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Safe Harbour
This Confidential document has been prepared by Unitus Capital Pvt Ltd. (UC), based on the information provided by Vindhya E-Infomedia Private Limited(Vindhya or the Company) and other information by / from sources identified herein solely for the purpose of allowing interested parties an opportunity to evaluate a transaction involving the Company.

The document is only for restricted circulation to select Investors. This document does not constitute an offer for the sale of or an invitation to purchase the shares of the Company and the information contained herein will not form the basis of any contract.
The sole purpose of this document is to enable recipients to evaluate the Company for any investment decisions. The document does not purport to contain all of the information that may be required to

evaluate such a transaction. Recipients should conduct their own investigation and analysis including that of the information provided. The information contained in this document was obtained from the Company and other sources. Wherever the information has been sourced from a published source, the same has been quoted.
Neither Vindhya nor UC nor any of their respective affiliates, shareholders, directors, employees, agents

or advisors make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein (including statements of opinion and expectation) or as to the reasonableness of any assumptions contained herein.

Vision & Mission

To be pioneers in quality driven backend support processes, by employing at least 1000 physically challenged but eligible individuals by the year 2010.

Our mission is to be a high performance organization that puts our customers as well as our employees first, and to do it right for the first time and every time, while providing opportunities to the physically challenged by imparting apt training & support and help them to enhance there confidence & lifestyles.

Company Background
Vindhaya E-Infomedia Private limited(Vindhya or Company),based out of Bangalore is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm employing differently enabled people. Founded in 2007, delivers services spanning across sectors with skilled manpower The Company employs ~110 people of which more than 70 % are differently enabled The operational team consist of ~80% with differently enabled persons Vindhya intends to move up the value chain for the next leap of growth in international markets Has bagged order from Yahoo for the online search services Has bagged order from Scan caf Companies service offering include Loan processing, Document Management service, Online services, Services give a complete road map to the business process that helps customers to meet their current and future business requirements, which eventually increases efficiency & productivity End-to-end solutions for business processes and effectively optimizes the productivity of its clients Loan processing for a leading MFI based out of Bangalore

Service Portfolio

Loan Application Processing Fgdfg gfgdfg

Document Management Data entry Data Cleaning Data standardization Data Validation Data Reporting Data Verification Data Capture

Online Services Web search Web research Web based data capture Emailing Services (Marketing, Online survey etc.,) Chat Support

End User Services Staffing Presentation Formatting Printing Direct Mailing

Data Processing Data/Image Conversion ICR OCR Scanning (Bulk Records /Files) Indexing Catalogue

Project Management
Uniquely positioned to provide high quality offshore outsourcing solutions
Ability to transition end-to-end back-office business processes Ability to improve and transform processes Strong people management practices

Operations Model

SLA Management
Ramp-up planning: Scale resources as per growth projections and milestones on SLA compliance Capacity planning: Plan for resources and allocate responsibilities based on volumes, complexity of processes, turnaround times, productivity and buffer strength. Floor management: Execute processes and manage metrics with existing resources and includes rostering, micro-level monitoring and exception handling. Process controls: Define process controls for SLA adherence including process maps, change management methodology, Daily Control of Functions Checklist.

Project Execution Methodology

Execution Model Quality Control
Vindhya Quality is broadly stratified into 3 areas: Quality Control (QC), Quality Assurance (QA) and QI (Quality Improvement) Quality audits and reports: Each engagement is staffed with a resource and key process audit parameters are identified for the team to track and measure Vindhya has a well-defined Escalation Matrix to address deviations of Critical and Major issues with timelines (Business enabling and Business functions) by involving the key stakeholders at appropriate levels in pursuit of a solution to the escalation Quality has been institutionalized within every manager who assures the continuous improvements within the processes.

