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By Lindel Dcoutho

Garde-Manger is pronounced Guard MonZhay. Garde-Manger is a pantry for preparing cold foods. Garde-Manger is the part of the kitchen where show pieces are produced from ice , tallow , salt dough and unleaved bread dough.

Garde-Manger is a part of kitchen that created attractive and tasteful dishes utilizing the parts of meat , game , poultry and fish that the primary kitchen did not use. The tenderloins , fillets and center cuts were all used by main kitchen and remain sent to Garde-Manger for innovation.

After the Middle Ages , wealthy French families kept stores of preserved meats , pickles and cheeses in an cool , dark indoor storeroom.
The steward in charge of this edible wealth was known as Garde-Manger or Guardian of the Pantry.

Restaurants :-

Garde Manger is responsible for a diners first impression of a meal because they prepare early courses such as appetizers and soups , and garnish .

Buffets :-

For caterers , banquet halls and buffet restaurants , the garde manger has larger responsibility because so many of the dishes fall under the garde mangers duties such as salads , appetizers and cold meats.

Garde-Manger should be airy and well ventilated and sufficiently spacious to allow the staff to carry out their duties in a clean and efficient manner.

Garde-Manger must be equipped with the necessary fittings , plants , machinery and tools , in accordance with the volume and quality of the trade of catering establishment.

Garde-Manger must be close to the kitchen to avoid undue running between the two departments which are closely interrelated .
Garde-Manger should be located in a cool place.

A Garde Manger must be a master of variety of skills .

The function of a garde manger chef is to prepare all the components of cold appetizers , which range from salads and cheese plates to terrines and antipasti platters.

Have to work together with the other line so that a salad entre arrives at the same time as a meat entre.

Garde-Manger department is responsible for producing the following cold foods items Horsdoeuvres :- Canap's , Finger sandwiches , Salads , Appetizers , Small courses and side dishes. A verities of force meats such as pates , mousses and dry cured fish. Buffet center pieces composed of Ice , Tallow , Salt dough , arrangements of fruits , Vegetables , Pasta , Nuts , Dried fruits etc.

Garde-Manger staffs will ensure that the cold station is clean at the end of the night and the leftover food is stored safely for the next days use. Garde-Manger staffs will also work with the other cooks to ensure that the walk-in , or coldstorage , is kept clean and in proper order.

Because of their skills or ability to present the beautiful plates and platters on an artistically arranged buffet with fruits , vegetables , tallow and ice carvings. So they are the most versatile individual in a kitchen. So it brings more satisfaction to the customer by seeing the presentation. The quality of the Garde-Manger will also leads profit to the hotel..