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Ansoff Matrix on Iphone

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Our Ansoff matrix is on Apple Inc.

The first Iphone was launched by the former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs in the year 2007 and the 5th generation Iphone In the year 2011

Market Penetration Strategy

Existing product

Existing market

First Iphone launched in the year 2007 in US.

A a line of Internet and multimedia enabled smartphones marketed by Apple Inc.

Product Development Strategy

New product Year 2008, launched Iphone 3G which added #G capabiliy along with A-GPS location to the original version.

Year 2009, Apple launched Iphone 3GS, which had compass, faster processor and a higher resolution camera including video recording at 480p. Existing market

In the year 2010,with a higher-resolution 960 X 640 display , Iphone 4 came in to the market with a rear and front facing camera for face time video calling and use of Apps like Skype . Later on on the same year came the CDMA version. The fifth generation iphone 4s was launched recently in October this year added with a high resolution camera (8mega pixel) with 1080p video recording, face detection, and video stabilization , dual core processor and a natural voice recognition system called Siri.

Market Development Strategy

Existing product

New Market

Opened themselves in twenty-two countries worldwide Australia Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Hongkong Ireland Italy Japan Mexico Netherlands New zealand Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland UK

New product

New market

Related Diversification I Pad is a line of tablet computers designed , developed and marketed by Apple Inc.

Unrelated Diversification iPod is a line of portable media players created and marketed by Apple Inc.

Ansoff matrix: Iphone

Existing product Existing market New product Iphone 3G Iphone 3GS Iphone 4 Iphone 4S

Iphone in US

New Market

22 countries

I pad

Product life cycle

22 Countries

I phone 3G I phone 3G s I Phone 4 I phone 4s I phone I pad I pod