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Presentation on MAKKAYS Co.

From Majid Ali Ali Zia Reg.# 2732, 2747 BBA (Hons)


Establish in 1982 this is Software Co. scientific, electronic component & equipment Market leader in providing electromechanical, power Customer services: Industrial, Defense, Telecom & IT sector Core strategy: provide best product, fulfill needs & demands.

History/Back ground

When Makkays establish then there is no HR department. Establish HR department 8 years back in increase efficiency to make future plan HR department looking employees related activities, transfer, appraisals & training, utilized their capability in efficient manner.

HRM Department

Now in Makkays HRM department is a strategic partner, business operation, corporate planning & business profitability. Senior manager. Manager HR. Assist manager. HR executive.

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Strategic Planning

To meeting their mission. Strategic HR plans that will allow to make HR management decision. Makkays overall plan 5 year which tenure 1 year.

Budge for HR to conduct training, in hiring process

They judge skill level, degree level. If one employee left the company then how they arrange & coming new invention in market.


Makkays have some standards/procedures defined for employees appraisals. The process of performance appraisal is the setting up of the standards.
The standards set should be clear, easily understandable and in measurable terms.

There are appraisal forms developed by HRM according to the some specific requirements. Appraisal forms are distributed among all department heads/Team leads.

HRM finalize these appraisals with the collaboration of GM and higher management.

Job Design & work design

Job design and work design in Makkays is totally based on technology, method and relationships. Makkays HRM department planned job & work design according to the following 5 factors.
HR department held meetings with the other department heads on regular basis.

Some functions/implications Makkays used after defining Job Designs:

1)Employee role definition 2)Employee job description 3)Employee job design document

So here we mentioned some specific Job and work design points which we consider here at Makkays.

Recruitment/selection Process

Makkays announced available job positions which are normally get vacant due to three reasons.

Makkays HRM department advertised jobs on Hiring fresh candidates

For every position interviewed 5-10 candidates



Training/Development process

Makkays HRM department the needs for training and development is determined by: Specific skills, Abilities and knowledge, Employee performance deficiency.

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Makkays HRM department have 3 specific particular objectives of training & development.