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The Indian Habitat Centre : A short introduction

The India Habitat Centre, located in New Delhi, was conceived to be a catalyst relationship between individuals and institutions (e.g. NGOs) working in habitat related areas to increase their effectiveness. Sharing a common concern for habitat, various organisations have come together to participate in institution-building, evolving a synergy within the India Habitat Centre complex. Some of the organisations involved in this endeavour include the International Labour Organization (I.L.O), the National Institute of Design, and the Council of Architecture among others. This complex was designed under the supervision of architect, Joseph Allen Stein.

A brief logistic insight

The Indian Habitat Centre is Indias most comprehensive convention centre. Over 20 concurrent sessions possible. State of the art A.V. Equipment. Computer controlled conference and simultaneous interpretation system in Auditorium. Well equipped secretariat and documentation centre. Cultural and entertainment events daily for delegates. Covered parking for 1000 cars.

The habitat library and resource centre

Surf on the internet on Subjects related to habitat and all other areas. Explore the world of multimedia through the CD-ROMs available in the Resource Centre View videos on issues of interest , such as environment, Cultural diversity, people-related issues etc. Catch up on the latest newspapers and periodicals. Browse through a growing collection of reference books on a broad spectrum of subjects.

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Design review
Though of an imposing nature, the building complex manages to blend in with its surroundings through its natural embellishments.

In keeping with its habitat theme, the whole complex has been generously provided with natural greenery to provide an undiluted experience of open nature.

The fountain just beyond the second entrance serves purpose not only by being spectacular, but also by relieving the surroundings of the heat.

The interesting glass/steel structure near the second entrance provides natural light to the underground parking area

The buildings two entrances are not one and the same. The first entrance depicts a seemingly long deep corridor The second entrance seems to hide the spacious courtyards

The absence of roof gutters rids the complex of clutter. Instead, separations between walls that are lined with tiles facilitates the disposal of rain water.

The roof shading devices not only look spectacular in sky blue, but also serve to block out the Suns rays.

The external facade of the Convention centre has a mundane appearance which masks the open inner space.

The courtyards laden with various types of vegetation from tall trees to small shrubs create different spaces.

The presence of an amphitheatre also marks an interesting feature of the complex. The area without the shading devices is laden with grass lawns to provide a different setting altogether.


Every part of the building speaks different language. One can enjoy different moods at different places. The environment in the courtyard gives a feel of freshness, when one is having his Pepsi under the blue light. Allen stein planned the building in such a manner so as to have clean looks.

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