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London Zoo

Ressa Firmansyah Munandar Hanafiah

London Zoo - Profile

London Zoo is the UKs premier zoological collection Opened in 1828 Present size of 36 acres Visitor grew up to 2 million per anum in 1950

Problem faced
Since 1960 visitor decline, until reach only 1 million visitors per anum on 1995

What causing the decline ? Financial deficit Socio-economic changes Strong competition on animal attraction Public perception on animal rights

Action to keep attendance level high

1992 - 1994 Reorganizing staff Reselecting Animal New exibit and infrastructure Restructuring organization Keep company profit in good condition

Attendance level still fall

The Service Quality Research Project

1995 Using questionnaire and statistic to develop visitor satisfaction level Survey taken from various days and from slowest to busiest. Result from this research will be used as basis for strategic action by London Zoo management

1. 18 Determinants of service quality a. Using the 18 determinants of service quality, devise your own

questionnaire for the zoo. Compare your questionnaire to the one actually used. b. Which determinants of service quality are investigated by which question? 2. What do the various sets of figures tell you about the zoos performance from the visitors perspective? In which are the zoo performing best of all, and where are the areas of poor performance? Which areas and type of the operational processes do they reflect? How and why do they vary? 3. Do the visitors priorities vary in a similar manner and why? 4. Derive a plan of action and priority list which will help the zoo decide whichaspects of its service provision to tackle first. What factors may need to be taken into account while formulating this order of action?
5. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the questionnaire in its

objective of providing a priority agenda for improvement to operations.

18 Determinants Service Quality

1. Access 2. Aestethics 3. Helpfulness 4. Availability 5. Care 6. Cleanliness 7. Comfort 8. Commitment 9. Communication 10.Compentence 11.Courtesy 12.Flexibility 13.Friendliness 14.Functionality 15.Integrity 16.Reliability 17.Responsiveness 18.Security

Best Performance: - Comfort [4.39] and Communication [3.58] Poor Performance: - Aesththics [1.96] The Zoo have been providing good infrastructure to
comfort visitor and visitor could see our commitment to preserve animal. The downside that visitor still hardly to contact our staff when they need to ask something

Top Priority: - Happinest of Animal [4.39] - Visibility of Animal [4.37] Lowest Priority: - Smartness & Tidyness of Staff [1.10]
Visitors nowadays are very consent with animal Happiness, That's what The Zoo should improve first

Based on the survey, visitors not really care about smartness and Tidyness of staff. This is due to The Zoo has improved education of all staff

Advantages : Time Cost Uniformity Address a large number of issues and questions Permit Anonymity

Disadvantages: Difficult to obtain a good response rate If badly design, can be misleading Can be misused

London Zoo had been trying many ways in respect to increase their attendance level. One thing that they forgot is to get feedback directly from their visitor. Direct Feedback from customer are very important in every business to keep the business alive.

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