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Process of covering, wrapping of goods

Actual container or wrapper in which product is enclosed

design of package and producing appropriate containers or wrappers for product which protect the attributes till it is used by consumer.

Categorization of Packaging
Consumer Packaging( Marketing Emphasis)
Marketing managers primarily concerned with how the package fits into the marketing mix.

Industrial Packaging (Logistics Emphasis)

Logistics managers primarily concerned with efficient shipping characteristics including protection, ability to withstand stacking when on a pallet, cube, weight, shape and other relevant factors.

Functions of Packaging
Physical Environment
Privately owned v/s Common transportation Damage causes
Vibrations Impact Puncture Compression

In transit
Strapping tie down

Crushing Buckling Cracking

Outside Elements
Temperature Humidity Foreign Matters

Material Handling Efficiency / Utility

No. of cartons loaded / unloaded per hour to trailer Product Characteristics
Cube formation

Rigid Containers Non-rigid Containers Unit Loads Load Securing

Content Identification Tracking Handling Instructions

Forms of Protective Packaging

Traditional Packaging materials/ norms
Pallets Corrugated Boxes Solid fiberboard and boxes Multi wall paper bags and drums Steel cans, drums steel racks and cages Plastics

Current Trends in Protective Packaging

Film Based Packaging Blanket Wrapping Returnable Containers Pallet Pools Plastic Pallets Refrigerated Pallets

Protective Packaging Problems

Engineering Problems Costs Logistical Problems and Opportunities

Packaging Policy
Packaging Alternatives

Family Packaging Multiple Packaging Reuse Packaging Ecological Packaging

Consumer Consideration Economic Consideration Reseller Consideration Company Consideration Logistical Consideration

Consideration of Packaging Factors


Corrugated Boxes

Solid fiberboard and box

Multi wall paper bags

Steel Cans

Steel Racks and Cages

Film Based Packging

Returnable container

Pallet Pool

Refrigerated Pallet