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The Future Of Food
Work Experience: Honest Tea 1998-2020 Co-founder of healthy tea startup, which sold to Coca-Cola Coca-Cola 2011-2020 Innovation catalyst for emerging brands Beyond Meat 2015-2020 Executive chair for plant-based-meat brand Eat the Change 2020- Co-foun
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A Fintech Finds an Investor That Gets It
When Suneera Madhani founded fintech company Fattmerchant in 2014, she did it with a co-founder she knew she could trust: her brother, Sal Rehmetullah. Three years later, when they were ready to scale their Orlando payment processing and business ana
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The Future Of Lending
KAREN G. MILLS was a member of President Obama’s cabinet, leading the Small Business Administration from 2009 to 2013. Now she is president of MMP Group, which invests in financial services, consumer products, and technology. She is the author of Fin
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Always Be Leveling Up
WHAT IS YOUR PRIMARY GOAL? Size matters. Even if you’re thinking about an eventual exit, there’s always another level that you’ll aspire to get your company to. Quantifiable measures of growth, while useful and important, are almost beside the point:
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Design for Upward Mobility
WHAT EMPLOYEEDEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS DOES YOUR COMPANY OFFER? The beauty of a well-executed employee-development program is that it doesn’t benefit just employees. Grooming them for other positions within your company, or even to become valuable busines
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Smart Solutions Tame Payroll Complexity
Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, HR trends such as remote work and employee self-service were gradually infiltrating the workplace and creating additional payroll complexity for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). The pandemic has not only acc
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Wisdom Of Women
ONE OF THE MOST telling definitions of entrepreneurship, courtesy of Howard Stevenson, a professor emeritus at Harvard Business School, is also one of the simplest: the pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources controlled. And let’s face it: In 202
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Double Vision
REBECCA RYAN is a futurist, economist, author, and the founder of Futurist Camp. A lot of companies will go out of business because of this downturn, but a good number of those closures will have been avoidable, because they will be caused by fear al
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New Business or No Business
HOW WILL YOU ACHIEVE MOST OF YOUR SALES GROWTH OVER THE NEXT THREE YEARS. Fast growth begins with identifying your customers. There’s no magic formula for determining where you should look for them or whether you’re better off focusing on new or exis
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Great Workplaces Have Mentors Who Care About Workers
88% ACTIVELY MENTOR MEMBERS OF THEIR TEAM. Mentorship is one of the hallmarks of an effective company. Successful entrepreneurs overwhelmingly embrace the responsibility of offering professional assistance to their junior employees. For many, that’s
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Thanks For Taking The Gloom Away
On a recent podcast, the host and I were discussing the challenges we’re all facing at the tail end of 2020, and I said something about being hopeful for the future. Paul Blanchard, the man interviewing me for Media Masters, wasn’t having it. “Well,
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The Rules Of The Road
Since starting a venture capital firm a few years ago, I’ve met plenty of entrepreneurs who are being led astray by others—hungry vulture capitalists, misinformed mentors, and three-office-hours-a-week professors who love to give everyone A’s. But en
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1 The Idea
Pattern is the hair care line she’d always wanted but no one had created—until now. As an entrepreneur, Tracee Ellis Ross would seem to have some clear advantages: She’s an award-winning actor, producer, and activist-and the daughter of Diana Ross. Y
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Oracles Of Inc.
AT INC., WE TOO ARE IN the soothsaying business. Five years ago, for example, we wrote that more of us would be working from home in 2020. Well, we got that right-though nobody guessed that all of us would be working from home in 2020. Anticipating t
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Solving the Pet Shedding Challenge
No matt er how much unconditional love furry pets provide, the vast majority come with a frustrating trait: fur that sheds. Dog, cat, bunny, and guinea pig owners routinely grapple with removing their pet’s cast-off fur from their homes. That situati
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This Boutique Firm Helps Clients Mine Their Intellectual Property Gold
The word “can’t” is rarely heard at Caldwell Intellectual Property Law. When technology leaders and startups need to develop IP to accomplish business objectives, they turn to Caldwell as their trusted partner. Caldwell has garnered a reputation as b
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Stop Wasting Your Time
Thinking back on it, the fruit flies should’ve been a warning signal. My company, Iodine, had the quintessential San Francisco startup office: ground-floor loft off an alley in the South of Market (SOMA) neighborhood. The space was great—except that
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2 The People
ezCater Stefania Mallett thinks like an engineer-a legacy of her computer science graduate degree from MIT-so it’s no surprise that when founding ezCater in 2007, she created “a system for everything.” Customers visit the website and order a tasty sp
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Business Icons’ Wisdom Echoes in This Firm’s Investments
Operations have been at the core of private equity firm Clayton Dubilier & Rice’s (CD&R’s) business since its founding in 1978. Co-founder Marty Dubilier was an operating executive, and Jack Welch, the famed CEO who transformed General Electric throu
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Drug Benefits Data, Uncovered
Remedy Analytics founder Scott Martin says the prescription benefits delivery system was designed to keep employers in the dark about information that could help them control costs and improve health outcomes. “Whenever businesses try to hide somethi
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Embracing Risk Pays Off for this Specialized IT Services Provider
Cyber threats against the U.S. increase in frequency, scope, and sophistication every year. In addition to targeting the government, cybercriminals attack the supply chain, including government contractors. To protect national security, the U.S. is r
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How To Beat The Competition
When brothers Berek and Josh Awend took over American Drapery Systems from their parents four years ago, they learned a local competitor in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area had changed its phone number after being acquired by a larger company. Josh also
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Distanced Delegating
In 23 years of marriage, Shannon and Bryan Miles have founded 14 companies, including the $28 million virtual staffing firm Belay. The Georgia-based company reached No. 2,842 on this year’s Inc. 5000 by matching more than 2,500 virtual assistants to
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3 The Money
Incredible Health With Incredible Health, Iman Abuzeid has created the fastestgrowing career marketplace for health care workers. And she’s done it by empowering nurses, who are right up there on the pedestal with Mom and apple pie—and too often have
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Private Equity With A Focus On Consumer Growth
Back in 2014, pet food maker Ainsworth was facing some challenges. The Pennsylvania-based company was successfully growing Nutrish, Rachael Ray’s premium dog food brand, but manufacturing costs were increasing faster than sales. The five-generation f
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Innovative People Make Innovative Companies
40.9% SAID RECRUITING GREATTALENT IS THEIR FACTOR FOR INNOVATION. Innovation depends heavily on research and development, creating strategic partnerships, and interfacing with customers. But the most important element, Inc. 5000 founders say, is gett
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Diversity Breeds Innovation
Conventional efforts to improve diversity hiring practices are mere table stakes for businesses today. Creating a truly diverse and inclusive workplace requires a full-on, top-down reimagining of your company’s mission, rules, and culture. Those who
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Expert Advice from Inc.’s Inner Circle
Emily Heyward measures a half-baked business plan p. 14 David Klein teaches the art of asking for feedback p. 19 Ruby Taylor turns tragedy into triumph p. 12 Seth Goldman forecasts the future of food p. 22 PLUS INC. gets graphic! Method’s messy start
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Go Take A Leap
Most companies have adjusted to pandemic life—they’ve refitted their existing organization to the new environment. But rather than simply adjust, think about the giant opportunity you now have to completely reboot—to take all the promise and unfulfil
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