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Nestle India Packaging

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Key Objectives
To have an idea about Nestle India. To know about its market segments

and popular products.

To understand the companys

packaging principles.
To recognize the unitisation plans of

the company within India.

To explore the unitisation outcome. 3/17/12

Nestle Global is the worlds largest food and nutrition

Founded in 1867 by Henri Nestle in Vevey, Switzerland. However, Nestl India is a subsidiary of Nestle S.A.of

Switzerland found on 28th March, 1959 in New Delhi.

Its a vibrant company with 7 factories and numerous

Acknowledged amongst India's 'Most Respected

Companies' and amongst the 'Top Wealth Creators of India'.

Nestls relationship with India dates back to 1912,


when it began trading as The Nestl Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company (Export) Limited, importing and selling finished products in the Indian market.

Logo of Nestle Good Food. Good For Life

Old Logo until the New Logo till date



Market Segments
Dairy milk products &

Beverages Prepared dishes & cooking

Chocolate & confectionary

Some Popular Products

Nescafe Maggi Milkybar Milo Kit kat Bar One Milkmaid Nestea Munch

Packaging reduces waste by protecting

food products during transportation and storage, in the retail environment and at home. financial and environmental terms.

It saves more than it costs, in both Its essential for food safety and freshness. It provides consumers withnutritional

information and portion guidance at the point of purchase.

Nestle India - Packaging

Nestl has adopted an integrated approach to

packaging in its continuous improvement policy. Four R Approach:-

q Reducing the weight and volume of packaging


q Leading in the development and use of packaging

materials made from sustainably managed Renewable resources.

Aligning with and supporting initiatives toRecycle or Recover energy from used packaging.

3/17/12 q UsingRecycled materials wherever it makes

Nestle - Packaging
Nestles adopts systematic use of PIQET

(Packaging Impact Quick Evaluation Tool) to evaluate the environmental profile of packaging being considered in any development. and saved 70,828 tonnes of packaging material by weight.

Continued reductions in packaging material

In 2009, Nestle became the first major

confectionery company in the country to replace non-recyclable plastic with recyclable cardboard packaging in its 20 million Easter 3/17/12 eggs.

Nestle - Unitisation
Nestle India Limited initiated its workings in

India with the Moga Unit in Punjab in 1961.

Then opened the Choladi Unit in Tamil Nadu. The Moga Unit deals with the proper

management of dairy products.

The Choladi Unit deals with the tea industry. Nestle India Limited owns
Nanjangud unit in Karnataka Samalkha unit in Haryana

Ponda & Bicholim units in Goa

Nestle - Unitisation
Started with 511 kgs of milk on

the 1st day of collection (15th Nov, 1961).

Today, Nestle produces over

1,100,000 kgs of milk per day during the peak season in Punjab & Haryana alone.
Nestle India milk production is

spread across:-

Future Prospects
Robust prospects but high

It shows stellar performance

despite the raw material pressure and heavy intensifying competition in instant noodles business in the year 2011.
Nestle is one of the best players

on the healthy growth potential in 3/17/12 the Indian food-processing sector.