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Economic structure of India

Whatever be the criteria, the Indian economy is presently an underdeveloped economy Almost all important characteristic feature of an underdeveloped economy were present in the Indian economy at the time of independence and have not changed much since then.

Colonialism and Underdevelopment of the Indian Economy

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Low per capita income Inequitable distribution of income High independence of poverty Predominance of agriculture Rapid population growth and high dependency ratio Low level of human development Unemployment Scarcity of capital Technology backwardness Lack of entrepreneur

Natural Resources and Ecological Issue

Land Resources Soil Erosion Water Resources Forest Resources Mineral Resources Ecological Imbalance


Sources of energy in India Power of Electricity Coal OIL and gas Atomic Energy Non-conventional sources of energy The energy crisis in India The railways Road transport Water transport Air transport Communication Postal services Telecommuniocations

The Population Growth and Indian Economic Development

The Three stage of demographic Transaction India's population Size and Growth Trend Causes of rapid population Growth Population and economic development Remedies for population explosion India's Population Policy

Some Demographic Issues

The sex composition of population in India and the issue of missing Women. The age composition of population in India and its demographic dividend. Urbanization and development Process. Migration of rural Population to urban area.

Human Resource Development

Indicators of human resource development. Role of human resource development in the growth process and development. How does the education contribute to human resource development How is the education policy of the government relevant to development of human resources in the country. Health and nutrition in India and how does it sustain the human resource development.

Labor Force growth and Occupational Pattern

Labour force Growth in India Classification of labour force in India Occupational structure and economic development Occupational distribution of working population in India

Employment and Unemployment in India

Employment Trends Structure of Employment Nature and Estimates of Unemployment in India Unemployment in Urban Areas Agriculture Unemployment Causes of Unemployment Government Policy for Removing Unemployment Major Employment Programmes Rural Employment Guarantee

Capital formation In India

India's Capital Requirements For Economic Growth Domestic Saving Domestic Capital Formation

National Income Of India: Microeconomic Overview

The National Income (NNP)) Trends Service Led Growth Per Capita National Income National Product By Industry of Origin

Poverty in India
The Concept of Poverty Line Incidence of Poverty in India Human Poverty Rural Poverty Poverty and Trickle Down in the Rural Sector Safety Net For Poor- Poverty Alleviation Programme Strategy for Poverty Alleviation

Income Distribution In India

The Pattern Of Income Distribution In India Disequalising Growth During the Economic Reform Period Causes of Income Inequalities in India Government Policy and Measures