Reporting and Communication

Reporting and communication management consist of client communications, reports and escalation management

Management Team
Mr. Ashok Giri Managing Director
Prior to starting Vindhya, Ashok was in senior positions (Director) at R2K Inc, and Network Solutions (an IBM company) & Trivium Inc (an Intel funded company) responsible for their operations in Asia region. He has demonstrated result oriented leadership capabilities taking the organizations to the next level Having over 12+ years of experience in leading organizations at various leadership roles, he is a science graduate from Bangalore University and computer diploma engineering holder from National Institute of Information Technology Work of Ashok through Vindhya has been highly appreciated by all channels of Media all through the India and also been the recipient of Shell-Helen Keller Award from National Center for Promotion of employment opportunity for disabled people, a Govt. of India body, and Outstanding employer from then Honorable Finance Minister Mr. P Chidambaram on Behalf of Canara Bank one of the largest national banks in India. Ashok has been nominated for the world economic forums Young Global Leader community for the year 2009-2010. He has been involved with various non-profit organization for raising funds for educating children from below poverty line families, providing food for school children as part of mid-day meals run by ISKCON in India and also various NGOs working for the differently enabled people. Her services has been recognized by the state government of Karnataka and together they are working on increasing the operation size to cater to all parts of Karnataka covering more than 10,000 PWDs and 3000 Widows in the next 5 years She is a commerce graduate from Bangalore University and was pursuing her Chartered Accountancy at the time of founding Vindhya Vindhya a socio-economic venture started by her with the support of her husband Mr. Ashok Giri D is the Indias first & only and arguably worlds first & only for profit organization which employs only people with disabilities (PWDs) as 100% of its production staff. Its production staff comprises only of physically challenged, Hearing Impaired & Border cases of Spastic As a part of larger inclusion, she is planning to start another division of Vindhya to provide employment opportunity for widows from families below poverty line. A plan to employ 500 of them in the current financial year has already been underway

Ms.Pavithra Chief Executive Officer

Management Team - Continues

Board of Directors

Growth Strategy
Vindhya Moving-up in the Service Value Chain

Online Search Services Document Management Services

Loan application Processing

Growth Strategy The Company is moving up the value chain in the segment they operate critical business process of the clients Intend to take the overseas expansion, which can help them in margin expansion as well

Marketing strategy
Vindhya, in the past marketing mainly from the network based marketing keeping its growth due to repeat business and not having lost any customer since the time of signing. Average customer life of Vindhya is about 2+ years. Vindhya being the company which is able to bring the business and philanthropy together will also highlight its ability to provide dignified livelihood to people with disability. Vindhya holds a very high customer retention and satisfaction rate which will benefit in its future customer acquisitions on a customer testimonial Fuelled more by the passion of creating employment opportunities for the people with disabilities and economically weaker section, Vindhya prime target always has been to create large number employees and then achieve target with given number of employees. We would not like to be recognized more as number of employees company rather Areas of focus on the growth plan apart from other opportunities as well which complements Vindhyas current capabilities

Growth plans for the company

Digitization: Scanning and converting of paper documents into editable or non-editable digital formats. Document Processing: Various documents or forms like application form (loan, account opening or credit card etc) with a stream lined process. Web Based services: collecting of various data, extractions from web, email marketing, data entry and any other web related services apart from development. Web Based services: collecting of various data, extractions from web, email marketing, data entry and any other web related services apart from development. Web Based services: collecting of various data, extractions from web, email marketing, data entry and any other web related services apart from development. VinAlert: New business offering from the stable of Vindhya, this will be a state of the art Remote security monitoring of client location. Remote staff will operate out of Vindhya central location and will observe the customer location through IP cameras connected via leased line. This is more of a new concept which is being received well during initial discussion

Overseas Business
Vindhya will work out of the investor office or will plan to have tie-up with any freelance marketing person or agency for providing business opportunities. Ashok will plan for a total 60 days travel in a year with about 3-4 round trips based on qualified leads and opportunities

Investment Rationale
Commercially scalable model with inherent social values Strategic shift in business model
Moving up the value chain in the services portfolio Documentation business process to Loan application processing

Efficient Manpower
Motivated workforce & less attrition Vindhya has a strong pipeline of manpower

