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-An Application to Everyday Life

What is Nanotechnology?
Diameter in No of •‘Nanos’ in Greek means dwarf
Nm atoms •Nanoparticles are of size of order of
10-9 m
•0.7 •10
Molecules •Nanoparticles can be arranged
•1.6 •102
according to size as
•3.4 •103

•7.3 •104
Nanomolecules Individual
•15.6 •105 Molecules<Nanoparticles<Polariton
•33.7 •106

•72.6 •107
•156 •108

•337 •109
Special Features of
 High Dispersity of Nanocrystalline system
Properties of Nanomaterials are
dominated by Defect Structure of Surface
unlike than Molecular Structure in Bulk

 Size Quantisation
Size of Nanoparticles is comparable to
De Broglie Wavelength of Charge
Carriers. Due to this Spatial Confinement
of charge carriers, edges of Valence &
Conduction Band split into Discrete
Electronic levels & Band Gap increases
as particle size decreases.