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1he 8uslc lucLs AbouL

an auLolmmune dlsease
LhaL causes chronlc
lnflammaLlon of Lhe [olnLs
8heumaLold arLhrlLls can
also cause lnflammaLlon of
Lhe Llssue around Lhe [olnLs
as well as ln oLher organs ln
Lhe body
lL ls a chronlc lllness
paLlenLs may experlence
long perlods wlLhouL
sympLoms 1yplcally a
progresslve lllness LhaL has
Lhe poLenLlal Lo cause [olnL
desLrucLlon and funcLlonal
8A ls a common rheumaLlc
dlsease affecLlng
approxlmaLely 13 mllllon
people ln Lhe unlLed SLaLes
accordlng Lo currenL census
daLa 1he dlsease ls 3x more
common ln women as ln
men lL affllcLs people of all
races equally 1he dlsease
can begln aL any age and
even affecLs chlldren buL lL
mosL ofLen sLarLs afLer 40
years of age and before 60
years of age ln some
famllles mulLlple members
can be affecLed suggesLlng
a geneLlc basls for Lhe
lsk lucLors:
AuLolmmune dlseases are
lllnesses LhaL occur when
Lhe bodys Llssues are
mlsLakenly aLLacked by Lhelr
own lmmune sysLem 1he
lmmune sysLem conLalns a
complex organlzaLlon of
cells and anLlbodles
deslgned normally Lo seek
and desLroy lnvaders of
Lhe body parLlcularly
lnfecLlons aLlenLs wlLh
auLolmmune dlseases have
anLlbodles ln Lhelr blood
LhaL LargeL Lhelr own body
Llssues where Lhey can be
assoclaLed wlLh
loss of appeLlLe
lowgrade fever
muscle and [olnL aches
and sLlffness (wotse lo
motoloq symmettlcol
potteto lovolvemeot of
moltlple jolots booJs ooJ
wtlst jolots ofteo lovolveJ)
swollen Lender and red
chronlc lnflammaLlon
lgns 8 \Los:
lgns 8 \Los:
S[ogren's syndrome dry
eyes and mouLh due Lo
glandular lnflammaLlon
chesL paln from rheumaLold
lnflammaLlon of Lhe lungs
Ie|ty's syndrome
lnvolvlng an enlarged
spleen and a decreased
whlLe blood cell counL wlLh
a resulLanL lncreased rlsk of
er|card|t|s lnflammaLlon
of Llssue surroundlng Lhe
hearL whlch can cause chesL
lgns und \Los
eumato|d nodu|es are flrm
lumps LhaL appear
subcuLaneously (under Lhe skln)
ln abouL 20 of paLlenLs wlLh
rheumaLold arLhrlLls 1hese
nodules usually occur over
exposed [olnLs LhaL are sub[ecL
Lo Lrauma such as Lhe flngers
[olnLs and elbows Lhough
occaslonally Lhey can occur
elsewhere such as Lhe back of
Lhe heel Cccaslonally Lhey can
become palnful and Lhe
overlylng skln can become
lnfecLed or even ulceraLe
steoporos|s 8heumaLold
arLhrlLls lLself along wlLh some
medlcaLlons used for rheumaLold
arLhrlLls can lncrease your rlsk of
osLeoporosls a condlLlon LhaL
weakens your bones and makes
Lhem more prone Lo fracLure
Carpa| tunne| syndrome lf
rheumaLold arLhrlLls affecLs your
wrlsLs Lhe lnflammaLlon can
compress Lhe nerve LhaL serves
mosL of your hand and flngers
neart prob|ems 8heumaLold
arLhrlLls can lncrease your rlsk of
hardened and blocked arLerles as
well as lnflammaLlon of Lhe sac
LhaL encloses your hearL
Lung d|sease eople wlLh
rheumaLold arLhrlLls have an
lncreased rlsk of lnflammaLlon
and scarrlng of Lhe lung Llssues
whlch can lead Lo progresslve
shorLness of breaLh
1esLs und lugnosls:
|ood tests
eople wlLh rheumaLold
arLhrlLls Lend Lo have an
elevaLed erytrocyte
sed|mentat|on rate (LS8 or sed
raLe) whlch lndlcaLes Lhe
presence of an lnflammaLory
process ln Lhe body CLher
common blood LesLs look for
reumato|d factor and anLl
cycllc clLrulllnaLed pepLlde
(ant|CC) ant|bod|es
xrays help Lrack Lhe
progresslon of rheumaLold
arLhrlLls ln Lhe [olnLs over Llme
The American Co||ege of
Rheumato|ogy defined the
fo||owing criteria for a
rheumatoid arthritis
,ornlng sLlffness of more
Lhan one hour mosL mornlngs
for aL leasL slx weeks
ArLhrlLls and sofLLlssue
swelllng of more Lhan Lhree of
fourLeen [olnLs or [olnL groups
for aL leasL slx weeks
ArLhrlLls ln Lhe hand [olnLs for
aL leasL slx weeks
SymmeLrlc arLhrlLls for aL leasL
slx weeks
SubcuLaneous nodules ln
speclflc places
8heumaLold acLor aL a level
above Lhe 93Lh percenLlle
8adlologlcal changes
suggesLlve of [olnL
1esLs und lugnosls:
can relleve paln and reduce
lnflammaLlon CverLhecounLer
nSAlus lnclude lbuprofen (Advll
,oLrln oLhers) and naproxen
(Aleve) SLronger nSAlus are
avallable by prescrlpLlon
CorLlcosLerold medlcaLlons such
as prednlsone reduce
lnflammaLlon and paln and slow
[olnL damage
slow Lhe progresslon of
rheumaLold arLhrlLls and save
Lhe [olnLs and oLher Llssues from
permanenL damage Common
u,A8us lnclude meLhoLrexaLe
(1rexall) leflunomlde (Arava)
hydroxychloroqulne (laquenll)
sulfasalazlne (Azulfldlne) and
mlnocycllne (uynacln ,lnocln
1hese medlcaLlons acL Lo Lame
your lmmune sysLem whlch ls
ouL of conLrol ln rheumaLold
arLhrlLls Lxamples lnclude
azaLhloprlne (lmuran Azasan)
cyclosporlne (neoral
Sandlmmune Cengraf) and
cyclophosphamlde (CyLoxan)
1umor necrosls facLoralpha
(1nalpha) ls an lnflammaLory
subsLance produced by you r
body 1nalpha lnhlblLors can
help reduce paln mornlng
sLlffness and Lender or swollen
[olnLs Lxamples lnclude
eLanercepL (Lnbrel) lnfllxlmab
(8emlcade) adallmumab
(Pumlra) gollmumab (Slmponl)
and cerLollzumab (Clmzla)
Several oLher rheumaLold
arLhrlLls drugs LargeL a varleLy of
processes lnvolved wlLh
lnflammaLlon ln your body 1hese
drugs lnclude anaklnra (klnereL)
abaLacepL (Crencla) rlLuxlmab
(8lLuxan) and Loclllzumab
Tota| |oint rep|acement.
