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Garbage Power Plant

Why do we choose???? What is the Reality.!!!?? What is Garbage????

Now,, Are there anyone who like garbage????

For who like Garbage,,,, They Are Your Friends

To minimize the disadvantages of garbage for us and the environment,, the best solution is convert them into energy,, We call garbage energy that will be developed in garbage power plant..

The Power Plant that apply Garbage Power Plant

Bantargebang Bekasi Power Plant Bali Power Plant Gedebage in East Bandung Power Plant

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They are..
Ciangir, Tangerang, Marunda, and Sumedang

The Process
Biological process
By Bacterium

Thermal processes By Heating (has controversy) Biogas Micro Turbine

The Benefits
The plan, electricity production Power Plant Bantar Gebang will be used to meet electricity demand in Java-Bali network Minimize the environment impact As alternative energy and fuel saving for future

Garbage Power Plant in Korea as Appelant

South Korea (ROK),sharply in Inchelon is the biggest garbage power plant in the world that produce 50 MW PLTS was able to supply electrical energy needs of more than 180 thousand households in South Korea as well as reduce oil imports by 500 thousand barrels per year. PLTS Incheon private company Eco Energy is built with an investment worth 77 billion won (USD83 million).

Very Interesting in this project,,, What it is?

The User that use this method, not close the opportunity to import the garbage


By Bacterium
Electricity-producing bacteria named Shewanella, often found in water and soil. "This bacterium can turn sour milk (lactic acid) into electricity," Shewanella bacteria can produce more energy if the riboflavin amount is increase. Addition of these microbial fuel using similar bacteria could generate electricity for cleaning of waste water.

By Heating/Combustion
Garbage will be reduced by way of drained water level in the bunker during the five days. Then garbage will be entered into the furnace, and then burned at a temperature of 850'C900'C, which produce hot combustion will heat the boiler and turn water into steam inside the boiler Steam that is created will be channeled to the turbine so the turbine will Rotate

Waste incineration process is a lot of protest because it produces pollution which could have toxic side effects depending on the type of waste burned. Another objection is a product produced by the garbage before the garbage was burned to wait his turn, such as water hoick.


By Micro Turbine
The air compressed by a compressor and then mixed with fuel and burned so that the experience of expansion This expanding gas pressure is used to turn turbines that power generators will play next. Fuel used is biogas produced by garbage


Why do we choose?
The reason :
1. Energy issues still impeding development in the homeland/Indonesia(still become an obstacle) 2. The garbage /rubbish isnt used/ developed in any positive action , especially for energy(recycling) 3. The way for fuel saving 4. Best solution for environment



What is Garbage????
Garbage is an undesirable material remaining after the end of the process

BUT,, It was very usefull in energy(to be continue.)


Thank You Very Much For Your Attention.^^

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