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Assignment on Carrefour company



Introduction of sectors Introduction of company Financials of company Past performance of company Future plans of company Future of the sector

Introduction of sectors of the company

Introduction of the company

Carrefour means "crossroads" in French. Carrefour is a French largest international hypermarket chain. Its headquartered is Levallois perret in French. History of establishment:1959: Marcel Fournier and Louis Defforey establish Carrefour. 1960: The first Carrefour store opens and is an immediate success. 1963: Carrefour establishes its first hyper mart. 1970: The company goes public. 1985: Fournier dies; by now the company has expanded to ten countries. 1991: Euromarkets is acquired. 1998: The company purchases Comptoirs Modern's SA. 2000: Carrefour merges with Prom odes SA to become Europe's largest retailer

Carrefour emerged in 1959 as a collaboration between two entrepreneurs, Marcel Fournier and Louis Defforey, in Annecy, a city in eastern France. It is the largest hypermarket chain in the world in the terms of size, and the 2nd largest retail group in the world in terms of revenue. And not but the least that the Carrefour is the 3rd largest in profit after WalMart and tesco. Carrefour operates mainly Europe, Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia , and in the Dominican republic but also shop in North Africa and other part of Asia. So Carrefour is Regiocentric.

Financials of the company

FINANCIAL INCOME (EXPENSE):-Financial expense amounted to 657 million euros, up 8.4% as compared with 2009. As in 2009, this represented 0.7% of sales. NET SALES:- were equal to 76,887 million euros in 2006, 82,148 million euros in 2007, 86,967 million euros in 2008, 85,366 million euros in 2009 and 90,099 million euros in 2010. 2009 accounts are adjusted as per IFRS 5, Thailand has been retroactively deconsolidated, and restated as per Brazil. NET INCOME FROM RECURRING OPERATIONS GROUP SHARE:-This line amounted to 382 million euros, up 11.3% compared with 2009, when it stood at 343 million euros. NET DEBT:-The Groups net debt rose from 6,600 million euros at the end of 2009 to 7,998 million euros at the end of 2010, notably as a result of buybacks of treasury stock totaling 943 million euros in 2010

Past performance of the company

The Carrefour Foundation:-The Carrefour group has always been heavily involved in promoting social solidarity. The Carrefour Foundation concentrates its action around three missions, linked to the Groups areas of expertise: Food Programmer, Professional Integration and Solidarity. A better quality of life for all. Food programmer Professional Integration. Solidarity A dedicated organization involving all group activities The Carrefour group: a world leader in distribution The Carrefour group has one simple ambition: making Carrefour the preferred retailer wherever it operates

Future plans of the company

Promoting globally responsible retailing Sustainability at the heart of the group strategy Ongoing dialogue with stockholders Listening, discussing, sharing Day-to-day upstream and downstream cooperation Managing the approach day-to-day A culture embodied by our employees A dedicated organization involving all group activities

Future of the sector

Key Trends

The existing players like Big Bazaar, Shoppers' Stop, are expanding to smaller towns and cities. Many other business are planning to enter the retail sector either own or through partnerships. New entrants like Reliance Retail Ltd and Wal-Mart are going to enter the market soon. Even rural areas will provide a huge opportunity to be explored. Estimates and Predictions Indian consumerism:-ex. MUMBAI/NEW DELHI: Carrefour, Europe's biggest retail chain, has agreed with Kishore Biyani of Pantaloon Retail to set up franchisee stores in India after six years of wandering in the world's second-fastest growing nation for partnerships, including with Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Retail and real estate group DLF.