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Audi AG is a German manufacturer of automobiles in various body styles and price ranges that are marketed under the Audi brand. AKTEN GESELLSCHAFT Share society LIMITED BY SHARE

HEADQUARTER- Ingolstadt,germany
OWNED BY- Volkswagon AG(since 1964)

The company name is based on the surname of the founder August Horch, meaning listen which, when translated into Latin, becomes Audi.

The Audi emblem is 4 overlapping rings that represent the 4 marques of Auto Union. First ring - Audi Second ring DKW(Dampf-KraftWagen ) Third Horch And, fourth - Wanderer. Its similarity to the Olympic rings caused the International Olympic Committee to sue Audi in Rochester in 1995.As part of Audi's centennial celebration in 2009, the company updated the logo by altering the shading for the overlapping rings.


Audi's corporate tagline is Vorsprung durch Technik, meaning "Progress through Technology". This Germanlanguage tagline is used in many European countries, including UK, and in other markets, such as Latin America, and parts of Asia including Japan.

A few years ago, the North American tagline was "Innovation through technology. More recently, however, Audi has updated the tagline to "Truth in Engineering" in the U.S.


Audi produces 100% galvanised cars to prevent corrosion, and was the first mass-market vehicle to do so. The body's resulting durability even surpassed Audi's own expectations, causing the manufacturer to extend its original 10-year warranty against corrosion perforation to currently 12 years. An all-aluminium car was first brought forward by Audi (in 1994 Audi A8) was launched, which introduced aluminium space frame technology (called Audi Space Frame).

Direct-Shift Gearbox- Electronically controlled dual clutch gearbox with semi or fully automatic control.

Fuel Stratified Injection- Increases the engine's power output while reducing fuel consumption.


Beginning in 2006, Audi has implemented white LED (light emitting dicode) technology as daytime running lights in their products. The distinctive shape of the DRLs has become a trademark of sorts. It was first introduced on the Audi S6, and have since spread throughout the entire model range.

Multi Media Interface

Audi has recently started offering a computerised control system for its cars, called Multi Media Interface (MMI). It is essentially a rotating control knob and 'segment' buttons designed to control all in-car entertainment devices (radio, CD changer, iPod, TV tuner), satellite navigation, heating and ventilation, and other car controls with a screen.

Audi has always been a strong partner in various sports & sponsored many teams & events: SOCCER- Manchester United, FC Bayern Munich, Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Ajax Amsterdam, FC Ingolstadt. In 2009, on audis 100th anniversary, the company organised the Audi Cup for the first time. In a two-daytournament, the teams of FC Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Manchester United F.C. and CA Boca Juniors competed. Audi also sponsor the New York Yankees as well.

WINTER SPORTS- Sponsers Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup & Supports Alpine skiing national teams of Switserland, Sweden, Finland, France, Liechtenstein, Italy, Austria and US. GOLF SPORTS- Audi quattro Cup, the HypoVereinsbank Ladies German Open SAILING- engaged in the Medcup regatta and supports the team Luna Rossa during the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series and also is the primary sponsor of the Melges 20 sailboat. HOCKEY- sponsors the regional teams ERC Ingolstadt.

Audi was the first car manufacturer in the premium segment to have its plants (Neckarsulm in 1995 and Ingolstadt in 1997) validated in accordance with the European Union Eco-Audit and Management Scheme. The Audi plant in Gyr (hungary) instead of not being EU member, was also certified in 1999. This plant was recertified in 2006 and continues to set standards in environmental protection.

Audi has introduced e-series. e for efficiency.

Ex:Audi A3 Sportback 1.9 TDI e Audi A6 2.0 TDI e Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDI e A8 2.8 FSI





Audi Quattro (19801991) Audi Front (19331938)

Audi Coup GT (19801987)

Audi 920 (19381940)

Audi100 (19681994)

Audi 4000CS quattro (19841987)

Audi 50 (19741978)

Audi 80 (19661996)



Audi A5

Audi A6 (Premium)

Audi A7 (Premium)

Audi TTS (Roadstar)

Audi R8- Spydar

Audi Q7 (SUV)

The next phase of technology Audi is developing is the etron electric drive powertrain system.
The original e-tron concept is called the Frankfurt showcar Audi e-tron displayed at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show It is the only concept of the three to have range extending capability. Power is sent to the road through the front wheels always using electric power.

Audi e-Tron

Car registration in western Europe (excluding germany) rose by 23.4%. Sales in US from January to march up by 15.5%. Asia-pacific region recorded a 63% rise in sales. TiLl now in 2010, company has delivered 322880 vehicles worldwide.

REVENUE - 29840million PAT - 1928million