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Bachelor of Business Administration Session (2010-2014) Submitted To Miss Sadia Submitted By Ahmed Hamza Ali Raza Faseeh ur Rehman Ahsan Yaqoob Munawar Abbas

Behave as you would have others behave toward you. And avoid any conflict between his or her personal, social, financial and their bank interests.

Following things are considered illegal and employ are liable for their action: UBL Stationary Show The Data, Procedure, Forms etc Interpreted In Approving The Loan Favor Of Vendors


you have any doubt about ethical behavior in a situation, you are expected to seek the advice to determine a proper course of action a) Discuss this matter with your supervisor b) Feel free to contact the Chief Executive Officer c) Toll free number

If your concern requires confidential treatment, including keeping your identity anonymous, all reasonable efforts will be made to keep that confidently


from punish who report to management about violation of code of conduct An employee who participate in may be subject to disciplinary

These guidelines apply to UBL Corporation and each of its subsidiaries UBL is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We place a premium on the contributions of each of our employees. UBL employee does on the job is ultimately related to satisfying a customer need within framework of Our Code Of Conduct


expect each employee to practice and promote high professional standard to build relationship with other employees. Employees are expected to treat each other with honesty and respect. We place a premium on honesty and fair dealing in relationship with and among our employees and business activities. Our equipment, products and services will be sold on their merits.


will not use improper or illegal methods to obtain information regarding our competitors. We are committed to providing safe working condition for our employees, to promoting the safe design, use and handling of our products. Our business dealing with other Government agencies are subject to laws and regulations.


the course of perfuming their duties, employees may have access to confidential information concerning other employees. We will use information that we gather with respect to customer and others only for purpose related to business. We will not ask or encourage employees to show confidential information.


or false statement to or by a senior officer, employee or accountant regarding a matter contained in financial records.