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Course On :-TRO TITLE Rev. O.

Loco Links & Crew Links

1 June 2012 Date of issue 04.02.2009 TROM1.3/5 Prepared by N.D.TURKAR 1 Approved by -

Session On-TRO M1.3/5

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TRO dept. mainly deals with,

1.Man Power planning (crew links for M/E/P)- Div.Level.

2.Man Power/Loco planning for goods train -Div.Level. 3. Loco links/Loco planning (for M/E/P) -- HQ. Level. 4. To look after P/LOBBY,GOODS LOBBY, 5. To look after TRIP SHEDS in div. 6. To look after RUNNING ROOMS in div.
The main objective of preparing loco links & crew links is to utilized maximum locos & man power with considering their schedules/ proper rest .
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 2

in div.

PREPARATION OF CREW LINKS FOR M/E/P TRAINS :Before preparing a crew links following factors to be considered. (1)Arrival & departure timings of all the M/E/P trains . (2) HQ Rest of LP:- Min.16 hrs including 2hrs call time, after sign off at HQ if duty is more than 8 hrs.(12 hrs. if less than 8 hrs.) In whole month,4 periodical rest of 30 hrs or 5 of 22hrs.Any crew link violating this rule will not be valid & acceptable.

(3) Out/stn. Rest of LP:- After signing off at o/stn.,8 hrs. if duty is more than 8 hrs.(2/3 or 1/2 hr. per hr. or 6 hrs if duty is less than 8 hrs.
(4) Running time between two crew change point:- Should not exceed 8 hrs.Provision of running room at crew change point is essential. (5) Duty hrs in a fortnight:- Duty hrs=sign on to sign off (SOSO),should not exceed 104 hrs.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 3

(6) LP/ALP not to be booked for continuous six nights. (7) LP/ALP not to be kept outstation for more than 72 hours. (8) LP/ALP not to be booked for continuous 10 hours duty. (9) LP can ask for reliever after performing 12 hours duty.

(10) Distribution of duty hrs. to be equal.

(11) All sections of the division to be cover.


1 June 2012


Ex. For preparing crew link:Let us consider 3 sets of train running between BSL & NGP. Sr no. 1) 2) 3) 4) Train no. BHUSAWAL Arri. Dept. 2859 DN --13.15 2809 DN 8029 DN 2860 UP ----13.45 04.15 06.20 ---NAGPUR Arri. Dept. 20.15 --11.20 15.05 ------07.45


2810 UP
8030 UP
1 June 2012





4.15 13.45

Crew link :HQ Rest O/stn Rest NGP

2809 2860 11.20 7.45 22.30hrs 2859 8030 20.05

8.05hrs 7.00hrs


19.25hrs -------

13.15 20.10


15.40hrs -----23.45hrs

7.50hrs 8.35hrs 9.45hrs



6.20 ---- 8029

23.00 2810



28.15hrs(P) ----8.10hrs --------------------------------------------------Total= 83.55hrs 58.50hrs 50.25(8days) 4.15 Again 2809 Av.HQ rest=83.55/3=28hrs,Av.o/stn rest=58.50/3=20hrs,duty hrs for 8 days = of Dr.reqd=8(6+2),6 for tr &2 for periodical rest & min. no. of A/Dr.=8.(6+2). 1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 6




Goods LP

Sr. Goods LP/Motorman/Pass. LP

Sr. Motorman(20 % only)/Sr. Pass LP/M.E. LP

In CR- M/mans are selected from Goods Dr. only. No direct recruitment through RRB.

14 weeks
Motorman- from Goods Drs only Training (Total 14 weeks) at MTC Kurla (No Simulator) . + Including Road Learning. + Handling.

(In WR -Some posts through RRB.)

Training for departmental candidates (Total 14 weeks) Total 14 weeks = 07 + 02 + 05 07 Weeks In class

04 Weeks DC 01 weeks Traffic/CSTM 01 weeks BHEL make Rakes 01 weeks Siemens make Rakes

07 Weeks - In class room training 02 Weeks - Line Training with instructor, Rakes, brakes, etc.
05 Weeks- Road Learning [Including Handling ] Under supervision of Sr. Motorman/M/man

All sections to be covered

Refresher Course for Motorman.

After Every 3 Years from the Posting.

Duration - 21days at ZRTI/MTC. (Including 3 days for Safety comp at Kalyan.)

After Sr. Motorman (20% only)

Ghat Drs. M/E Drs Duty Hrs. 104 Hr/fortnight. 4-5 PR ,it is adjusted during duty rest. No outstation rest. Allowances Same (min. 120 km/day.) (No. Uniform due to Public agitation)

Min Garneted Allowances- 120 Km / day PME, Refresher stationary Duty (On leave no allowance) LI /SLI More than 8km 160kms/day. Other allowances are same.

