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Toning Skills

Introduction to selling
Prof. B. Raj

Chapter 1 Topics
What is selling? Why should you learn
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about selling even if you do not plan to be a salesperson? What is the role of personal selling in a company? What are the myths about selling? What are the rewards of a selling career?

What is selling?

Selling is an activity of convincing

people that your product or service is the best choice available to them
Selling is an art of successfully

persuading people to buy products or services

Selling is a process of exchange of

money/ value where the seller gets profit and buyer gets satisfaction

What is selling? For Management students

Selling means meeting/ exceeding

targets with balanced activities, by adhering the companies guidelines/ policies, ensuring customer satisfaction, through ongoing communication

What is Personal Selling?

Personal selling is a business activity

involving a person-to-person communication process during which a salesperson uncovers and satisfies the needs of a buyer to the mutual, long-term benefit of both parties.
This definition stresses that selling is

more than making a sale and getting an order.

What are some advantages of a sales job?

Compensation potential Challenge Responsibility

Flexibility in work activities

Rewards from making a

tough sale Learning the business from the bottom up Opportunity for senior management positions


What are some disadvantages of a sales job?

Limited supervision Potential conflict

between customer and company demands Depression from lost sales Discomfort from asking customers to buy


What people like?

People love to buy but hate to be sold. There is a big difference between selling and

helping people to buy.

What people do not buy?

Dont sell me clothes. Sell me a sharp appearance, style, and attractiveness. Dont sell me insurance. Sell me peace of mind, and a great future for my family and me. Dont sell me a house. Sell me comfort, contentment, good investment, and pride of ownership. Dont sell me toys. Sell me children happy moments. Dont sell me a computer. Sell me the pleasure & profit of the miracles of modern technology. Dont sell me things. Sell me ideals, feelings, self respect, home life, and happiness. Dont sell me airline tickets. Sell me a fast, safe, on time arrival at my destination feeling like million dollars. Please dont sell me things.

So, What People Buy?

There are only two things people buy: 1. Good feelings 2. Solutions to problems There is no such thing as commodity - Prof. Theodore Levitt, Harvard Business School

Definition of Problem
A problem is the difference between what you have and what you want
What you have means Whats the situation now? What do you want means How would you like it to be?

How to make others feel good?

Kavita recently married, was having lunch with a friend and explaining why she married Kapil instead of Ashok. Ashok is Mr. Everything. Kavita said He is handsome, well educated, extremely intelligent, and has a very successful career. In fact when I was with Ashok I felt like I was with the most wonderful person in the world. Then why did you marry Kapil? her friend asked Kavita replied, Because when I am with Kapil, I feel like I am the most wonderful person in the world. This story illustrates the single most important key to selling yourself. The most effective way to make a positive & lasting impression is to concentrate on boosting the customers self-image.

Selling : Objectives

The objective is to build a relationship that

provides long-term benefits to both parties.

Selling involves helping customers identify

problems, offering information about potential solutions, and providing after-the-sale service to ensure long-term satisfaction.
The basic skills involved in need-satisfaction

selling are opening, probing, supporting, closing, and responding to concerns.

Myths about selling

Selling is a Mystery

Salespersons are Born

Some more myths about selling

Selling is a job, not a profession or a career Salespeople must lie and deceitful to succeed

Salesmanship brings out the worst in people

To be a good salesperson, you have to be

psychologically maladjusted
Salespeople lead a degrading & disgusting life because

they must be pretending all the time

Selling benefits only the seller

Salespersons are prostitutes because they sell all their

Selling is no job for a person with talents & brain.

Use of Technology to Support Salespeople

Email 85% Desk Top PCs 68% Contact Management

Software 55% Cell phones 89% Notebook computers 63% Presentation software 85%
Percent of surveyed sales forces using the technology

Should a production manager have a basic knowledge of selling?

They must be able to present the needs of their functional area to other executives in the firm.
Convincing management that new equipment should be purchased. They negotiate with suppliers Assisting salespeople to meet the needs of the firms customers. Meeting delivery commitments, maintaining quality.

Selling is Used by People in Many Fields

Confession of a Successful Salesperson:

I have been beaten, kicked, lied to, cursed at, taken advantage of, laughed at but the only reason I am around this place again, is to see what will happen next Conclusion: Objections are Opportunities to sell

What are the characteristics of successful salespeople?

Self starters Use time efficiently Motivated to learn Dependable and trustworthy

Have product knowledge Good communicator Adapt to their customer Have emotional intelligence.


What methods can be used to communicate with customers?

Impersonal Paid Advertising/ Sales Promotion Personal Personal Selling/ Internet Web Site



Word of Mouth


What are the strengths & weaknesses of the various communication methods?
Communication Method Control Moderate to High High Flexibility High Moderate to High Low Credibility Low Cost High Moderate to High Moderate Low to Moderate Low

Personal Selling

Internet Web Site


Mass media/ Advertising







Word of mouth





Assignment: How do you influence others?

Think of an instance during the last week in which you tried to influence someone to do something. And answer. How did you go about influencing them? Were you successful? How would you handle the situation the next time?

End of chapter