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Negronis to Go
what a rom-com-film critic would call great chemistry with its pruney Cocchi Vermouth di Torino co-star (3 oz., $15). Funny to think that way back when, Campari and Negronis were generally considered too bitter for American palates. Now, aficionados
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Botanica Bar
UNLESS THEY WISH to incur the governor’s wrath, New York’s beleaguered bars must accompany their takeout libations with a hearty bite of food. It was for that reason that Mark Connell, owner of Botanica Bar on the Lower East Side, had made sure to st
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Cutlets Sandwich Co.
FOR PROUST, it was a crumbly French pastry. For Richard Zaro, scion of the well-known New York commuter-hub-bakery family, it’s the chicken-cutlet hero that conjures up golden memories of childhood. And not just any chicken-cutlet hero, but the sandw
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“It’s Gonna Be Great!” John Homans (1958–2020)
Ariel Levy (writer): He was not so much your editor as your guru. I didn’t just trust him to tell me what to do with a story; I trusted him to tell me what to do with my life. Joe Hagan (writer): He was a vision-quest editor: He gave you a mandate,
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A Year In A Loft In Bushwick
These windows look west, across the rooftops of Brooklyn, taking in the Manhattan skyline. Marshall took this photograph when she lived in Paris. “I gave myself a mandatory two-hour-a-day walking tour to take photographs, and this was taken from the
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Empires : Zak Cheney-Rice
GENERAL-ELECTION SEASON typically announces itself with a handful of reliable signposts—veepstakes rumors, dueling party conventions, more frequent campaign rallies in contested states. The presidency of Donald Trump has occasioned a new one: the dep
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Flo Milli Is Only Going Up From Here
THE RAPPER FLO MILLI had given herself a deadline: She was going to be famous by 18. Not rapping by 18—famous by then. “It was like an obsession for me,” Milli, now all of 20 years old, tells me one July afternoon, dressed in full glam in her Atlanta
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Lezley McSpadden
FERGUSON POLICE OFFICER Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown around this time of year, when the high summer sun in Missouri heats the pavement to temperatures that sear the skin. There are concerts, and at night the riverfront ligh
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Behind Taylor Swift’s Secret Summer Album (That Feels Like Fall)
FOLKLORE is out now. This is the first song we wrote. I sent Taylor a folder of stuff I had done that I was really excited about recently—“cardigan” was one of those sketches; it was originally called “maple.” It harks back to experiences in your you
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Vision 2020 : Gabriel Debenedetti
JOE BIDEN AND ELIZABETH WARREN didn’t know each other extremely well until March. They’d been crossing paths for well over a decade, most uncomfortably in 2005 at a Capitol Hill hearing, where they collided over bankruptcy law and the Delaware senato
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Best Sex I Ever Read: Raven Leilani on the Ecstatic, Violent Joy of Susan Choi’s My Education
I would have liked a single rope to bind us together, with tightly stacked coils, so that we formed a sort of Siamese mummy within which our two bodies got mashed into one—and having fought me to half an arm’s length so she could undo my jeans, and p
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Two Lawyers, A Summer Of Unrest, And A Bottle Of Bud Light. The Making Of A Molotov Cocktail
IT’S AN AUDACIOUS CHOICE to pause in front of an Applebee’s restaurant on Flatbush Avenue and grant an impromptu interview to a video journalist shortly before you allegedly throw a Molotov cocktail into a police car. But the city was out of its coll
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Amy Seimetz’s Mirror Worlds
SHE DIES TOMORROW is available on demand on August 7. A MY SEIMETZ IS laughing. The laughter is always triggered by things one might not normally laugh about, from the ravages of illness to the catastrophes of the pandemic. It ranges from a wry chuc
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What Will the First Day of School Look Like?