Promotion for M/manM/man/Sr. Goods/Pass LP

Sr. M/man(20% only)/Sr. Pass LP

Ghat Drivers (from Sr. M/man)


Promotion for Main Line DriversALP

Goods LP

Sr. Goods LP/Pass LP/Motorman

Sr.Pass LP/Sr. M/man(20% only)


Crew link i.e. Train details are prepared for smooth operation.
Man power planning from train details (With Rake links) e.g.-Total 548 train details at KYN-CSTM

Total 27 train details at Pune Div. (EMU only)

Total = 575 details [Under Sr. DEE(OP)CSTM] Min/bare requirement of motorman = 575 Leave reserve - 30 % of 575 =172.5 M/man

Total requirement = 575 + 172.5 = 747.5 M/mans.

Trainee reserve -6 % of 747.5 = 44.80 Total sanctioned strength = 792 m/man. for 575 links. Existing Motorman under Sr.DEE (OP) CSTM =642. Due to short fall OT is permitted.


POWER PLANNING FOR M/E/P TRAINS. (LOCO LINKS) :Loco links are prepared by HQ since different divisions & zones are involved in this link. On the basis of the availability of locos in division loco links are prepared. Loco link is an arrangement of locomotive for working a set of trains from one station to other for M/E/P. Loco link gives the requirement to run the given no. of trains. Loco link prepared by HQ office in consultation with COM (Chief operating manager). --Dy.. CEE(OP) HQ.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 19


1.TRIP INSPECTION.-3000km or one trip for M/E/P For goods --TAO -15 days from last attention. HITACHI - 22 days from last attention 2.LIE OVER PERIOD AT DESTNATION STATION. (a) Layout of yard & location of trip shed. (b) Whether destination is a terminus. 3.Consultation with other railway/division. 4.Provision of schedule inspection IA,IB,IC. (a)When to withdraw the loco. (b) From which train to withdraw the loco. 5.Availability of loco
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 20

AC LOCO LINK OF C.RLY CR-3LINK NO. BSL-3 Air brake loco link (WAM4) IGP - BSL HWH EKM 8029 6.30 14.30 1525 TI 01.50 8030 12.30 1831 8029 00.50 308 6.10 TOTAL 3664km Link No- BSL-3 No. on of loco Reqd .for link = 6 No, on holding Basis = 7 (Since power detached at BSL for schedule Insp.) Total link engine Km /day = 3664km Utilization (KM/LOCO/Day) = 3664/6 = 611 km
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 21


LINK NO. BSL-5, w-e-f- 01. 09. 2004 Air brake loco link (WAM4) ( Weekly Train )

MMR SAT. 23.20

TUE. 03.05 TUE. 23.20 FRI. 03.05

6217 (Swarnjayanti) 6218




21.20-SUN 1281

05.50-MON 1281
21.20-WED 1281 05.50-THU 1281 TOTAL 5124 km



Link No- BSL-5 No. on of loco Reqd .for link No, on holding Basis Total link engine Km /day Utilization (KM/LOCO/Day)
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5

= = = =

01 01 5124/7 = 732 km 732 km




Air brake (WAM4)

G HWH 15.40 18.15 04.50 TI 21.10 19.10 EKM

07.15 21.10
00.45 00.35


124 1704 1704 713 713 124

2130 Azad Hind. Exp. TI 1039 1040 Mah . Exp. 1324 1353 Link Again after TI

21.10 14.50 18.00

08.20 17.30

308 09.55 Link No- BSL-4 No. of loco Reqd .on link basis = 08 No, on holding Basis(for sch.,cc) = 09 Total Km /day = 5704
Utilization (EKM/LOCO/Day)= 5704/8 = 713Km
TROM1.3/5 23

1 June 2012

Calculation of the requirement of engines:

The loco links gives the bare min. requirement of engines. Therefore the actual engine requirement will be as under. The requirement of loco = bare min req./repair allowance. The repair allowance for M/E loco is 9.2 % statistical. . Therefore requirement of loco will be = Bare min requirement as per loco link/0.92.

