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Study of different account operating in HDFC Bank

Submitted By: Manshul Ranjan


Since to a modern bank performs a variety of function, it is difficult to give an accurate definition of it. A Banker is a person of firm or company having place of business where credit are opened by deposits collection of money or currency or subject to be paid or remitted upon draft, Cheque or where money is advanced or loaned on stocks bonds, bullion, bills of exchange and promissory notes are received for discount or sales

About HDFC
The bank was incorporated in Aug. 1994 in the

name of HDFC BANK LTD. With its registered office in Mumbai, India. HDFC bank commenced operations as scheduled commercial bank in January 1995.

HDFC banks business philosophy is based on

four core values:- 1) Operational Excellence 2) Customer Focus 3) Product Leadership 4) People.

The authorized capital of HDFC bank is Rs.

45000 Lacks. The issued, subscribed and paidup capital is divided into 28,47,91,713 equity shares @ Rs.10/- each.

Objectives of the study

To explore various schemes and products

offered by HDFC bank. To study the awareness regarding HDFC Bank, GURGAON. To find out the kind & services often used by the customers. To understand the attitude of the consumers towards the bank To know the problem faced by the customers in the bank. To find out the customer satisfaction level regarding the different product

To carryout the SWOT analysis of bank. To find out the main causes for the

dissatisfaction by the customer (DBC) Direct Banking Channel.


Research Methodology
Research Design:

I have opted exploratory research design for carrying on my study. As the nature of study was involving the primary collection of data, so detailed study was required for collection of data & therefore only the exploratory research was feasible for the study. Thats why the research is based exploratory research design involves of deep study of primary as well as secondary data. Scope of study: The scope of the study is limited to various aspect of bank containing further sub-aspects, which are e-banking (mobile banking, tele-

Area of study

Due to the shortage of the time, the area covered under this study is limited to GURGAON only.
Time Schedule

Project is undertaken for 6-8 weeks.


Data is analysed by using : HISTOGRAMS, PIE CHARTS

Data analysis


Findings & Suggestions



Bank has an extensive distribution network of 312 Branches in 163 cities and one international office in Dubai. This provides a competitive edge over the competitors. The Bank is a market leader in Cash Settlement Service for the Major Stock Exchange in the country. The bank has strong delivery system means maximum delivery system at the customer doorstep. The Bank has almost over 910 network ATMs

SUGGESTIONS On-line trading of shares through Demat

A/c should be incorporated fast in the smaller cities also. HDFC Bank should also bring a new feature of CC limit (Cash Credit Limit) Amount for opening new account should be reduced to a subsequent level so that people can think of getting an account in HDFC. Phone Banking should be started in branch

More ATM machines should be established

near city i.e. Gurgaon, so that customers can think to access their A/c in their own city. Service charges for not maintaining the AQB should be reduced. Interest on F.D.R. should be more as compare to other banks to generate more revenue for their accounts. Bills pay facility should be started in branches for the convenience of the customers.

HDFC banks mission is to be a world class

Indian bank. The bank has aim to build sound customer franchises across district business so as to be the prefer provider of banking services in the segment that the bank operates in and to achieve healthy growth in profitability, consistent with the banks risk appetite. Banks expansion plans take into account the need to have a presence in all major industrial and commercial centers where its corporate customers are located as well as the need to build a strong retail customer base for