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Tapal Tea Pvt. Ltd.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Company Profile Vision, Mission & Values Structure Human Resource Management Best Practices Employee Engagement Change management Gauging Behavior Evaluation and recommendations

1. Company Profile
In 1947, Tapal started out as a family concern under the supervision of its founder, Adam Ali Tapal. Initially, Tapal started with a single unique blend of tea, named FAMILY MIXTURE. It had just 1 outlet in Jodia Bazar, Karachi. Its distribution channel spread across the country under the leadership of Faizullah A. Tapal. Currently, company is achieving new heights under the leadership of founders grandson, Aftab A. Tapal.

1. Company Profile
The company has 10 brands under its umbrella.

1. Company Profile

2. Vision, Mission & Values

Vision Of Tapal
To act locally, but think globally

To Provide information & trainings to employees for their development and improvement

To indulge in environment friendly business activities that generate positive influence to society

To produce environment friendly product

2. Vision, Mission & Values

Mission Of Tapal To satisfy our stakeholders and as a guiding principle to our business; be a benchmark for Quality, Creativity and Ethical values Achieve leadership in all categories of our core business and diversify in areas which compliment the core business.

2. Vision, Mission & Values

Values At Tapal
Trust in each other Outstanding Quality Passion for creativity Leadership and role model for others Together, everyone achieve more

3. Structure
Corporate Hierarchy
Tapal has a flat organizational structure
CEO: Aftab A. Tapal DIRECTOR: Mehvish Tapal COO DIRECTOR: Kumail Tapal CCO

Projects HR Corporate Internal Audit Finance IT

Tea SC Admin Production Supply Chain

Commercial Sales Marketing

3. Structure
Culture and Environment
Friendly environment with respect for each team member of organization Healthy culture of mutual trust and openness Comfortable work area with international standard facilities Diversified with both male and female workforce Tapal is networked organization which allows people to communicate and work together Tapal does not face any ethical or cultural issues

4. Human Resource Management

Labor Management
All governments regular labor laws are being followed The calculation of man-power requirement is done on annual basis. If shortages are experienced due to high absenteeism or turnover it is being adjusted by job distributions and overtime. Multi-skilled Employees so that replacement can be found incase of skilled worker absenteeism In Tapal there is no gender bias or gender discrimination.

4. Human Resource Management

Recruiting Process
Recruiting process starts 2
Vacancy Announcement Screening through CV Initial Interview

months earlier Head-hunt process is completed in 45 days max. First priority is given to existing employees Selection criteria is based on skill set, abilities and personality requirement of a specific job Judgment is based on knowledge and attitude towards life and work.

Second Interview Reference counter check Medical Examination Hiring

4. Human Resource Management

Separation Process
One month notice period is fixed before leaving Dues are cleared on the last day An exit interview is also taken on which following is discussed
- Reason for leaving the company

- Employees experience with the company - Improvement opinions/ideas If the company finds an employee involved in some fraudulent act then the person is directly terminated without any notice.

4. Human Resource Management

Performance Measurement
MBO and behavioral review process is used for Performance Management Appraisal is done once a year based on the achievement ratio of MBOs Discussion between sectional head and employees in informal and open environment The promotion, job enrichment and enlargement options are also discussed

4. Human Resource Management

Compensation and Benefits
Monetary as well as fringe benefits Nine salary grades and the salary of employees move within the different bands of grades The fringe benefits include transport facility and medical services The company has also set and R & D program with which the company researches about the compensation plan being followed by companies of the same stature to benchmark their salaries against the market.

5. Best Practices
Succession Policy
Tapal has a succession policy, every manager has a successor who can replace him in times of need.

Development of Human Resource

Providing trainings, skills development and inculcating performance management culture.

Stress and Conflict resolution

Employees are comforted by being listened and then most feasible solution is advised.

5. Best Practices
Situational Leadership
Situational Leadership is used for shaping up strategic Management Culture.

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

All expectations of stakeholders are kept in consideration with national and moral obligations realization potential the organization overall believes in making a difference.

6. Employee Engagement
Skill Improvement through Training

Job trainings for employees

In-house trainings on leadership, team work and communication improvements Special workshops for executives Evaluation is done before and after the training

6. Employee Engagement
Innovation and Creativity
Appreciation of creativity and innovation is among the core values Tapal Tea is honored to have taken the lead in a number of areas in the tea industry -The first to invent the highly successful brand Danedar Leaf Blend. -The first tea company to introduce metal-free tea bags. -The first to market Kenya teas in Pakistan. -The first tea company to be awarded the ISO 9001/2000 Quality Certification

6. Employee Engagement
Increasing Employee Motivation
Job enrichment and job enhancement procedures. Employees are provided with flexi timing so they can balance their work as well as personal lives Right to express opinion and ideas Challenging and meaningful work with opportunities for career advancement Open door policy of communication

6. Employee Engagement
Increasing Employee Involvement
Employees are encouraged to take initiative and bring in new ideas for work improvement. They are given ownership and responsibility of their work. Appreciation on achievement Cordial relationship with bosses and co-workers

8. Gauging Behavior
Measuring Attitudes
360 degree Feedback program Feedback is provided by -Subordinates -Peers -Supervisors -Customers -Suppliers -Stakeholders

8. Gauging Behavior
Measuring Job Satisfaction
No such method for measuring the job satisfaction of employees is used.

The salary structure is known to all the employees of the organization.

Employees at similar positions in an organization have identical salary packages.

8. Gauging Behavior
Coping With Temporariness
Provides trainings to employees in order to cope up with temporariness. The employees have no fear of termination as the company gives proper chance to prepare for the upcoming changes.

Meeting Targets And Deadlines

Time management training are given Achievable deadlines and targets Cutting corners in order to meet deadlines as doing it is unacceptable.

8. Gauging Behavior
Absenteeism & Turnover
Absenteeism and turn over is low

Emotions And Moods

Opportunity to travel in foreign countries Rewards for their achievements Bonuses

9. Evaluation
EVALUATION: The company practices some of the best business management programs RECOMMENDATION: The management should also employ some program to measure employees job satisfaction and motivation like Single global rating Summation of job facets.

9. Evaluation
EVALUATION: Work environment is comfortable, friendly and enjoyable with international standards and facilities RECOMMENDATION: The culture and environment should be maintained

9. Evaluation
EVALUATION: Human resource practices of Tapal are satisfactory RECOMMENDATION: There is no policy of short term incentives or rewards inform of cash or gift items. Such a policy like rewards for creative suggestion should be introduced to promote the small steps make great difference philosophy

9. Evaluation
EVALUATION: In general, employees are satisfied to be working with Tapal. They are proud to be associated with the company and are loyal to it. RECOMMENDATION: Employee motivation and loyalty to the company should be maintained by continuing its policies.

Tapal has successfully invested in the area of Personal management of its employees and has reaped extensive benefits in terms of profits and a renowned brand, with all embracing employee loyalty