1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 24


Power plan provides the information for planning the goods train on a division for each section. PROCEDURE FOR ISSUE OF A POWER PLAN: Every six months the running of goods traffic on a Railway is reviewed for each division Actual no. of goods trains run are observed.Moreover ,the goods train to be run during next six months is assessed. While planning the goods train, availability of goods locomotive on railway is taken into account. Zonal railway power plan is issued by the office of Chief Operating Manager (COM.)of the railway.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 25

Information available in a power plan: 1. No. of trains to be run on div. Section wise in UP &DN direction. 2. Requirement of power for inferior services i.e. shunting works, railway material train, PQRS work of engineering dept. etc. 3. Outage of the locomotive on a div. Outage is the average number of locos available for a calendar day of 24 hrs. 4. Target utilization of the locomotives. It may vary from one other depending on the operating condition. 5. Requirement of power to be moved LELA or dead due to various reasons. (PQRS = Placer's Quick Relaying System)
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 26


OF RUNNING STAFF:After getting all the information as explain above, the no. of dr. required will be calculated with the help of formula given below.(This is old formula.) 2(a+b)+(c+d) Bare min.requirement of Dr.= ---------------x no.of trains 24 where a =Average running time of the section, b= pre & post departure detention, c = HQ. rest of the driver, d = outstation rest of the driver
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 27

The requirement of the crew should be calculated for each section separately. For ex., The requirement of The requirement of The requirement of The requirement of NGN-IGP SECTION may be = R1. BSL-NGN SECTION may be = R2 BSL-KNW SECTION may be = R3 BSL-BD SECTION may be = R4

Therefore, bare min. requirement (R) of the crew will be, R = R1 + R2 + R3 + R4 30% allowance in strength is given to take Into account the requirement of leave, Training, safety camps, absenteeism etc.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 28

Therefore, sanction strength of crew (S),

S = R + 0.30 R = 1.3 R
This no. of crew will indicate the no. of drivers & equal no. of assistant drivers. TRAINEE RESERVE POSTS:Dr. & assist. Dr. have to go various type of training regularly.About 10% of the sanctioned strength of the crew always remains under various training which is conducted by div. As well as ZRTI(ZTC).Therefore,10% of sanctioned strength as trainee reserve is considered quite reasonable .But, there is no yardstick set for this.Div. should justify the requirement of trainee reserve posts as per the condition existing on division.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 29

Yardstick for crew requirement for freight trains:-

There is no uniform basis for maintenance of yardstick for determining the crew requirement for freight trains. Various Railways have devised the crew requirements on local basis. There is vide variation in the sanction of posts , even in different divisions of the same Railway. A general yardstick for crew requirement in fright services valid for all railways need to be formulated by Railway Board.
Suggested methodology of yardstick for crew Requirement in Fright services is as under , however Railways may discussed on the methods being adopted by them.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 30

(a) Available hours per fortnight (b) Available average duty hours per crew per day

= 104 7 hrs 25 mins

(c) Available loco crew hours per =7 hrs 25 min - 1 hrs 45 min crew per day for the train (30 min - sign ON , operations 15min - signing OFF 1 hrs pre- departure detention) = 5 hrs 40 min. (d) Bare min. requirement of Crew For 24 hrs of POL = 24hrs 5 hrs 40 min. = 4.24 crew
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 31

(e) Various allowance except Leave Reserve (I) Allowance for Traffic Fluctuation =10% (peak requirement , spare running growth in traffic volume over gestation period of crew requirement ) (II) Trainee reserve (Refresher course , Promotional course , conversion course , Air Brake training 3- phase loco training Safety camp/ seminar etc. ) (III) Total
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5

= 5%

= 15%

( f ) Total requirement of crew per single Power outage without leave reserve = 4.24 + 15% of 4.24 = 4.24 + 0.64 = 4.88 ( g ) Leave reserve @ 30% for leave (LAP , LHAP etc.) sparing staff for Misc duties viz Selection suitability test etc. Attending inquiries , joining time , court attendance attending PNM Meeting etc.) = 1.46 Total = 6.34 Note : The above yardstick does not provide for supervisory posts like TLCs Loco Inspectors , Crew Controllers etc.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 33

CALCULATION OF REQUIREMENT OF SHUNTERS:(1) In addition to the requirement of dr. & assist. Dr. ,shunters are also required for movement of engine &rake in yard from one place to other.These shunters also perform various type of the shunting work in the yard as under:-

(a) Attachment/detachment of coach or wagon from M/E/P or Goods trains. (b) Load formation in marshalling yard. (c) Placement & removal of train rake from one point in yard/stn. to other point. (d) Taking over the charge of engine in yard in case incoming driver is detained in the yard.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 34

(e) Indoor shunters also perform the work of booking a driver as per the requirement. (2) Requirement of shunters are to be worked out as per the operating condition of div. However, some guidelines are given below: (I) Requirement of shunters for shunting engine. 4 nos. per shunting engine. (ii) Requirement in trip shed/loco shed: Based on the work load, shunters should be deputed in TS/loco shed. (iii) Requirement of shunters in yard:
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 35

As per the operating condition,the requirement of shunter should be calculated for this purpose also.
(iv) Requirement of shunters at stations:

