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Concordancer in Corpus Linguistics concordancers-elt

What is a concordancer?
a piece of software, either installed on a computer

or accessed through a website, which can be used to search, access and analyse language from a corpus. can be particularly useful in exploring the relationships between words can give us accurate information about the way language is authentically used.

Relevance of concordancer in language study

Having access to a corpora of authentic language

can help us to check or reconfirm our assumptions about the way that language is used. We can check that the uses and collocations of words we are teaching are the most frequent, up to date and correct. We can find authentic examples to demonstrate and reinforce the language we are teaching. We can use them to create our own worksheets based on authentic materials. We can use for language composition and literature We can expand our writing skills and vocabularies

Corpus used in the field

databank of natural texts, compiled from writing

and/or a transcription of recorded speech Online corpus eg: BNC Journals and thesis CMC

Functions of a concordancer
Exploring collocations

Looking at errors
Understanding different uses / meanings Finding genuine examples Materials creation

Some corpora are collected from restricted

sources and some are even collected from nonnative / student use of language Some online concordancers will search only selected web pages, so it can limit the amount of input that the students will get. Not all concordancer interfaces are user-friendly and some can be very complex Not all teachers and students have access to the Internet during class.

Using new tools such as these (concordancers)

can often seem challenging to both teachers and students. Incorporating concordancers into your teaching repertoire may take time and effort, but ultimately they can be an incredibly useful tool for you and your students.

Online concordancers


This task was able to highlight the significance of

using computer as a medium for language learning. Having to focus on the functions of concordancer and how it is applicable in language studies, we found that all the information gathered were insightful and helpful for those who are related with language teaching and learning. The technology that exists nowadays has definitely come in handy to those who wish to study languages because concordancers can help them to understand and reconfirm on how the languages are used. With the help of this tool, teachers are able to demonstrate and reinforce the language that they are teaching together with concrete examples and explanations. To recapitulate, this task enables us; English Linguistics and Literature students to be familiar with various types of tools, in this context; concordancers that can surely help us in the future if we were to educate people on language learning.