lighting caters to both institutional and retail consumers and offers comprehensive lighting solutions across various application areas. Wipro Lighting is part of the Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting Division of Wipro Limited. Wipro Limited is a Rs. 8170 crore diversified corporate having interests in Information Technology, Healthcare, Infrastructure Engineering and Consumer Care.

This chapter describes the research design, population of the study, sample and sampling techniques, instrumentation, validity and reliability of the instruments method of data collection and method of data analysis. SAMPLE SIZE: The sample size is 50. SAMPLING TECHNIQUES The researcher stratified sampling technique, which is diving the population into strata or large that is homogenous to get a simple random sampling. I divided the fifty people into five strata and picked two from each strata to get my sample of ten.


Primary Data: Data is collected or gathered from primary data has to do with questionnaire. Secondary Data : The secondary source of data collection comprised of published materials, textbooks, from libraries, dictionaries, magazines, and television news

QUESTIONNAIRE 1)Which brand of bathing soap do you use? --------------2) Is the same brand of soap used by your other family members? If not, which brand of soap do they use? --------------3) How would you opt the criterias for selecting a bathing soap? a) colour of the soap b) fragrance of the soap c) Brand value d) price e) Advertisement f) Promotional schemes 4) Which is the most effective medium for promoting the product? a) Advertisement b) Sales promotion c) public relation & publicity d) Personal selling e) Internet. 5) How would you choose your prefrence on the following promotional schemes? a) Price off b) Discount coupons c) Contents d) scratch card e) Cash refend f) Prizes 6) Do you perceive any change in quality of forever during the sale promotion scheme? a) Higher quality b) Low quality

7) What type impact does the sales promotion scheme on Forever creates on you? a) Make you to switch to Forever b) Buy it during sales promotion offer only c) Continue buying even after sales promotion offer is scarpped d) No change in buying behaviour. 8) How is the sales promotion scheme communicated to you? a) Through sales representative b) Through print media c) Through e-media d) Through company stall 9) What are the problems during and after sales promotional schemes? a) stock out b) Improper information c) Gifts not received d) coupons not encashed 10) Comparison of sales promotion scheme offered on Forever with competitors? a) Superior b) Inferior c) Similar d) Frequent 11) In your family which age group gets most effected due to sales promotion schemes offered? a) Kids b) Youngsters c) Adults d)Older people 12)How do you rate Forever on following parameters? Very satisfied, satisfied, Netural,Dissatisfied, Very Dissatisfied a) Price----b)Distribution Network----c)Quality------d)Advertising-----e)Promotional schemes-------