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Oracle Reports to BI Publisher Migration Service

Oracle Consulting Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Consulting

Objective & Migration Approach

The objective of this offering to is to assisting customers in migrating their Oracle Reports environments to Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Enterprise environment.

Migration Approach:
Analyze the current Oracle Reports configuration and reports definitions Install BI Publisher Enterprise product into a single environment Convert the existing Reports RDF files into BI Publisher Data/RTF Template and PL/SQL script files Run PL/SQL script if necessary Review the converted Data/RTF Template files and fix any potential issue found in the template files. Implement additional report layout requirements that have been identified at the Analyze stage Deploy the converted Data and RTF Template files to BI Publisher Enterprise server environment Test the converted Data and RTF Templates Engage in active knowledge transfer with customer staff

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Objectives & Proposed Approach Migration Approach Scope of Services Project Timeline Project Roles & Resources Assumptions Value of Services Professional Services Estimate Next Steps Contacts Appendix - Oracle Consulting Credentials
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2007 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and Confidential

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Migration Approach

Reports Layout BIP RTF Template Reports RDF

PL/SQL Package

BIP Data Template

Data Source

Oracle Reports
Mid Tier

BIP Enterprise

Oracle Reports

BI Publisher

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Scope of Services
Reports to BIP Migration
Oracle will assist with the following tasks: Installation of the one instance of the BIP Enterprise platform Migration of the existing Oracle Reports RDF architecture to BIP Data/RTF Template platform using the migration utility Migration of 12-15 existing Oracle Reports reports(RDF files) to BIP Data/RTF Template architecture:
4-5 Simple Reports 4-5 Medium Complexity Reports 3 Complex Reports

Testing of the installed platform and migrated reports Engage in active knowledge transfer with customer staff

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High-Level Project Timeline

Week 1 Analyze Current Environment

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

OBIEE Install & Configure Project Complete

Report Migration Testing

Production Deployment Assistance

2007 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and Confidential

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Project Resources and Roles

Oracle Resources
Migration Lead

Customer Resources
Project Manager

BIP Migration Specialist

Business Analysts
Database Administrator Reporting Administrator

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Key Assumptions
Current Oracle Reports version is 10.1.2. If not, the existing RDF will be migrated to this version by using Oracle Reports 10.1.2 upgrade utility. The only data source for this project will be a single Oracle database (ve8.1.7 or higher) All the pl/sql procedures required by the reports are pre-defined and run without any error The deployed system will be in a single tier Client subject matter experts and technical support will provide support and issues will be resolved within a 24 hour period All estimates for converting reports are based on a total of 12-15 Oracle Reports reports. Additional reports will lead to a proportional increase in estimates. Project team will conduct work on-site and will require all pre-project set-up tasks complete prior to start of engagement, such as building & network access, adequate workspaces, and internet access The BIP platform will be in installed in a single server, non-clustered environment No integration with third-party security or authentication server (LDAP) is included in this estimate. The customer is responsible for maintaining appropriate hardware, software and networks. The following tasks are out of scope for this engagement: Installation or configuration of Oracle Reports components Any customization of existing Oracle Reports reports Scheduling/Delivery implementation Report translatability will be provided but the translation itself is not in scope Any new reporting requirements additions to the existing functionalities provided through Oracle Reports Database Performance Tuning Configuration and set up with LDAP integration & Single sign-on Post-Production Support

2007 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and Confidential

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Oracle Consulting Contacts

For more information, please contact: Sameer Singhal
Consulting Technical Manager Business Intelligence and Warehousing Advanced Technology Services Phone: Email: 978.877.1413

Amy Snare
Consulting Sales Manager Oracle Public Sector State & Local Phone: Email: 352.875.5775

Oracle Corporation 10 Van De Graf Burlington MA 01803

Oracle Corporation 1910 Oracle Way Reston, Virginia 20190

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2007 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and Confidential

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