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Samantha Bourque

August 9, 2010 Flight attendant Steven Slater arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport on Flight 1052 from Pittsburgh Altercation with a passenger involving overhead luggage Used intercom to exclaim obscenities Exited via emergency slide, 2 beers in hand

Founded in February, 2000 by David Neeleman John F. Kennedy Airport, New York

13,000 employees 64 destinations, 22 states, 11 Countries Official airline of Boston College Athletics, New York Jets, Los Angeles Angels, Boston Red Sox

Valentines Day 2007

JetBlue cancelled 1,096 flights Neeleman appeared on CNN, NBC, FOX Customer Bill of Rights

Employee relations Connecting with employees

Understand the situation Dedication to safety Workplace culture

JetBlues Reaction
8/9/2010- Holding statement released 8/11/2010- Company blog post 8/13/2010- Internal memo sent to all employees $100 vouchers to every passenger on Flight 1052

Primary Employees

Pilots, flight attendants, office staff, terminal

staff, etc. 13,000 across the country

Secondary Passengers

Past and Future


Impact Objectives
Increase employee knowledge of the situation by 50% within five days of the incident. Increase employee awareness of the companys stance on safety and dedication to employees well-being by 50% within two weeks of the incident. Increase employee positive experience and loyalty with the company by 25% by the end of 2010.

Output Objectives
Send out 13,000 internal memos to every employee Personally communicate with 9,750 (75%) of JetBlue employees Make personal appearances on all three major morning television shows (ABC, NBC, CBS)

Action & Planning

Press Release
Within hours
Internal and external All employees and media outlets

What we know, The Plan, Employee safety

Action & Planning

Internal memo
Within 24 hours
EVERY employee Situation, investigation, aftermath

Workplace culture, employee safety

Action & Planning

Media appearances
Within 48 hours
Founder David Neeleman ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX

Situation, investigation,

Employee safety, passenger safety

Action & Planning

Employee Meeting
Within 1 week
Different times and different hubs Founder David Neeleman or President

David Barger

Action & Planning

Employee Meeting
Open Door Policy
Dedication to safety and

workplace culture Safety workshop


Social Media
Internal Memo Employee Meeting


Press releases
Media appearances

Number of memos sent Attendance at employee meeting Surveys

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