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Globalization has made the world very small. We have to cast human beings a tune with newer requirements for which they require knowledge. Most of the HRD programmes are limited to classroom training in many organizations.

Unless a proper learning atmosphere is created, no training programme would be able to produce expected results.

The human resources management has become the need of an hour due to various reasons. Widespread industrial unrest, growing trade union influence on work force increasing gulf between management and their people. Growing conflicts.

Technological changes

Computer revo1ution Introduction of microprocessor. Mechanization and automation of office operations. Operational efficiency and manpower must cope with such a revolutionary change.

Indian firms are competing with MNC in India and companies in abroad as well.
Business philosophy, skills, expertise, efficiency and philosophy fostered by international firms necessitate Indian firms to deliberately update their perspective to suit the internationally emerging trends.

Selection, socialization and development programmes must cope with the actual need of the urbanization.
Actual contribution made by the human resources must be compared with the standards expected of them for the purpose of evaluation. Appraisal system must therefore, be introduced by the human resources manager.

Traditional managers psychology :workers are to be hired and fired. Human resources manager is not only involved in planning, recruiting or placing the people, but developing, training, motivating, counselling, appraising, and so on .

Modernisation requires highly skilled and technically trained people.

Greater training needs are to be identified for updating the technological and behavioural skills.

Interpersonal skills, behavioural and counselling skills of executives.

Human resource planning and development must integrate with it a career planning and succession planning. Need for team building and managing multidisciplinary, Multi linguistic, multicultural and multinational teams in the most cordial and harmonious way. Right people at the right job.

Part of whole organization and not only managing HR.

Effective management of people is responsibility of all executives of the organization.

Increase in standards, intellectual and educational levels, higher levels of needs like self-actualisation needs, esteem needs and social recognition needs may super cede primary needs like physiological needs.

Management will be required to constantly access and reassess competence level and accordingly update their approaches and restructure its organization

India have made substantial policy changes in order to integrate their economies with the global business. Companies now depend more on their managers and people, for their success. The emphasis is now shifted from performance to "people first and then performance" approach.

Globalization has turned world into a small village.


So even if a pin falls in Western countries, its noise reverberates here