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The Secret Code of the Amy Coney Barrett Hearing
Pay attention to phrases such as settled law and stare decisis, and a whole other layer of meaning will come to the fore.
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Paging Dr. Hamblin: How Dangerous Are Woodwinds?
Editor’s Note: Every Wednesday, James Hamblin takes questions from readers about health-related curiosities, concerns, and obsessions. Have one? Email him at Dear Dr. Hamblin, My daughter is part of an accomplished
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Why I’m Glad I Left America
I am sprung from people who emigrated from the country of their birth to America. The United States was their refuge, their hope, and the dream they passed down to us, their American descendants. I could never have imagined as a child that, one day,
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The U.S. Shouldn’t Be a ‘Sleazy Offshore Principality’
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse wants to curb the influence of dark money on American politics—and for good reason.
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The Atlantic Daily: We Can Stop the COVID-19 Fall Surge
Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox. There’s no point in avoiding the obvious: Cases
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The Atlantic Daily: The Abortion Question Comes for Amy Coney Barrett
Today, the Supreme Court nominee answered “the question that has defined her nomination”—with a nonanswer.
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No One Likes Amy Coney Barrett’s Abortion Answer
Nine unelected justices control the outcome of the abortion debate, which feels good only when your side is winning.
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Why Amy Coney Barrett Might Surprise Everyone
Commentators are treating Amy Coney Barrett, recently nominated to the Supreme Court, as a conservative Christian who will vote in lockstep with other conservative justices. Her religious background, though, makes her less predictable than many presu
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How Milk Tea Became an Anti-China Symbol
The Milk Tea Alliance is emblematic of the frustration many young people feel toward Beijing’s grating assertiveness in the region.
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Is There A Safe Way To Be Home For The Holidays?
Throughout the pandemic, Americans have been tempted to violate public-health experts’ recommendations. The winter holidays might be the strongest temptation yet.
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The Surprising Value of a Wandering Mind
In a time of Zoom lectures and distracted students, a new book champions an underappreciated state of being.
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America’s Judiciary Doesn’t Look Like America
Those tasked with administering justice are overwhelmingly white and male, while the country is not.
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NASA Finally Made a Toilet for Women
The new lavatory is a symbol of the agency’s growing recognition of female astronauts’ needs.
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Dear Therapist: My Daughter’s Family Asks So Much of Us Without Giving Anything in Return
Any time I want to talk with my daughter about an issue between us, she tells me she doesn’t have time and it’s not a priority for her.
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The COVID-19 Fall Surge Is Here. We Can Stop It.
COVID-19 cases are rising in parts of New York City, and the mayor is threatening business and school closures. Across other parts of the United States and Western Europe, outbreaks are spiraling out of control. President Donald Trump is comparing th
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How Conservatives Really Feel About Amy Coney Barrett
Ben Sasse is worried. With 22 days to go before the election, the Nebraska senator and his colleagues are about to begin a showdown over the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, which he likened to the deadly 19th-century feuds between the
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The Hemingway Story That John McCain Read Aloud to Me
John McCain was 11 or 12 when he found a four-leaf clover in the yard of his family’s home in northern Virginia, rushed into his father’s library to press it in a book, and pulled the Hemingway novel set during the Spanish Civil War, For Whom the Bel
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The Irony At The Heart Of The Amy Coney Barrett Fight
Republicans are pitching Donald Trump’s third Supreme Court nominee as a feminist icon at a time when the party is intensely unpopular among American women.
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Brooklyn’s Anti-masking Protests Betray a Broken Culture
The demonstrations say less about one particular community than they do about the brokenness of the American condition.
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Trump Failed the 3 A.M. Test
A memorable campaign ad from 2008 urged voters to ask themselves which candidate would perform better in an unexpected emergency: “It’s 3 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep, but there’s a phone in the White House and it’s ringing ... Your vot
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How Do You Find a Home for a Foster Child at a Time Like This?
A system designed to respond to emergencies can never completely pause, even during a global pandemic.
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Senate Republicans Are Playing a Dangerous Game With the Court’s Legitimacy
The concept of precedent isn’t valuable just for the guidance it provides but also for the confidence it instills in political and legal systems. Republicans are treating it recklessly.
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It Had to Be the Lakers
Love them or hate them, the NBA’s most storied franchise was the right team for this moment.
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Fix America by Undoing Decades of Privatization
Investing in public infrastructure should be at the center of a 21st-century civil-rights agenda.
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The Church’s Black Exodus
Pastors’ silence on racism and COVID-19 is driving Black parishioners away from their congregations.
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The Constitution Is On Pause in America’s Courtrooms
Seven months into the pandemic, courts around the country are beginning to restart their criminal dockets. But the practical obstacles are staggering.
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The Many Beginnings of Louise Glück
The American poet, who was awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature, examines our compulsion to tell the same stories, again and again.
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What Joe Can Learn From Ike
Typically, presidential campaigns are all about noise and change, but Eisenhower instinctively understood how deeply Americans wanted to calm down and get back to normal.
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Trump’s Very Ordinary Indifference to the Common Good
Blowing off tax obligations and public-health dictates makes the president an all too typical member of a self-indulgent global elite.
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Keep An Eye On Taiwan
Taiwan is one of those flash points that has never flashed. The dispute over the island’s fate has had the potential to erupt into conflict between China and the United States for decades. But the feared Chinese invasion has never come. The situation
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