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Boris Johnson Meets His Destiny
Hailed as a savant, lampooned as a fraud, Britain’s likely next prime minister must lead his country through its moment of maximum peril—and opportunity.
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Who Actually Feels Satisfied About Money?
“It’s not just how much you have—it’s what you do with it,” says one researcher who studies money and happiness.
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How Can Congress Authorize War When It Can’t Decide What War Is?
There’s bipartisan agreement that the law governing America’s wars needs an update. There’s also bipartisan agreement that it won’t happen anytime soon.
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What Big Little Lies Got Wrong About Bonnie
Season 2 failed to give Zoë Kravitz’s character the depth of interrogation and analysis granted to its other stars.
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Hong Kong’s New Reality
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Elizabeth Warren Has Momentum. Can She Build a Movement?
The senator from Massachusetts is on the verge of turning her campaign into something much larger.
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They Tried to Start a Church Without God. For a While, It Worked.
Secular organizers started their own congregations. But to succeed, they need to do a better job of imitating religion.
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Why Online Dating Can Feel Like Such an Existential Nightmare
Matchmaking sites have officially surpassed friends and family in the world of dating, injecting modern romance with a dose of radical individualism. Maybe that’s the problem.
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The Border Patrol–to–Emergency Room Pipeline
The conditions in facilities at the border are so dire that many migrants are in need of medical care as soon as they are released.
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The U.S.’s Toxic Agent Orange Legacy
Washington has admitted to the long-lasting effects of dioxin use in Vietnam, but has largely sidestepped the issue in neighboring Cambodia and Laos.
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The Woman at the Center of Trump’s Iran Policy
John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are the public faces of the “maximum pressure” campaign. But the Treasury official Sigal Mandelker is the one actually running its most important component.
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‘He Said Yes!’
Despite changing norms, it’s still exceedingly rare for women to propose in heterosexual couples.
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FaceApp Makes Today’s Privacy Laws Look Antiquated
Cameras are everywhere, and data brokers are vacuuming up information on individuals. But regulations have not kept pace.
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The Origins of the ‘Acting White’ Charge
School integration yielded a disturbing by-product: a psychological association between scholastic achievement and whiteness.
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The Moon Landing Inspired Pink Floyd’s Most Overlooked Song
A bluesy, atmospheric piece that the band improvised live on the air during the Apollo 11 mission deserves to be more than a footnote of musical history.
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Sometimes Even Newspapers Need Poetry
The New York Times tapped a polymath poet to celebrate the 1969 moon landing on its front page.
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The Best Banter From Apollo 11
Between the high-stakes maneuvers, the crew joked around, listened to music, and drank way too much coffee.
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Singapore Says It’s Fighting ‘Fake News.’ Journalists See a Ruse.
A new law allows ministers to declare online content “false or misleading” and demand that it be corrected or taken down.
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Why That 13 Reasons Why Scene Took Two Years to Cut
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By Republican Standards, Almost Nothing Is Racist
When Democrats are accused of anti-Semitism, Republicans understand that coded language can be hurtful. But Trump’s racist comments get a pass.
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The Blind Spot of Beyoncé’s Lion King Soundtrack
The singer’s musical accompaniment for the new CGI remake neglects to include any artists from the region that inspired the film—a curious lapse in narrative fidelity.
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Trump Supporters Don’t Make Chants About Men
Where the president’s fans once called for a female opponent’s imprisonment, now they are longing for another woman to be literally banished from the country.
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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Getting Heated (Again)
July 2019 is on track to be the hottest July ever recorded. Plus: To be reelected in 2020, Trump has to win over this subset of voters, but his rhetoric isn’t helping.
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Trump’s Base Isn’t Enough
The president needs the voters who approve of his record on the economy but disapprove of him overall. His racist attacks this week only hurt that cause.
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Radio Atlantic: How to Cover Racist Tweets
Margaret Brennan, the moderator of CBS’s Face the Nation, joins the Atlantic staff writer Isaac Dovere to discuss the president’s attacks on four congresswomen and the media’s response.
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The Squad And The Speaker
This year’s fight between freshman members of Congress and the House leadership is the latest in a long series of such battles—but it also differs in important ways.
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The Most Compelling Photo of the Moon Landing
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What Is the Apollo 11 Landing Site Like Now?
The American flag is bleached white. But some of the boot prints could remain undisturbed for tens of thousands of years.
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The Friends Who Listen to BTS Together Stay Together
“Fans are often prone to saying, ‘This band saved my life.’ BTS made us realize we have to save ourselves.”
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The Art of Self-Defense Explores the Absurd Horrors of Masculinity
The satirical karate movie starring Jesse Eisenberg posits that these days, men do not have to dig deeply to find their inner brutes.
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