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Presenter: Ansuya chavada

Department of Business Administration Bhavnagar University Bhavnagar

Introduction of HDFC Bank

The housing development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) was amongst the first to receive as in principal approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector, as part of the RBIS liberalization of the Indian Banking Industry.

The bank was incorporated in August 1994 in the name of HDFC Bank Limited, with its registered office in Mumbai, India

Introduction of report

E-Age Banking
E-Age Banking is simple way to access bank. It includes Mobile Banking, Net Banking, Phone Banking, ATM services, InstaAlert.

Using E-Age banking services people dont have to go to the bank for balance inquiry, bank statement, fund

Insta Alerts
Insta Alert is a service through which the bank can proactively inform customers about transactions or events that occurs in his bank account. This information can be given to the customers via SMS on his mobile phone, or through an email to his mail id or both.

Net Banking
Internet Banking is the most convenient and powerful way to manage customers account. Net Banking is Real Time, giving them up-to-the-second details on customers account. It can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, giving them complete control over their finances.

Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking is a service that allows you to do banking transactions and inquiries on your mobile phone without making a call, using the SMS facility

Phone Banking
Check the account balance. Have a mini statement faxed across to customer. Request for a cheque book / Account statement. Enquire on your Fixed deposits / TDS. Do stop cheque payments. Report loss of your ATM /Debit Card. Product information.

Automated Teller Machines or 24hour Tellers are electronic terminals that let you bank almost anytime. To withdraw cash, make deposits, or transfer funds between accounts, you generally insert an ATM card and enter your PIN.

Research Objective
To know the awareness level of EAge banking of the existing customers of the HDFC bank. To study the E-age banking in detail in the HDFC bank.

Research design: Exploratory as well as descriptive Sampling design: Simple random sampling design Research method: survey method

Research tool: Questionnaire and informal personal interview Sources of data collection: Primary data secondary data Sample size: 100 Research area: HDFC Bank, Palanpur.


Which type of account are you using?

How often do you visit bank?

Which type of transaction you do with the bank?

Are you aware of E-age banking?

If yes, do you use it?

Which E-age banking facility are you using?

Mainly, for what purpose you are using E-Age Banking?

What benefits do you consider by using E-age banking services?

Are you satisfied with the services being offered to you by your bank?

How much you are satisfied with the services?

By doing survey I found that more respondents are using EAge banking by way of ATM service. Majority of respondents have got information about E Age banking by bank staff. While doing survey it is being noted that most of Respondents are attracted towards E Age banking by its time saving value and any time money.

Respondents are choosing E Age banking on the basis of free service and more value received. Respondents like to or had taken ATM service and Mobile banking services. 92% of respondents are satisfied by E - Age banking service. By doing the survey it was found that most of the respondents are using ATM services as they are available at every where in India.

ustomers have the knowledge of E-age banking services but they are using ATMs and not using other E-Age banking services because the proper platform for using those services.

like all of the customers dont have internet connections at their place.


Many people are not having knowledge of reading mobile messages and making messages.

oreover customers feel that the phone

It is request to all employees as a suggestion that they should give a little knowledge to every customer about E-Age Banking.

As the bank provides Phone Banking service charts at branch bank also should provide a chart of Mobile Banking.

Limitations :
Time available limited. for research was

This study is limited only for the existing customers of the HDFC bank of the Palanpur branch. The responses of the customers may be biased.

References: various browsers of HDFC Bank