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Lesson 12:


Think and list down 5

appliances that you have at home 1. What are the functions of these appliances? 2. What do all these appliances need in order to function?

All these appliances must be

connected to a main source of power to function. They need ELECTRICITY. Without it, they will become useless. We also need to be connected to a source and that source is Jesus.

Jesus, the True Vine

John 15:5-11

1. To what did Jesus compare Himself? 2. To what did He compare us? 3. How did He describe our relationship with Him? 4. According to Jesus, what did He appoint us for?

Jesus - vine or tree We - branches. Just as a tree gives life to its

branches, so - Jesus gives life to us. Just as the tree is the source of life for its branches, so -Jesus is the source of life for us.

We share in the life of Jesus

through our BAPTISM. -When we were baptized, we became His branches. -We were united with Him as He filled our hearts with His life and love.

How do you call Gods life in

us? Gods life in us is called.. grace. It is grace that helps us to grow in love for God and for others.

Like a branch that remains alive

because of the tree, we too should remain faithful and united to Christ to keep His grace alive in us. Jesus gives us what we need to nourish His grace in us. He gives us the sacraments to keep us united with Him.

Jesus appointed us to bear fruit.

- means to live as truly good

children of the Father. - We bear fruit when we are able to love and serve others the way Jesus wants us to; - when we are able inspire and help others to become closer to God.

We bear fruit if we remain faithful and united with Jesus. - We remain truly attached to the Lord, like a branch securely attached to the tree when... we pray regularly (listen to Him in our hearts, and thank Him for His love in the Holy Mass every Sunday). we receive Him in Holy Communion with faith and with love. Do good acts everyday

To remain united with Jesus, we

need to do everything with Him and for Him. He said, You are my friends, if you do what I tell you to do. Jesus is telling me this:

If you want to be my friends, do

as I do with my Father. In the morning, bring your heart close to me and give me your day. In the morning, bring your heart close to me and give me your day.

During the day, think of me,

listen to me in your heart, and do everything with me. Say Yes to God with me, work with me, play with me, study with me, be kind and loving to others for me.

In the evening, come before me

in prayer and tell me what you have done the whole day.

Do this consistently everyday

and you shall truly be my friend. I will help you and you shall bear the fruits of love, peace, kindness, and joy in your life.

Draw a happy face if the action shows being united with God, and a sad face if it does not. 1. finishing your food during lunch 2. cleaning your room everyday 3. sleeping during Mass 4. stealing the stuff of your classmate 5. saying sorry if you did something wrong 6. shouting during assembly 7. listening to your seatmate while the teacher is discussing

REFLECTION: 1. What does it mean to be faithful? 2. Why must we be faithful to Jesus despite the difficulties in our life? 3. What is the importance of grace in our lives? 4. How does the Eucharist call us to be faithful to Christ and bear fruit? How does the Eucharist make us bear fruit?