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Unit 5

Postal and Shipping Services

Postal & Shipping Services

Two businesses in Pettisville provide postal and shipping services for the other businesses within the model community.
1. Pettisville Post Office 2. 18 Wheeler Truck Lines

Pettisville Post Office

1. It handles the delivery of all mail. 2. It accepts packages weighing up to 70 pounds.

Mail deliveries are made daily Monday through Friday.

Pettisville Post Office

The manager of the post office will deliver all mail addressed to people or businesses within the model business community. Your teacher will receive all mail addressed to anyone outside the business community.

18 Wheeler Truck Lines

Most communities have a variety of shipping services provided by trucks, buses, airplanes, and trains. They ship freight that is too heavy or bulky (over 70 pounds)to meet postal standards.
Freight services in Pettisville will be handled by 18 Wheeler Truck Lines.

Using Postal Services

Rates are set according to the weight of the mail and it zone of destination. A special standard mail rate is available for large mailings.

Using Postal Services

Envelopes may be mailed either at the post office or dropped in the community mailbox. Only envelopes may be put in the mailbox.

Using Postal Services

Mail delivered from the Pettisville Post Office will have a special mailing notation in the top righthand corner of each envelope that reads Official Business.

Using Postage Services

Packages must be mailed at the post office.
When paying for postage and other postal services, managers should write checks payable to: Pettisville Post Office.

Using Postage Stamps

Businesses without postage meter machines (except for Pettisville Post Office) will use postage stamps to mail envelopes.

Envelopes are sent by first-class mail and require one 42 cent stamp.

Choosing Classes of Mail

Pettisville Post Office offers three classes of mail delivery:


Priority mail Express mail Standard mail

Priority Mail
This is first-class mail that is rated by weight and distance carried.

It includes first-class letters and packages weighing more than 12 ounces.

Express Mail
This is the fastest delivery service offered by the U.S. Postal Service. Since postal rates for express mail are expensive, priority mail is normally used unless speed of delivery is important.

Express Mail
When speed of delivery is important, you should send envelopes or packages by express mail. Mail sent for express delivery will arrive on the next day or the second day. The rate for delivery from post office to post office is less than delivery to an addressee.

Standard Mail
Mail that is sent in bulk and addressed, sorted and prepared according to postal standards. Mailings must be at least 200 pieces or 50 pounds.

Standard Mail
Sorting and bundling the mail reduces handling by the post office, so a reduced postage rate is charged.

Standard Mail
Lower nonprofit rates are available for standard mail but require special authorization.
Lee Community Center would use standard mail as it is a nonprofit corporation. They send monthly newsletters to residents in the community.

Standard Mail
This is also used by businesses that advertise using direct mail. Mean Jeans Manufacturing Co. sends direct mail advertising at standard mail rates.

Using Special Postal Services

There are three:
1. 2. 3.

Insured Mail International Mail Certified Mail

Insured Mail
Mail that includes a small fee, in addition to the regular postage, to insure the value of the contents of a package against loss, damage, or rifling. Both domestic and international mail may be insured. If a loss occurs, the post office will pay the depreciated value of the contents or the cost of repairs.

International Mail
Mail that is sent to an address outside the borders of the United States.

Categories include:
Global Mail Express Global Mail Express Guaranteed Global Priority Airmail Economy

Certified Mail
A postal service that provides a mailing receipt for the sender and proof of delivery. Certified mail should not be used for items of value. It is used when proof of mailing and the delivery date are important on mail that has no value of its own such as a contract, etc.

Please Note:
If you are shipping to an address OUTSIDE of Pettisville, you will get a cardboard box from your Instructor and wrap a package.

If you are shipping to an address WITHIN Pettisville, you will prepare a shipment form rather than wrap a package.

Please Note:
For this simulation, use Priority (first-class) mail for packages weighing less than 70 pounds when time is not a concern.

Use Express Mail for packages weighing less than 70 pounds when time is a major concern.
Complete Checkpoint on Page 184.

Using Postage Meters

A postage meter is a machine that prints the amount of postage on an envelope and seals the envelope.

The postage may be printed either directly on an envelope or onto a premoistened label that is affixed to an envelope or package.

Using Postage Meters

Metered mail is already dated and postmarked. Therefore, it is processed much faster than stamped mail.
The imprint of a fully automatic meter machine may also carry a slogan or a line of advertising.

Using Postage Meters

Businesses replenish the postage on the meter electronically either by phone or through the Internet.
The meter registers the amount of postage used on each piece of mail, the amount of postage remaining on the meter and the number of pieces that have passed through the machine.

Using Postage Meters

All envelopes are sent by first-class mail and require 42 cents postage. An imprint made by a postage meter machine follows.

See Page 185.

Using Postage Meters

Four Pettisville businesses use postage meter machines: 1. 2. 3. 4. Creative Advertising Agency Pettisville Bank Taylor Office Supplies United Communications

Using Postage Meters

All four businesses have postage on their meters when they open for business on July 2.

Each business will go to the post office and write a check for $100 to replenish the postage on the meter.
Complete Checkpoint on Page 187.

Using Freight Services

Freight services are usually the most economical way to transport heavy items, bulky goods, large quantities, and unpackaged or uncrated freight. Goods that are transported are called freight or shipments.

Using Freight Services

A local trucking company, 18 Wheeler Truck Lines provides next-day delivery service within the community.
Although this truck line offers coast-tocoast delivery service, you will arrange shipments only for local deliveries.

Using Freight Services

You will use 18 Wheeler Truck Lines whenever you have a shipment over 70 pounds.
Deliveries within the Pettisville area are rated according to the total weight and whether the shipment is crated/palletized or not crated/not palletized.

Using Freight Services

Crated freight is transported in wooden boxes called crates.

Palletized freight is transported on portable wooden platforms called pallets.

Using Freight Services

Freight placed in crates or on pallets can be lifted by forklift operators, but loose freight must be lifted by warehouse employees.

Using Freight Services

When you ship by 18 Wheeler Truck Lines, you will prepare a bill of lading. A bill of lading is a form listing goods received for shipment by a trucking company promising delivery.

Bill of Lading
The bill of lading shows what goods have been turned over to 18 Wheeler to ship and the weight of the goods.

Three names appear on a bill of lading: 1. The carrier 2. The consignee 3. The shipper See Page 188.

Bill of Lading
The carrier is: The agent transporting the goods from the shipper to the consignee
(It is 18 Wheeler Truck Lines on Page 188.)

Bill of Lading
The consignee is: The business receiving the goods
(It is Mean Jeans Manufacturing Co. on Page 188.)

Bill of Lading
The shipper is: The business shipping the freight
(It is The Denim Maker on Page 188.)

Bill of Lading
The # symbol is frequently used as an abbreviation for pounds. Look at the flow chart diagram on Page 189 to see the steps for completing a bill of lading and arranging a shipment.
Complete Checkpoint on Page 196.

Complete Activities 5.1 5.4 on Pages 199 202.