the NYC Department of Education, as part of its planning for school reopening in the fall, asked every principal in the system to measure their buildings. Armed with floor plans and laser pointers, the principals visited each classroom, noted which o
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Beyoncé Master Class
BLACK IS KING is out July 31 on Disney+. IN 2011, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter severed professional ties with her father and former manager, MathewKnowles, who’d had a strong hand in controlling her image. In the nine years since, she has evolved
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How Other Countries Are Trying to Make Schools Safe
Students use a gangway to avoid crowded exits after elementary schools reopened in May. The government mandated that all students wear face masks when schools reopened on July 1. For added protection, desks at a school in Sam Khok were outfitted wit
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A Word on Seinfeld
WHITE SITCOMS HAVE of late united, disavowing the misbegotten race play of television’s recent past. Contrary to prior negligence, shows such as Scrubs and 30 Rock have pulled episodes featuring blackface from streaming platforms as a way of making a
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Good Conflict
Sarah Schulman is a playwright, an author, and a queer activist. She is also a professor of creative writing, and once, a number of years ago, she learned that a male graduate student maintained a blog where he wrote about his crush on her. He wrote
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Taylor Goes Minimalist
ALMOST A YEAR AGO, Taylor Swift released Lover, a lively course correction intended, in part, to craft a more measured and mature style for the singer, whose previous album, reputation, had used withering sarcasm and hip-hop production elements to wa
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What I Can Live Without
➽ FOR YEARS, we’ve asked famous people to talk about the mundane things they buy over and over again: their favorite thickening hair spray, say, or high-octane electric toothbrush. This month, eBay, in partnership with the Strategist, decided to host
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Walking Down the Garden Path
TIME HAS BEEN doing wild things over the past few months, but in some ways it has been easier to mark its passing since the pandemic began. This is because there are landmarks. One landmark is the Day You Started Using Your Shirtsleeve to Cover Your
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Approachable,Unusual Hikes
Avoid Breakneck Ridge. Longtime popular hiking spots like Harriman State Park, Bear Mountain, Minnewaska State Park Preserve, and Breakneck Ridge are especially overrun at the moment. “We open at 9 a.m., and there are hundreds of cars waiting to get
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Family Strife
BETHAN GWYNDAF, the teenage protagonist of In My Skin, is a spectacular liar. She lies to her best friends, her teachers, and the girl she develops a crush on, spinning tales of a better-than-normal home life that sound credible. Her mother works in
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Pace Gallery
What brought you to the galleries? Well, I guess you know a bunch of them moved here from New York, so I just decided to walk from my house to check some of them out. I’ve had my eye on a Keith Haring picture at Sotheby’s. I’ve been in my East Hampt
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To Do
HBO, August 16. Misha Green developed this series centered on Atticus (Jonathan Majors), a Black man searching for his missing father (Michael Kenneth Williams) in the Jim Crow South of the ’50s with help from his friend (Jurnee Smollett) and his unc
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Another Round
DALE DEGROFF MAY BE best known for running the influential bar at the Rainbow Room (and for popularizing the polarizing term mixologist). But he should be more properly credited with building the foundation for the craft-cocktail revival: excavating
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Everything But the Twist
THE AMAZING THING about the Negroni is that the complex result is completely out of whack with the nitwit simplicity involved in whipping one up. Just build the drink in an iced rocks glass following the classic 1:1:1 specs, stir, garnish with an ora
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Cityscape : Justin Davidson
THIS IS A SEASON of envy for American cities, as Tokyo subways fill, Berlin museums reopen, and Aucklanders hold weddings. One image from Paris has inspired particular wistfulness: The Rue de Rivoli, until a few months ago a perpetual cloud of diesel
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A Bittersweet Debut
IT’S A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT when the entire city of New York gets behind the same song—greater still when it unites behind a homegrown talent. Music strengthens bonds and closes gaps in style and taste that divide the boroughs. Summer 2014, when Bobby Shm
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A Plague Is An Apocalypse But It Can Bring A New World
IT’S STRANGE THAT we now see America threatened by a plague. Because without plague, America, as we know it, wouldn’t exist. It may have been the most devastating epidemic in the history of humankind—surpassing in its mortality rates any before or si
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