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Presentation on anchor switches

NEED OF THE STUDY: This research process is needed for Anchor electrical to analyzethe market share of Anchor Roma sale in Hyderabad and planaccordingly for the following: * To launch new products of their company into market andintroduce their existing products into new market segments. * It is also useful to expand their businesses in the areas wherethe customers density is high. * To understand the customer satisfactory levels of presentproducts and thereby modify the products. * It is also useful to know the weakness of the Anchor andstrengths of competitors and thereby to use a strategy tocorrect its weakness in the market and gain newopportunities.

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: * To study the market share of major brands selling modular switchs in * Market. * To study the customer need of the modular switchs. * To analysing the quality, pricing, dealer network & supplies of Anchor when compared with other players. * To study the strengths & weakness of Anchor. SCOPE OF THE STUDY: * Since the data collected includes all the details of the monthlyturnovers, rating the quality, market pricing, dealer network &supplies of Anchor Roma. And it helps in estimating the marketshare of Anchor Roma .

LIMITATION OF THE STUDY: * The period of the project was not sufficient to study all the factors indeep. * We cannot say that what the consumer have revealed will be right for each and every situation because their perception is influenced bymany factors. * Some of the customers showed less interest in providing informationand havent cooperated. * Due to time constraint the study is limited to Hyderabad only and thesample size taken for the research is 125 units by selecting therespondents through random sampling technique .

FINDINGS: * Anchor Roma is giving a good quality product & also Roma iscompeting with other players. * We also find some duplication problems in product. * There is a huge demand in the market for Roma; hence theretailers & wholesalers are not satisfied with the supplies of product. * There is a scope of creating artificial demand of a product. * Dealers suggesting to facilitate the replacement service for modular switchs also. *

SUGGESTIONS : Majority dealers and retailers suggested that the quality of Roma isgood; there is a scope up gradation of technology. Anchor very much lacking behind supplies, due to this dealers are notable to get the product in time Dealers suggested having similar kind of discount offers for all. Need to concentrate on promotional activities Marketing executives should have regular contacts with dealers andretailers.

CONCLUSION: From the above marketing study conducted on modular switchshave a wide scope of growth in market. Even though Anchor is holding 60 percent share in the global market. Anchor is the one of the leading company.Their market area is vast so demand of the product is also high.Anchors strength is there goodwill, even people also believe the brand hencethey less focus on promotional activities.Due to shortage of product customers and dealers are shifting toother company product. If the same scenario continues Anchor may loosethere market and the competitor may have better edge than Anchor. Due tothis reason only Havels & Legrand are equally competing with Anchor.As par the quality, market sales& pricing Anchor Roma is one of the best product and giving good competition, the maximum sales is of Romaitself.But when I approached the out lets some dealers & retailers felt theservice of Anchor is not satisfied they even says that after the takeover of Panasonic the management function is not up to the expectations.