urlng |olnL re\uceenL
surger our surgeon reoves
Lhe duuged \urLs of our |olnL
und lnserLs u \rosLhesls ude
of eLu und \usLlc.
Tendon repair. lnfuuLlon
und |olnL duuge u cuuse
Lendons uround our |olnL Lo
oosen or ru\Lure. Your surgeon
u be ube Lo re\ulr Lhe
Lendons uround our |olnL.
1oint fusion. urglcu fuslng u
|olnL u be recoended Lo
sLubllze or reulgn u |olnL und
for \uln relef when u |olnL
re\uceenL lsnL un o\Llon.
Lifesty|e and HOME
erc|se regu|ar|y CenLle exerclse
can help sLrengLhen Lhe muscles
around your [olnLs and lL can help
flghL faLlgue you mlghL feel Check
wlLh your docLor before you sLarL
exerclslng lf youre [usL geLLlng
sLarLed begln by Laklng a walk
1ry swlmmlng or genLle waLer
aeroblcs Avold exerclslng Lender
ln[ured or severely lnflamed
pp|y eat or co|d PeaL can help
ease your paln and relax Lense
palnful muscles Cold may dull Lhe
sensaLlon of paln Cold also has a
numblng effecL and decreases
muscle spasms
e|a lnd ways Lo cope wlLh paln
by reduclng sLress ln your llfe
1echnlques such as hypnosls
gulded lmagery deep breaLhlng
and muscle relaxaLlon can all be
used Lo conLrol paln
A|ternative Medicine
P|ant oi|s. 1he seeds of evenlng
\rlrose boruge und buck currunL
conLuln u L\e of fuLL ucld LhuL u
he\ wlLh rheuuLold urLhrlLls \uln
und ornlng sLlffness. lde effecLs
u lncude nuuseu dlurrheu und
gus. oe \unL ols cun cuuse lver
duuge or lnLerfere wlLh
edlcuLlons so check wlLh our
docLor flrsL.
ish oi|. oe \rellnur sLudles
huve found LhuL flsh ol su\\eenLs
u reduce rheuuLold urLhrlLls
\uln und sLlffness. lde effecLs cun
lncude nuuseu bechlng und u flsh
LusLe ln Lhe ouLh. llsh ol cun
lnLerfere wlLh edlcuLlons so check
wlLh our docLor flrsL.
Tai chi. 1hls oveenL Lheru\
lnvoves genLe exerclses und
sLreLches coblned wlLh dee\
breuLhlng. Mun \eo\e use Lul chl Lo
releve sLress ln Lhelr lves. u
sLudles huve found LhuL Lul chl u
reduce rheuuLold urLhrlLls \uln.
When ed b u knowedgeube
lnsLrucLor Lul chl ls sufe. 8uL donL do
un oves LhuL cuuse \uln.
8heumaLold arLhrlLls ls an auto|mmune d|sease LhaL can cause chronlc lnflammaLlon of Lhe [olnLs and oLher areas
of Lhe body
8heumaLold arLhrlLls can affecL people of all ages
1he cause of rheumaLold arLhrlLls ls not known
8heumaLold arLhrlLls ls a chronlc dlsease characLerlzed by perlods of dlsease flares and remlsslons
ln rheumaLold arLhrlLls mulLlple [olnLs are usually buL noL always affecLed ln a symmeLrlcal paLLern
Chronlc lnflammaLlon of rheumaLold arLhrlLls can cause permanenL [olnL desLrucLlon and deformlLy
uamage Lo [olnLs can occur early and does noL correlaLe wlLh Lhe severlLy of sympLoms
1he reumato|d factor ls an anLlbody LhaL can be found ln Lhe blood of 80 of people wlLh rheumaLold arLhrlLls
1here ls no known cure for rheumaLold arLhrlLls
1he LreaLmenL of rheumaLold arLhrlLls opLlmally lnvolves a comblnaLlon of pat|ent educat|on rest and eerc|se
[o|nt protect|on med|cat|ons and occas|ona||y surgery
Larly LreaLmenL of rheumaLold arLhrlLls resulLs ln beLLer ouLcomes
eneLLe . Aurlo 8 8 jzj