For attachment/detachment, shunter along with engine will be required. (v) Requirement of shunters for sidings:There are no. of private or railways sidings on a div. like siding for electricity board, FCI etc.In this sidings, the rake is required to be placed & after unloading, the load has to be formed & empty rake is to be dispatched. Such type of work is performed by shunters with the help of a shunting engine. PQRS=Plusher Quick Relaying System.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 36

Improving productive utilization of locomotives by efficient loco links and crew links:Rationalization of Loco and Crew Links:- Rationalization of crew links is vital for optimizing the crew utilization to improve productive utilization of the electric locomotives.In this regards Railway Board has issued letter No. 2005/Elect(TRS)/225/8 dated 14.06.2005 where it is directed that Coaching loco links should be rationalized in such a manner so that excessive lie-over period is not there. If necessary, loco links of different Railways can be intermixed so that overall requirement of coaching locos reduces releasing locos for freight operation.

MT`s D.O.letter to GMs of all Railways on the issue of rationalizing loco & crew links, circulated vide letter no. 2005/Elect(TRS)/225/8 dated 21.06.2005 also enumerates certain important strategies:(1) Rationalizing of coaching links to avoid excessive lie-over period.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 37

If necessary,by inter-mixing of loco links of different sheds/Railways. (2) Reducing detention in sheds. (3) Reducing excessive lie-over periods at traction change- over points. (4) Whenever new trains are introduced,coaching links should be prepared by integrating the requirements in the existing links. (5)Crew links for coaching/freight services to be rationalized with a view to ensure divisional/zonal boundaries do not become a consideration for change of crew.Links to be shared by divisions/zones in proportion to kilometers being run on respective divisions/railways.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 38

(6) For freight trains pre-departure detention of crew to be brought down to minimum.To cover at least 150 Kms in a single crew run on single line & 250 Kms on double/multiple line sections. (7) A multi disciplinary committee comprising of CFTM,CPTM,CELE &CMPE(R&L) to study the crew link & coaching loco link should be nominated in each railway to rationalize the links in consultation with other railways & sort out inter related issues on inter railway basis. The Action Plan on MT`s letter is to be completed by 15.07.2005 & intimated to railway board, by 0.07.2005,for information to Hon`ble MR.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5



RATIONALIZATION OF LOCO AND CREW LINKS:Directives were issued from the board for rationalization of coaching loco links to reduce excessive lie-over periods through intermixing of loco links of different Railways so that the overall requirement of coaching locos reduces.(Ref-MTs DO letter no. 2005/Elect(TRS)/225/8 dt-21.06.2005) Action on MTs above letter has yielded encouraging results.Saving of 57 electric loco,52 diesel loco & 474 crew sets has been achieved. NER 02 05 03
Rly. Elect. Diesel Crew CR 02 01 43 ER 01 02 17 ECR 08 04 87 ECoR 00 00 12 NR 23 10 23 SWR-0,0,11, WR-0, 6,
1 June 2012



00 00 00 02 03 09 00 00 05 00 02 00 05 03 06, 10,

32 02 50 11 69 03 67 25.


ORDERING OF GOODS TRAINS:-(1) Chief controller (goods) or Area controller office gives a train notice no. indicating following information. (a)Train notice no.-------Any no. selected serially. (b) Train no. of goods train. (c ) Loco no. of the Goods train. (d) Expected arrival ready time of the goods train at crew change point or in yard.
Generally, the train notice is given about 230 in advance of expected arrival of the goods train. On receipt of train notice no. by the goods lobby, the crew controller on duty sends call book to dr. who may be available in the running room in case of outstation dr. & at residence in case of HQ dr.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 41

(2) Ordering time depends on the train operating condition as explained below: (A) PTSC TRAINS(Power Through Staff Change)For PTSC trains,the expected arrival of the train at crew change pt. Or yard may be the time for booking the crew or ordering time Train will depart within 15 min. after the crew change. (B)YARD FORMED TRAINS:(a)Arrival time of power.(b) Time taken for movement of power from arrival pt. To shed. (C) The time taken for vac. Air pre.creation. ORDERING OF TRAIN WHEN ENGINE CHANGED:1 be given after engine is taken on load.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 42

AVAILABILITY OF LINE CLEAR:In the M/E/P block period no goods train is generally ordered to avoid pre-departure detention of the crew. If the train is ready, shunters are deputed on train engine to man it & driver only arrives at the ordering time after the mail block period is over.

From the above we see that ordering of the goods train is very important for optimum utilization of running staff. Therefore, TLC/CHC(goods) should have close liaison for giving realistic ordering time for goods train.
1 June 2012 TROM1.3/5 43

Course On :-TRO TITLE Rev. O. Loco Links & Crew Links

1 June 2012 Date of issue 04.02.2009 TROM1.3/5 Prepared by N.D.TURKAR 44 Approved by -

Session On-M1.3/5

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