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Mark Brady, Ph.D. Neurosynthesis

Theres ONE question that all brains want answered, Yes. Parents brains, childrens brains, all brains. Before I tell you what that question is, let me first tell you what goes on in a human brain when the answer is No. No makes neurons in the brain begin to slow down their natural impulse to grow and connect. How this appears under a brain scanner is how the deprived neurons look on Page One: fewer neuron roots making fewer connections. Fewer roots and fewer connections result in reduced abilities in different areas, like reading, math or playing well with others.

Fewer neural connections can have a lifelong adverse impact on humans. Heres what recovering neurologist, Bob Scaer has to say about it: The cumulative experiences of lifes little traumas (i.e. answering the Big Brain Question No) shape virtually every single aspect of existence. This accumulation of negative life experiences molds ones personality, choices of mate, profession, clothes, appetite, pet peeves, social behaviors, posture, and most specifically, our state of physical and mental health.

All that might not be so bad. However, a Canadian doctor, Gabor Mat, sees the damage caused by the answer No to the Big Brain Question as even more serious. Heres what he has to say: The biology of potential illness arises early in life. The brains stress response mechanisms are programmed by experiences beginning (before) infancy, and so are the implicit, unconscious memories that govern our attitudes and behaviors toward ourselves, others and the world. Cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other conditionsare not abrupt new developments in adult life, but culminations of lifelong processes. The human interactions and biological imprinting that shaped these processes took place in periods of our life for which we may have no conscious recall. But what exactly IS this Big Brain Question, and what are some of the ways we deliberately or unwittingly answer it No? And what enriches neurons?

Does Mutton-Busting Enrich Neurons?

Do mean-faced reprimands enrich neurons?

Does the Bubble Man of Indonesia help grow enriched neurons?

Does Santa Claus automatically enrich neurons?

Do scary clowns enrich neurons?

Do Large, loud crowds enrich neurons?

Do live camel spiders enrich neurons?

Do scary reptiles enrich neurons?

Do violent traffic crashes enrich neurons?

Do Bombed-Out buildings enrich neurons?

Do hospital emergency rooms enrich neurons?

Do courtrooms work to enrich neurons?

Does being falsely accused enrich neurons?

Do prisons work to enrich neurons?

Do paparazzi work to enrich neurons?

Does computer addiction help to Enrich neurons?

To find out exactly what the Big Brain Question is, and to learn scores of ways to answer it with a loud and resounding YES! click on the link on the next page.

I promise theres nothing to sell and nothing to buy. Only interesting and useful things to learn about Your Brain!

Do it. Youll be glad you did. So will your friends and family. So will your heart and brain.

The Big Brain Question

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