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Filipiniana Materials and the

Philippine eLib
The Philippine Perspective of Digitizing Printed Heritage Materials
Prof. Salvacion Manuel Arlante

Tropical Country
RH : 77% 5% Ave. Temp.: colder months, 18C (64F) Ave. Temp.: summer months, 37C (98F) Seasons: rainy and dry

National heritage materials that are for, by, and about Filipinos and the Philippines, published in the Philippines, in any Philippine language, regardless of subject and authorship.

University of the Philippines

Premier State University Multiversity
UP Diliman (Arts and Sciences) UP Baguio (Arts and Sciences) UP Los Baos (Agricultural Sciences) UP Manila (Health Sciences) UP Visayas (Fisheries and Aquatic Resources) UP Mindanao (Environment Science and Management) UP Open University (Distance Education)


Rare Books Historical Papers Vernacular Collections Theses and Dissertations Radical Papers Local History H. Otley Beyer Collection Harley Harris Bartlett Collection Harry Whitfield Harnish Collection Newspapers Maps


Art Works Audio-Visuals Biography File Filipiniana in Foreign Serials Government Documents Picture File Poster Collection Speech File Archives Personal Papers

THE RADICAL COLLECTIONS or The Philippine Left Papers

Underground or subversive Literature. street literature of revolutionary change underground publications memoirs and oral histories personal diaries, and papers of leading personalities


Philippine Insurgent Records, 1806-1901 Japanese Occupation Papers Jose Llanes Collection (Guerilla Papers) Panay Guerilla Movement Delfin Jaranilla Papers Peoples Court Records, 1945-1948 Communist Party of the Philippines Militant Organizations (SELDA) Human Rights Papers National Democratic Front Papers Personal Papers of well-known activists in the country

Preservation Programs
By Microfilm By Digitization

Digitization Policy Guidelines

Materials to be digitized must be in the public domain or clear for public distribution and must support the educational, recreational and information needs of its users; Priority is given to current and retrospective materials on or about the Philippines (history, psychology, economic and political conditions, legal materials, recreation, education, arts and culture, languages and literature, and natural as well as physical sciences);

Digitization Policy Guidelines

Deteriorating and fragile materials, such as rare books, which contain invaluable information; Materials that will contribute most immensely to increased production of ordinary citizens such as farmers, fisher folk,etc.; Unique resources pertaining to local heritage especially oral traditions/dying traditions and customs which are of interest to the local community and beyond.

A joint project of:

Commission on Higher Education

Department of Agriculture

Department of Science and Technology

National Library of the Philippines

University of the Philippines

Philippine eLib Project

a national information resource-sharing consortium among five government institutions, namely the:
Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Department of Agriculture The National Library of the Philippines UP Library System

Philippine eLib objectives

Provide access to information for life-long learning Enrich local content in digital format for community and global access Build local capabilities and expertise in the creation and generation of digital information sources

Philippine eLib objectives

Provide library and information services network to academic and government institutions for optimum use of resources Promote and accelerate the exchange of knowledge resources among various sectors of society, including regional and international users

Philippine eLib objectives

Establish a mechanism of income generation and other means to sustain the e-library Provide access to Filipiniana cultural heritage collections and indigenous local materials through archiving and digitized data

Philippine eLib objectives

Create another means of preserving Filipiniana cultural heritage collections and indigenous local material by providing surrogate digital sources and safeguarding the original.

Philippine eLib Project

Six (6) Components:
Network Collection Build-up Portal System Digitization Business Development Training

Philippine eLib Project

Products and Services:
Union catalog of the 5 partner agencies (over a million bibliographic records) Digitized Filipiniana materials (more than 28,000 full-text documents in PDF) Access to online electronic journals and databases with fulltext (foreign) Cyber Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

Philippine eLib Project

Other features: current awareness service selective dissemination of information full text downloading literature searches document delivery E-Journal subscription mailing list and Rapid, responsive and knowledgeable customer support (guaranteed 24 hours response time)


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