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Labor Relations

Prepared by: Gao, Caiyun

Labor Relations

What is Labor Relations? What do employees want in an organization? What are the approaches to Labor relations? Labor relation problem in China Labor relation problem in the Philippines

What is Labor Relations?

Most commonly, labor relations refers to dealings between management and a workforce that is already unionized, or has the potential to become unionized. refer broadly to any dealings between management and workers about employment conditions.

What do employees want in an organization?

Employees are always looking to obtain the best possible benefit when becomes to work efforts. Employees want to be able to select jobs, negotiate pay, benefits, working hours, and working conditions.

What do employees want in an organization?

When employees are seeking for these working conditions terms, and employees believe that they are not being heard by the management team, employees will look for other alternatives such as coming together to form, or be part of a union organization.

What are the approaches to Labor relations?

1. Collective Bargaining
The process whereby formal labor agreements are reached by union and management representatives; it involves the negotiation of wages, hours, and conditions of employment and the administration of the labor contract.

What are the approaches to Labor relations?

2. Union
An organization that represents the workers and in collective bargaining has the legal authority to negotiate with the employer and administer the labor contract.

Grievance A complaint brought by an employee who feels that he or she has been treated improperly under the terms of the labor agreement.

Union Grievance Procedure

Employee with a Grievance Immediate Supervisor
Verbal Presentation

Employee; Possible Union Steward Business Representative, Grievance Committee

5 workdays

Written Grievance

Department Manager

5 workdays

Labor Relations Director Arbitration

National Union Representative and Local Union Representative 15

10 workdays


Steps of a Grievance Procedure

First step usually involves a meeting between the union representative at the operating level and the employees supervisor they attempt to agree on how to solve the grievance Unresolved grievances may involve union officials and higherlevel management representatives these conciliatory approaches usually solve the grievance Sometimes the matter ends up in the hands of a mediator or an arbitrator

Mediation and Arbitration

A person who brings both sides (union and management representatives) together and helps them to reach a settlement that is mutually acceptable.

An individual who provides a solution to a grievance that both sides (union and management representatives) have been unable to resolve themselves and that both sides agree to accept.

Types of Strike

1. Strike
A collective refusal to work to pressure management to grant union demands

2. Lockout
A companys refusal to allow workers to enter the facility during a labor dispute

Types of Strike

3. Economic Strikes (Primary - Secondary - Partial) - Intended to resolve a Bargaining Impasse. Can only occur in connection with contract negotiations. 4. Unfair Labor Practice Strike - Purpose is to force the employer to cease committing what the union believes to be unfair labor practices. It may or may not occur during negotiations.

Types of Strike

5. Wildcat Strikes Conducted by groups of workers without the authority and consent of the union.

6. Sympathy Strike Refusal by one union to work for its employer to pressure another (or the same) employer in it dealings with a second union.

Labor relation problem


Low wages


Non-Agriculture Agriculture P 389.00

NCR(highest) P 426.00 V(lowest)

P204.00 - 247.00 P215.00 - 225.00

Poor Working Conditions

Inhumane Treatment



High Prices (Inflation)

Widespread Poverty

Labor relation problem


Retiring workers request to raise the amount of pension Mass layoffs by firms to disengage employment relations Delaying wage payment or receiving lower than standard wages and poor working conditions

Minimum Wage

City Shanghai Beijing Guangzhou Shenzhen Tian jing

Monthly 1280($195.69) 1160($177.34) 1300($198.75) 1320($201.81) 1070($163.58)


International Labor Organization (ILO)

A specialized agency of the United Nation that deals with labor issues pertaining to international labor standards.