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Mukul Mansharamani Sainbu Dutt Gupta Rajeev Ranjan

the skill of attaining predetermined objectives with and through the voluntary cooperation and effort of others process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task

10 Management Mistakes
Not recognizing employee achievements Fail to train and develop people Try to control results instead of influencing

thinking Join the wrong crowd Manage everyone the same way

Management Mistakes (contd)

Being a boss or Buddy?? Fail to set standards Fail to train your people Try to manipulate people Recognize only top performers

Major mistakes management make in not

recognizing achievements.
employee performing more than set standards

One should never be so busy as their

successes are your success. This is one management responsibility that cannot be put off.

Managers build dependency out of

personal insecurity
Managers who deny subordinates

deny them the opportunities for growth

Fail to develop people (contd)

Situation solution When confronted with a problem by a subordinate: Look at the person Listen with your eyes, as well as your ears Advise and counsel
Provide new responsibilities by degrees to

coach them in the development of new skills

Try to control results instead of influence thinking (contd)

Management does mistake in trying controlling results rather than building a thought among employees achieving to common objectives. Thus management should generate thinking of reaching common objective rather than control the final results.

Try to control results instead of influence thinking

THOUGHTS to create FEELINGS that affect ACTIVITY which



Join the wrong crowd

Disease the tendency of some

employees to use they instead of we People tend to create behavior of they rather than we Solution:- Leader must build the concept of WE so management should emphasize on working as team.

Manage everyone the same way

Manage different personalities the same way where management makes mistakes
Solution Manage by staff meeting
management is largely a one-to-one proposition

Management leadership styles

Manage everyone the same way (contd)

Management Leadership Styles as per the needs arises
Autocratic manager draws on his strength rather

than from the strength of others Bureaucratic manages by the book Democratic allows employees to participate in decision making Idiosyncratic adapts own specific management style to each employee

Being a boss or Buddy??

You must be either a buddy or a boss;

successful mixture do not exist While you can relax and have fun with an employee, its never entirely social; its a professional, business relationship
Thus fusion never exist so either be boss or


Fail to set standards

Standards encompass such things as ethics, morality, safety, and performance. Example:
Some managers seek only information that supports their own views, positions, values, perceptions opinions at any cost, letting their ego get in the way of good decisions, actions, choices or behaviors. Thus, standards need to set leading clear way for effective leadership.

Fail to set standards (contd)

Solution Standards eliminate management pressures
Standards serve as a covenant(agreement)

between an employee and his organization

based on understanding, good faith, and

mutual commitment.

Fail to train your people

Managements role is to induce employees to consistently perform at PAR-- thus, the dual role

of every manager is to: Get people from entry level to PAR Maintain PAR, once attained
PARs elements:
Precedents guides for evaluating future behavior (e.g., job

description, policies, objectives) Actions what employees do Results the consequences of actions

Fail to train people (contd)

Example:If the hiring manager did not make a mistake in selection, only 3 reasons remain for why a person does not do his job:
He doesnt know what the job is He doesnt know how to do the job Someone or something interferes with his desire or ability to do the job

Try to manipulate people

Management try to maneuver people thus making people a puppet which further affects the leadership:Some traditional management motivational approaches Fear - the stick Rewards the carrot Belief building help the individual establish a belief in himself, his organization, and the products/services rendered

Recognize only top performers

Management does mistake by recognizing only top performers. Positive approach can be opted by management as low performers can be good leader as well
Provide a support system(training and development

area) to help each person achieve his or her objectives

Provide personal and timely recognition for attaining