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Football started at a Rugby boy's school in England in 1823. Princeton University students played a game called Ballown. In both games players used both their feet and hands to advance the ball. Organized football began in high schools in the early 1860's. Colleges also started in the late 1860's. They played with 25 players on each team. Rutgers and Princeton played a game called football but they played it more like soccer than football

Walter Camp was born April 17, 1859, in New Haven, Connecticut. He went to Yale from 1876 to 1882. American football was started in 1879 with rules instituted by Walter Camp, player and coach at Yale University. Walter Camp edited every American Football rulebook until his death in 1925.

He was an American football coach and was known as the Father of football . Walter camp was one of the most accomplished people in the history of football. College: Yale 81-5-3 April 7, 1859 Sport: American Football Team Record:81-5-3 Born: April 7, 1859 Place of Birth: New Britain, Connecticut Died: March 14, 1925 (age 66) Place of death: New York City, Ney York

Career highlights
Overall: 81-5-3

Coaching career
1888-1891 : Yale 1892; 1894-1895: Stanford College Football Hall of Fame, 1951

Walter Camp contributed the following changes from Rugby and Soccer to American football: one side retained undisputed possession of the ball, until that side gives up the ball as a result of its own violations the line of scrimmage 11 on a team instead of 15 created the quarter-back and center positions forward pass standardized the scoring system, numerical scoring created the safety, interference, penalties, and the neutral zone tackling as low as the knee was permitted in 1888 a touchdown increased in value to six points and field goals went down to three points in 1912

In the late 19th and 20th centuries, game play developments by collage coaches, Eddie Cochems, Alonzo Stagg, Knute Rockne, and Glenn Pop Warner, help take advantage of the new forward passing. The popularity of college football grew as it became the dominant version of the sport in the United States for the first half of the twentieth century. Bowl games attracted a national audience for college teams. Encouraged by fierce rivalries, college football still holds widespread appeal in the USA.

Out side of America football is known as gridiron or tackle football but in America it is known as just football. The objective of the game is to score points by advancing the ball into the opposing team's end zone. The ball can be advanced by carrying it. Known as a running play. by throwing it to a teammate. It is known as a passing play. Points can be scored in different of ways, including carrying the ball over the other team s goal line catching a pass thrown over that goal line kicking the ball through the goal posts at the other team s end zone, or tackling an other team s ball carrier within his end zone. The winner is the team with the most points when the time expires

It is a game about gaining yards as much as it is about scoring points. When two teams go onto a football field, both are battling for every inch it can take from the other. Each team wants to defend the field that is behind it and invade the field in front of it. They want to gain enough ground to score a touchdown or field goal.

The following website is all of the offense and defenses positions and what they do all_positions

Whistle used to signal that the play has ended. Penalty marker or flag a bright yellow colored flag that is thrown on the field toward or at the spot of a foul. It is wrapped around a weight, such as sand or beans (or occasionally ball bearings. Officials most of the time carry a second flag in case there are multiple fouls on a play. Officials who run out of flags when they see multiple fouls on a play may drop their hat or a bean bag instead Bean bag used to mark various spots that are not fouls like spot of a fumble or where a player caught a punt. It is most of the time colored white, blue, or orange. Down indicator a specially designed wristband that is used to remind officials of the current down Game data card and pencil officials write down important information like winner of the pregame coin toss, team timeouts, and fouls called. Game data cards can be disposable paper or reusable plastic. A pencil with a special bulletshaped cap is often carried. The cap prevents the official from being stabbed by the pencil while it is in his pocket

Stopwatch officials will carry a stopwatch for timing duties such as keeping game time, keeping the play clock, and timing timeouts and the interval between quarters

About Referees uniform go to the following website football)

The referee (R) is responsible for the general supervision of the game and has the final authority on all rulings. umpire (U) stands behind the defensive line and linebackers, observing the blocks by the offensive line and defenders trying to ward off those blocks looking for holding or illegal blocks. Prior to the snap, he counts all offensive players. The head linesman (H or HL) stands at one end of the line of scrimmage (usually the side opposite the press box), looking for possible offsides, encroachment and other fouls before the snap The line judge (L or LJ) assists the head linesman at the other end of the line of scrimmage, looking for possible offsides, encroachment and other fouls before the snap field judge (F or FJ) works downfield behind the defensive secondary on the same sideline as the line judge. He makes decisions near the sideline on his side of field, judging the action of nearby running backs, receivers and defenders. He rules on pass interference, illegal blocks downfield, and incomplete passes

side judge (S or SJ) works downfield behind the defensive secondary on the same sideline as the head linesman. Like the field judge, he makes decisions near the sideline on his side of field, judging the action of nearby running backs, receivers and defenders. He rules on pass interference, illegal blocks downfield, and incomplete passes. back judge (B or BJ) stands deep behind the defensive secondary in the middle of the field, judging the action of nearby running backs, receivers (primarily the tight ends) and nearby defenders. He rules on pass interference, illegal blocks downfield, and incomplete passes.

Football questions and answers at: Like: What are the ten most popular NFL teams? Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts ,San Diego Chargers, Chicago Bears, New... And: Football questions and answers at: How many teams are in the NFL? There are 32 teams in the NFL.

The following website is Nfl teams and Nfl players records:

With their victory in Super Bowl XLIII, the Pittsburgh Steelers became the team with the most Super Bowl wins in NFL history with a total of 6 wins. 16-6 Pittsburgh over Minnesota 21-17 Pittsburgh over Dallas (1976) 35-31 Pittsburgh over Dallas 31-19 Pittsburgh over LA Rams 21-10 Pittsburgh over Seattle (2006) 27-23 Pittsburgh over Arizona (2009) The Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco Forty-Niners are tied for second place, with 5 wins each. Dallas has played in 8, while San Francisco has played in 5

Through Super Bowl XLIII, Dallas has been to the Super Bowl 8 times, Pittsburgh 7 times, and New England and Denver 6 times.

Jeff Carney, played for the 2009 New Orleans Saints, born April 20, 1964 Jeff Feagles, played for the 2009 New York Giants, born March 7, 1966 Matt Stover, played for the 2009 Indianapolis Colts, born January 27, 1968 Matt Turk, played for the 2009 Houston Texans, born June 16, 1968 Brett Favre, played for the2009 Minnesota Vikings, born October 10, 1969 John Kasay, played for the 2009 Carolina Panthers, born October 27, 1969 Junior Seau, played for the 2009 New England Patriots, born January 19, 1969

Nfl history from1869 to 1910 on:

George Blanda was the oldest player ever in the NFL. He played for the Oakland Raiders Blanda's final year with the Raiders was 1975 when he was 48 years old.

Football is a sport where the object is to gain yards against the other team. Football devloped a lot since it began in the 1800 s and is still going strong. I also found out that over 40 million americans watch the super bowl every year. Every thing in this powerpoint I didn t know until I started it. I hope you learned something too