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Management Information Systems

MIS Implementation at HomeShop18

Guided by: Submitted By: Amit Dhawan 11EX-006 Assisted by: Joy Patra GM -Contact Centre VMO & CEO Project Office at TV18 HSN Dr. Reema Khurana

Harendra Singh Rawat 11EX-020 Karan Parashar Sandip Sarkar Utkal Garg 11EX-058 11EX-047 11EX-054

About HomeShope18:
HomeShop18 (HS18) is a new venture from the Network18. HS18 is a nationally televised home shopping service, selling credible brands through interactive electronic media, primarily through cable TV and internet. It has a team of over 3500 people spread across 30 bureau locations (3 of which are overseas). It has established 220,000 sq. ft. of fully integrated broadcast & other infrastructure, including state-of-theart hubs in Mumbai and Delhi. HomeShop18 is the Groups online & on-air retail marketing and distribution venture which has launched Indias first 24 hour Home Shopping TV channel on April 9 08. HomeShop18 has partnered with the best brand owners, such as Apple, Motorola, Philips, Kaya, Godrej, Reebok and many more A 24-hour call centre also allows customers to call in and book orders as per their convenience. It will deliver products to over 3000 cities free of cost.

About Network18
Network18 is one of India's leading full play media conglomerate with interests in television, print, internet, filmed entertainment, mobile content and allied businesses. Network18 operates Indias leading business news television channels, CNBC-TV18 and CNBC Awaaz. Network18 operates in the general news and entertainment space with leading general news channels CNN-IBN and IBN7 and has launched IBN Lokmat, a Marathi news channel in partnership with the Lokmat group. It also runs one of Indias largest Internet players - Web18, as well as one of Indias leading real time financial information and news terminals Newswire18

Convenience provided by HomeShop18

Anytime shopping: especially convenient to working couples and the working women who are short on time, and the ever growing number of BPO employees. Armchair shopping: delivered at doorstep across 3,000 cities with an average timeframe of 7 days from order to doorstep delivery. Easy payment options. Free home delivery. 15 Days Money Back Guarantee.

HS18 Mode of Transactions:

Product Line:
Electronics & Computing Cameras & Mobiles Kids & Toys Jewellery Watches Fashion & Accessories Health & beauty Home & Kitchen House Hold Appliances Books Movies & Music Flowers

Business Model @ HS18:

IT in HS18:

So, has the concept worked? Has the customer accepted this new domain of shopping?

7.5Mn 40,000
35,000 30,000 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 8 7

Calls (daily)

Customer base

6 5

15,000 1,70 0
Mar '08 Mar '09


3 2 1 0 Mar '08 Mar '09

3Mn 1.5Mn 0.12Mn

Mar '10 Mar '11

Mar '10

Mar '11

A new customer every 8 sec, 2 Mn CRM base, 18% repeat


And has it worked for our Brand partners and Vendor associates?
Daily Transactions 10,000 9,000 8,000 7,000 5,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 2,200 42 5 Mar '08 Mar '09 Mar '10 Mar '11 3,000 2,000 1,000 Mar'08 Mar'09 Mar'10 Mar'11 350 2,000 3,000 Ann. Gross Sales (INR Mn)

10000 9000


7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0

4.5% of digicam market

Largest retailer of steel dinner sets month

5+ cr Jewellery every

Largest retailer for Reebok

2nd Largest retailer of Microwave Ovens for Whirlpool

A Launch Pad, Liquidation platform and an Alternate Distribution channel that Demonstrates, Distributes and Builds Brand Equity

MIS at HS18:
There is one Centralized database warehouse. However the MIS is implemented on a departmental basis. There are some departments which might need MIS based on their functionality and their role. Sourcing Team has to help themselves to analyse the historical data and gather the micro information. Here departmental MIS come in handy as each department has different information decision making tool. Using the MIS Reports, rare information is generated. Information frequency. is accessed by different employees at varying

Access Control enabled to protect the privacy of the data. Several important information like orders to be placed, time-range, and place etc can be generated through the MIS.

MIS at HS18:
There is access level control given to the employees depending on need basis (hourly, monthly) and nature of work so as to not overload the system. Reports -on- demand can be also generated and passed on as requested. Special one-off Reports need to be created. The requirements and criticality are understood and the reports are pulled-off and send to the required team. Managers are by-default given admin access. There is a provision for Custom Build and Automated Reports and Dashboards. There are two teams who look after the maintenance of the MIS Functional IT Team and Central IT Team.

MIS at HS18:
Functional IT Team maintains the IS pertaining to their functionality and the Central Team looks after stuffs like accesscontrol, connectivity, server etc. The SLA for providing the reports is 1.7 Days. There is a stand-alone custom build MIS tool that runs on Intranet. The information is securely transmitted through https protocol. MIS provides lot of useful information like Vendor Management, procurement of the inventory, grading system and the functioning of the different departments.

Implemented Modules:
MIS for product which are ready to air. MIS for airing slots. MIS for Customers to have the customer base. MIS for Contact Center how many people contacted and information related to calls. MIS related to deliverydifferent modes used were cash, advance payment and CC payment. MIS for Sales and Margin.

MIS for Dashboard for leadership and forecasting.

Marketing Strategy:
To create program to reach out to a wider audience through the new general entertainment channel (GEC) Colours.
Considering the Viacom 18-owned Colours has been gaining television rating points (TRPs) and riding high in the GEC genre, reaching out to an extended audience through exclusive shows is now being explored by Home Shop 18. The products and value propositions would be based on the profile of viewers of that particular channel. The purpose is to convert viewers into customers for the entire network, Currently, it has created shows for news channels such as CNBC Awaaz and IBN 7 on the network. The products and value propositions would be based on the profile of viewers of that particular channel.

Marketing Strategy:
Currently, the largest category on the home shopping channel is that of consumer electronics with brands such as Nokia, Samsung and Philips followed by kitchen appliances, Jewellery and lifestyle brands. The odd prices are always set, because in India it sounds cheaper. for exRs 499 looks low in comparison with 500. The target customer is the middle class of any age group.

Mostly the products are sold in the range of 1500-4500

Metro people are more attracted towards the products. The main form advertisement. of earning is through transactions not through

Consumers choice must be evaluated timely and properly so as they will not become product centric. If they are being product centric, then the expertise must be there so that the targeted segment can never ignore their particular product. Wide variety should be offered so that each and every colors of the sparkle can be made available to the viewers. Competitors and customers should be focused simultaneously. Instead of having a Centralized Warehouse at Noida, they should have warehouses at prominent metro cities from where shipment of goods would take place. This would reduce their transportation cost.

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