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Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior - the actions a person takes in purchasing and using products and services, including the mental and social processes that come before and after these actions.

Based on concepts from

Psychology Sociology Anthropology Marketing Economics

Sociology Is the study of society. A very broad

discipline its traditional focus have included social stratification, social class, social mobility, religion, secularization.

Anthropology -- Is the study of humanity.

Who are the ancestors of modern Homo sapiens?

"What are humans' physical traits? "How do humans behave? "Why are there variations among different groups of humans?"

Marketing practice designed to influence consumer behavior which influences the firm, individual, & society All marketing decisions and regulations are

based on assumptions about consumer


Out of 11000 new products introduced by 77 companies, only 56% are present 5 years later. Only 8% of new product concepts offered by 112 leading companies reached the market. Out of that 83% failed to meet marketing objectives.


Because cross - cultural styles, habits, tastes prevents such standardization.


Marketing Environment

Consumer Characterist ics

Consumer Psychology

Buyer Decision Process

Buyer Decision

4 Ps





Marketing Environment





Cultural Social Personal

Culture Sub - culture Social Class

Culture is the fundamental determinant of a person wants and behavior honesty & integrity, respect &care for elders, hard work are typical of Indian value system Sub cultures include religions, racial groups, and geographic regions

Social stratification: All human societies exhibit this trait which often takes the form of social classes.

Social Class Social classes are economic or cultural arrangements of groups in society relatively homogeneous which are hierarchically ordered In India. They have distinct brand and product preferences. Indian marketers use the SEC classification which depends on a combination of education and occupation of the chief wage earner.

Reference Groups Family Roles

Consumer Characteristics social

Social Influences on Buying Decisions

Reference Groups

Opinion Leaders

Family Members

Consumer Characteristics social Reference groups are people to whom an individual looks as a basis for self-appraisal or as a source of personal standards.

Direct Face to face Reference Groups

Indirect- No Personal Contact


Secondary -religious, professional



Opinion Leaders

Opinion leaders are individuals who exert direct or indirect social influence over others.

Consumer Characteristics social

Family Decision Making
Information Gatherer Purchaser Decision Maker



Members assume different roles for different products

Mens clothes? Breakfast cereal? Computer?

Consumer Characteristics social

Buying Roles Other people often influence a consumers purchase decision. The marketer needs to know which people are involved in the buying decision and what role each person plays, so that marketing strategies can also be aimed at these people.

Initiator: the person who first suggests or thinks of the idea of buying a particular product or service. Influencer: a person whose views or advice carry weight in making the final buying decision Decider: the person who ultimately makes the final buying decision or any part of it Buyer: the person who makes the actual purchase User: the person who consumes the product or service