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Introducation: Social work is a profession which has Ethics Concept,Philosophy, principles, Values and various responsibilities to practice and perform. It requires trained professionals,individuals or groups to follow principles,scientific methods, systematic activities and empathetic approach.

for any profession it is nessesary to understand the purpose to formulate certain norms and codes to follow. Formulating Ethical code with the base if understanding its priciples and values helps a Professional to perform his task without any confusion and doubt in a legal way.It is also helpful to achieve a task without wasting of time and energy. The systematic approach of problems will lead to proper solution and exploration of new professional methods for future problems.

Meaning of Ethics : The word ethics is derived from the Greak word ethos, which means Character and from the latin word mores, which meanes customs. In modern Society it defines how individuals, business professionals and corporations choose to interact with one another.

Ethics is the study how people ought to act in order to be moral. A moral code that guides the condect of a group of professionals. The branch of philosophy that defines what is right for the nature of obligations or duties, that people owe them selves and one another.

Definition of Ethics:
According to Fredric Reamer Ethic Relates to people and what people consider correct or right. In another definition Ethics generates standards that direct ones condect. It also said that Ethics represents values in action . Ethics is standardised systematic rules and decipline in a legal way and in a professional way.

Purpose of Ethics :
Guide practitioners in resoling ethical dilemmas that arise in practice. Protect public from incomplete services. Protect public in General. Describe the responsibilities and expectations of social workers to their clients, colleges,Employers and society. Assist the social workers in developing ethical problem and decision making skills as well as develop strategies to address the ethical dilemma. Summarise the social work professions mission and core values are the purpose to from a ethical code in social case work.

Ethics Principles:
Priciples of the protection of life. Principle of equality Principle of Autonomy and freedom. Principle of least harm. Principle of quality of life. Principle of privacy and confidentiality.

Concept of Social Work Introduction: Concept is the whole idea of social work or the essence of social work practice,without concept its meaningless to practice social work. It requires us total idea of subject and the methods, purpose and goal of social work.It includes the reason behind the action of social work.

Definition of Social Work Concept:

According to Brown Social works is to provide physical,phychological and environmental help and to make available the opportunities to the weaker sections of people for raising their standard of living. In the words as Friendlander social work is providing opportunities for experimenting democratic and humanistic behavion, Bring change in painful situation and develop constractive forces. Social work is to give assistance to individuals in removing difficulties which they face in utilizing the societys resources and utillazation of community resources for their welfare is the idea given by witmer.

Purpose for concept: The purpose to have concept about any profession is to have clear ideas, knowledge,scientific study of that particular field. The knowledge and goal of the field has to be defined for clear understanding to achieve proper goal.

The Basic Concepts: Acceptance Individuvalization Purposeful expression of feeling and emotions Maningful Relaionship Non-Judgemental attitude Self Determination Confidentiality Empathy Social Functioning


Introduction: Traditionally social work in India is more person based and not institution based.In early times helping the needy has been considered almost a moral duty for everyone.

Philosophical foundation of Social work:

Vedic period Hinduism Christianity Islam Buddism


Introduction: The Ethical responsibility involves the responsibility toward individuals those who involved in the particular task for solution or to achieve a goal to follow the ethical code while fulfilling responsibility in social work.

ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITIES: As the first essential to social work practice is to understand oneself and make necessary changes in the attitudes and prejudices which affects the work. Respect the feelings and thinking of others and understand behaviours. Avoid stereo type and recognize individuality in every individual. Acceptance with humanity and openess. Constantly update the knowledge and intervention strategies.

Relevent knowledge in the changing socio economic geographical and cultural context.
Work for the development of the profession. Maintaining periodical reports of social work.

Using knowledge,power and status in a professional way for the well-being of all.
Not misuse social work for personal gains. Work towardsthe development of the individual,society and for the country.

CONCLUSION: To perform a task in social work or else in any field of work the rules and regulations has to be formed in a formal way for the effective completion of that the understanding of ethics,concept and philosophy of social work will lead to form an effective and systematic ethical code with the base of vaules and principles will result in achieving a goal studying concepts,philosophy and ethics we can clearly understand the ethical responsibilities to be perfomed while working in the field of social work.

S.Rangasamy,madurai institute of social science Paul chowdry NASW Cmer Frderic G.reamer Marry Richmond Loewenberg and Dolgoff