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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Andrew Goodwin's Theory

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Narrative and performance Goodwin suggests that the ignorance of common narrative is important in their role of advertising, he says this because if music videos were too predictable or include repeatability, the audience may lose interest in the video. Whereas if they avoid this the audience will be able to watch


In this sense I have included what I consider to be a fairly original storyline. It also suits the song, this fits in with Andrew Goodwins idea of an unpredictable storyline being effective. I also feel that through my representation of characters, and effective range of shots, that I have managed to give off an authentic, relatable feel to my narrative. This shows how I have managed to use this 4/9/12

The relationship of the visuals to the music

There can be three main ways of doing this, by illustrating through the use of visuals which fit in with the music genre and the meaning of it. Also, by amplifying, where there are constant visuals throughout the production which amplifies the meaning of the music even further. 4/9/12by disjuncture, where the song Or

I think that I have used illustration and amplification, when taking this convention into account. In the sense of illustration, I have managed to include visuals of the character in the position in which the song is describing, and manage to amplify this through the repetition of certain shots. I also planned my locations and costumes to fit in with the genre 4/9/12 the music. This shows how I of

The technical aspects of the video The technical aspects are how the effects of editing and camera work and mise-en-scene help keep the music video together and portray certain moods and emotions through them. It also contributes to making the locations look realistic. Also the transitions between shots should also fit in with the beat of the song. All of these technical aspects help to 4/9/12

I think I have also managed to portray this convention in my music video well because I planned my characters costumes to fit in with their purposes and moods in the music video. I also used the isolation of the locations to fit in with the over all loneliness of my main character This also fits in with the music and genre. Overall this has lead to my music video work as a whole. Also at the beginning of my music video I have an opening sequence where the transitions of my shots fits in time with the beat of the 4/9/12 music, I also did this in some of the

The artists image. The artists image is created by many aspects of music videos such as mise-en-scene, use of costume and the narrative. An artists image is important for the promotion of the music and is important in the process of production.


From the very start of my project I decided my artists image was a very important factor. I did research into the genre of the song, and decided that an indie look would be best suited for the artist. I also tried to make the narrative, locations, characters, and overall mise en scene fit in with this indie, acoustic genre. This is another convention I think I 4/9/12 have portrayed well in my finished

From the very beginning of my project I did research into Andrew Goodwin, and decided to base my music videos conventions around it. This is because I felt it would lead to a professional finish. I felt that if I followed these conventions well, that it would have a positive effect on my video, and I believe that this 4/9/12

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