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China's Wandering Elephant Herd Show. Not As ‘Lovable’ As It Looks.
"Finally an expert has provided an explanation about the herd’s northbound journey. Local officials avoided addressing the truth."
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‘Lying Down Flat’ As Passive Resistance In China
Originally published on Global Voices Viral internet meme screen capture from a 1994 Chinese TV drama “I love my family”. A new viral term promoting slow living has taken China’s cyberspace by storm, and authorities are moving quickly to stamp it out
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Spate Of Attacks Against LGBTQ+ People In Azerbaijan
"When he called the police, the officer told him, 'If I could, I would burn homosexuals myself'."
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Armenia And Azerbaijan Exchange Detainees And Critical Information In Breakthrough Diplomatic Deal
The deal was brokered by the US, Europe and Georgia was hailed as a "first step towards renewing confidence."
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More Internet Security For Many, Not For Central Asians
"Apple has clearly been forced to comply with legal regulations in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan."
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Cash Or Bitcoin? El Salvador’s Small Business Owners Speak
In a country with a large informal economy, small business owners are skeptical of a new plan to make bitcoin a legal currency.
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Pro-Beijing Lawmakers In Hong Kong Slam Gay Games As ‘Disgraceful’
"It's civil society’s business if they want to do it, but it’s wrong [for government] to throw money at this."
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Remembering Asia’s First Pride March In Manila
Two organizers of the historic 1994 Manila Pride shared their reflections about the legacy of the protest and the continuing struggle to fight for LGBT+ rights
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‘Nothing Is Braver Than A Trans Woman Unafraid To Die In Order To Live’
"The lack of respect within patriarchal societies has internalized through its media the view that certain lives are not worth living."
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Tokyo Olympics: A Symbol Of The Divide In Japanese Society
Using Twitter's public API, Global Voices analyzed more than 2.5 million Japanese-language tweets to gauge public sentiment around the Tokyo Olympic Games.
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Global Voices’ Top Stories On Environmental Destruction, As The Planet Just Observed World Environment Day
Global Voices has covered environmental issues extensively, and one focus of our stories has been the way pollution, massive urbanization, development infrastructures, and human-caused accidents are destroying fragile ecosystems.
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Laos Social Media Task Force: Will It Target ‘Fake News’ Or Censor Online Criticism?
"The reinforcement of social media platforms’ registration and severe control of online information are another reflection of the digital dictatorship in Laos."
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Germany Recognizes Colonial-era Genocide In Namibia, But Survivors Say It's Not Enough
More than 100 years after the genocide of Namibia’s Ovaherero and Nama ethnic groups, Germany acknowledges its guilt and will fund projects in Namibia over a period of thirty years.
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Illegal Logging, Poaching And Waste Dumping Endanger Nature In North Macedonia
North Macedonia's great and varied biological diversity is seriously endangered and was significantly impacted by COVID-19, as protected areas in the country, and national parks' income were impacted.
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Vaccine Hesitancy In Smaller Caribbean Islands Benefits Larger Neighbours With High COVID-19 Rates
Rather than have vaccine doses expire, regional governments have been donating part of their allocations to larger Caribbean Community (CARICOM) neighbours who need them.
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What A Kyrgyzstan Oil Refinery Reveals About China's Belt And Road Initiative
"We tried to reach the mayor, arguing that the plant is harmful to the environment...We tried our best but nobody was listening to us."
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Belarus Bans Foreign Travel For Citizens, EU Closes Airspace To Belarusian Flights
Most Belarusians, including many foreign residency permit holders, have been temporarily banned from going abroad, while new EU air space restrictions further narrow travel options to and from Belarus.
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Pressure On Journalists, Bloggers Mounts Ahead Of Uzbekistan's Presidential Elections
A foreign journalist loses accreditation, a pro-LBGT blogger is beaten and another blogger gets a heavy sentence on dubious charges.
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Mexican Registry For Cell Phone Users Sparks Privacy Concerns
"The creation of a similar registry was attempted in 2009, but the database ended up being leaked and for sale."
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World Oceans Day: The Caribbean Sea Faces Dual Threat Of Climate Change And Overfishing
It is clear the Caribbean is on the frontline of climate change, and its creeping impact on the marine environment is showing itself in various ways.
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Late-night Raid At Turkey's Boğaziçi University As Students Continue Resisting Interference In Campus Affairs
Six months later, university students, alumni, and faculty members are still agitating against the government-appointed rector Melih Bulu and his policies, which they claim are eroding the campus' democratic culture.
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Daraa Protests Burst The Syrian Regime's Bubble Of Election Day
'Al-Assad voted in Douma, a prominent opposition stronghold, to send a message that the war ended and that he's the victor. But Daraa's protests thwarted the play he tried to pass'
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Accident On A Chemical-laden Ship Triggers One Of The Biggest Environmental Disasters In Sri Lanka
Singaporean container ship X-Press Pearl had an accident near the Sri Lankan coast and has since sent waves of microplastics and charred debris along the coast of the country’s capital.
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How Long Can Australia Protect Its Diverse Rainforests And Unique Wildlife?
Despite numerous public campaigns and government programs, native forests in Australia, from the hot far north tropics to the cooler temperate south, face a variety of threats.
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Sustainable Nutrition: Speaking With Dr. Shakuntala Haraksingh-Thilsted, Winner Of The 2021 World Food Prize
"I hope this award will give me a platform to change the way we look at [and] work with food systems — moving the narrative from ‘just feeding’ to ‘nourishing.’"
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Diversity Is Key: Speaking With Dr. Shakuntala Haraksingh-Thilsted, Winner Of The 2021 World Food Prize
"Immediate actions are needed as the numbers of those who are becoming malnourished and do not have access to nourishing foods are growing rapidly."
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Global Voices’ Top Stories On The Climate Crisis, As The Planet Observes World Environment Day
On World Environment Day, a look at the Global Voices stories on climate change that have most captured our attention so far this year.
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Remembering Tiananmen In Hong Kong: An Increasingly Risky Act Of Resistance
Despite all the legal threats, Hongkongers are finding their own ways to commemorate June 4.
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Global Voices’ Top Stories On Biodiversity, As The Planet Observes World Environment Day
A selection of our best recent stories highlighting the importance of biodiversity and the achievements and challenges associated with these efforts around the world.
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Nigerian Government Suspends Twitter After Controversy Over President's Deleted Tweet Threatening Violence
Nigeria twitter users from different ethnic groups adopted Igbo names while trending the #IamIgboToo hashtag to express their solidarity with the Igbo people, targets of President Buhari’s offensive tweet.  
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