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Overview of the company:

Dynamic Smart Card technology company, based on Australia IT systems integrator specialising in smart card and biometric technology Delivers end-to-end Smart Card technology, ecommerce, e-business products and services

The company at a glance:

Overview of the company:

extensive experience regarding large-scale, high-security card projects Each project fully customised to individual client requirements provides unique "Whole of Enterprise" solution tailor made to the needs of clients rapidly expanding global network of offices attributed to a philosophy of partnership with best local companies manages business-to-business, business-to-customer electronic transactions using cutting- edge technologies.

Unique competencies of the company:

Overview of the company:

Industry analysis: Typical product leads to variation of broad range of cards to serve different applications Offerings often completely distinct, intended for non homogeneous markets major applications are related to different sectors




Overview of the product:

The product: CardOne all in one Smart Card with primary objective of providing high quality, stored information technology has the inherent advantage of a sound commercial foundation, focus on integrity, a staunch commitment to upholding the interests of its clients With a complete range of new technologies able to offer clients the latest stored information technology services Will enable international governments & commercial clients to rapidly and economically establish top-of-the-line smart card application infrastructures will contain a microchip that will carry citizen information including -digital photograph -fingerprint -digital signature The card can also contain additional information such as the -persons blood group and -medical information (for use during times of emergencies) -passport information, -pension information Card will be laser engraved containing high-tech security features All information stored on onboard chip will be encrypted with latest encryption technology

Reasons for adopting an export strategy for the product:

information stored cannot be changed/ altered general public will be enabled to obtain quick services from various Departments individuals enabled to register through SMS, internet introduction to information community, fair distribution of opportunities enabled, some costs imposed on individuals, government and business reduced Will contribute to economic dynamism of the country services would reach people in an efficient, fast and more qualified manner upgrading quality of life, increasing satisfaction with government identity confirmation not limited to the photo, biometric data of the owner available on the card

These 5 slides are your ACTUAL introduction, which will allow you to capture interest of audience towards company and product, and lead them to believe export strategy was a successful one (this presentation is of a somewhat SALES PITCH NATURE, and hence particularly more emphasis needs to be given to the previous segment). The full strategic presentation will include roughly the points mentioned in the next slide

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Analysis of each target market Sri lanka Vietnam Mauritius (in each segment benefits and risks of doing business in each country will be analyzed)

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Selection of target market, reasons for selecting Changes in strategy due to changes in operational environment Changes in selection from the three distribution strategies due to changes in operational environment Changes in exchange rate strategy Changes in cultural and marketing strategy Changes in CSR strategy Recommendations to the company, and conclusion