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Constructed a sophisticated RF module which can transmit signal from the Robot to the micro controller.

Programmed the microcontroller using C language hence making the system hastle free and accurate.
LCD display on the robot for order report and delivery.

There is an intelligent line follower Robot which will take the order and deliver the food to the respective table.

Our project basically negates the role of waiters in the restaurants. Digital menu card is displayed on the robot( tea/ coffee)

What is a line follower?

Line follower is a machine that can follow a path. The path can be visible like a black line on a white surface (or viceversa) or it can be invisible like a magnetic field.

Why build a line follower?

Sensing a line and manoeuvring the robot to stay on course, while constantly correcting wrong moves using feedback mechanism forms a simple yet effective closed loop system. As a programmer you get an opportunity to teach the robot how to follow the line thus giving it a human-like property of responding to stimuli.

The robot uses IR sensors to sense the line, an array of 3 IR LEDs (Tx) and sensors (Rx), facing the ground has been used in this setup. The output of the sensors is an analog signal which depends on the amount of light reflected back, this analog signal is given to the comparator to produce 0s and 1s which are then fed to the uC.


Microcontroller AT89S52
8 bit microcontroller with 8K Bytes of In-System Reprogrammable Flash Memory Fully Static Operation: 0 Hz to 24 MHz Three-level Program Memory Lock 256 x 8-bit Internal RAM 32 Programmable I/O Lines Three 16-bit Timer/Counters Eight Interrupt Sources Programmable Serial Channel Low-power Idle and Power-down Modes

It converts a varying input voltage into a constant regulated output voltage. Voltage regulators are available in a variety of outputs like 5V, 6V, 9V, 12V and 15V. The LM78XX series of voltage regulators are designed for positive input. For applications requiring negative input, the LM79XX series is used

L293D is a dual H-bridge motor driver integrated circuit (IC). In this we have included the LM293D to control the 100rpm motor. Motor drivers act as current amplifiers since they take a low-current control signal and provide a higher-current signal. This higher current signal is used to drive the motors.

The customer will press a button that is present on the table for calling waiter .

After pressing the button, a RF signal will be send to the microcontroller and the microcontroller will then send the robot to the specific table on which button has been pressed.
The robot will arrive at the respective table with the digital menu car. The customer needs to press the respective button of the food item he wants to eat.

After placing the order, the summary and total amount will be shown to the customer. Then the robot will send the detail of the respective order to the kitchen where the food processing will begin. The robot will come back to the micro controller and will wait for further signal. When the food processing will be done then the kitchen will send a signal to the micro controller and the robot will come to the kitchen for receiving the order. After receiving the food the robot will go to the table

Food courts in malls. College Canteens. Food Mess in hostels.

Our project basically negates the role of waiters in the restaurants. A better, accurate, cheap, reliable mechanism will be developed

It will help the restaurant managers not only economically but also physically as he doesnt have to check on his staff regularly for theft or misbehavior with the customers.

Only one time setup cost will be required.

Mantainence is very cheap, No monthly salary of the waiters .

Our new mechanism can perform the job of 3 waiters altogether with 100% accuracy. For our new automatic food delivery mechanism only a few changes will be required in the present restaurants. Setup and control are very easy. Also, just timely recharge of batteries are required

Robots cannot basically emotionally connect with the people like suggesting them good food specialties etc. Normal human gestures are also missing in robos . A long power failure would lead to a standstill.