Vindhya cares Throw more light Strategic business partner

Training & Development

The Company spends a lot of resources in training the employees
Helps in bringing the process simpler for them to carry out Business contract is entered with customer Either the customer provides the manual/vindhya prepares the manual Process managers goes for knowledge transfer with the customer Sign off with the clients approval Process Manger breaks down the process fro the operational perople to carry out the delivery

Systematic approach towards training

Training at Vindhya Cares ( NGO)

Conditional offer letter for the training based on the potential of the person Identified for specific project and undergoes training Process training is provided to the employee

Vindhya sources the manpower from the following channel
NGOs, Employee reference, Campus recruitment

NGOs which focuses mainly on the people with disabilities and work towards their placements like APD, Enable India, and Swayamvara trust Tie-up with consultancy firms which also work for disabled people.
Specific Consultancy called Anubhuti which works only for the disabled people, which is supporting in setting up various locations not only in Bangalore but also in Kerala, Chennai and Hyderabad by providing the candidates Government of Karnataka has a computer training program every year for the disabled people, where they train around 2000 people. This responsibility will be entrusted to a training institute across Karnataka by the process of the tenders and the same will be funded by the government.

Strategy in Future Manpower Requirement


Social Impact
Write up on the social impact vindhya is making by this venture



Track Record

Project Type Employee Records Digitalization

Project Description Scanning & Indexing of 70,000 employee files and uploading them onto the main server. Daily processing (Verifying, scanning,Indexing & uploading) of employee reimbursement bills and maintaining a Turn Around Time (TAT) of 12 hours Processing of Loan profiles and Insurance form along with Printing of Customer ID card with a TAT of 24 hours Doing OCR on the printed trade tariffs of 118 countries in Multi lingual mode with a TAT of 24 hours Analyzing a website and extracting data from its GUI as well as source code for robot extraction.

Client One of Top 3 IT company in India

Project highlights 36 member team completed the process in about 8 months 12 member team working in two shifts with multi year assignment

Employee Claims Processing

One of Top 3 IT company in India

Loan & Insurance form processing

One of Top Micro finance company in India.

11 member team with multi year assignment.

Digitization of Trade Tariff data

Leader in the segment (US Based). Top real estate portal in UK

16 member team with multi year assignment 36 member team working for 5 months and extracting around 19,000 websites

Website data extraction

Organization chart
Chairman & Managing Director

Director & CEO

Finance Manager

Operations Manager

Project Manager

HR Manager

Account Assistant



Team Leader

Team Leader

Indian Domestic BPO Market Emerging opportunity

Indian Domestic BPO is USD 1.8Bn industry in FY2008* and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 35% for the next 4 years, becoming a USD 6Bn industry in FY2012 With the emergence of several large, proven and well-capitalized vendors, outsourcing will continue its momentum. It is expected that 3rd party vendors market share will increase to 30% in FY2012 Banking, Insurance and Telecom are the key industry verticals and account for 68% of the overall market in FY2008; Retail and Media and Entertainment are the emerging verticals At USD 1.8Bn, Domestic BPO industry constitutes less than 0.2% of Indias GDP
Outsourcing as an industry has been around since early 90s with introduction of credit cards and mobile phones in the country; BFSI and Telecom continue to be the largest verticals even today Lack of experience with outsourcing, absence of 3rd party vendors with significant scale and relatively slower growth experienced by target verticals resulted in the market being predominantly captive till 2003 Early adopters of outsourcing started by outsourcing call center work to 3rd party vendors. Outsourcing began in full earnest only between 2003-08 resulting in 100%+ growth rate enjoyed by most 3rd party BPO players during this period.

Highly scalable model The company is poised to grow more than __% with the domestic opportunity apart from the opportunity in the overseas market. Play on the Indian domestic BPO market growing at CAGR of ____% & poised to grow at _____% over the next 3 years Manpower attrition
The manpower pipeline with Vindhya data

Accolades for Vindhya

Best Women Entrepreneur Award Canara Bank

SHELL HELLEN Keller Award for providing opportunity for PWDs

Leading National daily