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Future Of Food: Inside Agritech’s Silicon Valley
By altering the colour of lights in his indoor grow-room, Leo Marcelis can change the smell, taste and even the vitamin content of his tomatoes.  For more efficient growth, switch on the red light; to develop shorter plants with higher levels of anti
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Banksy, Trust And The Art Market — The Inside Story
Banksy loves frames. In the British artist’s Walled Off hotel, which stands beneath the West Bank barrier in Bethlehem, every wall is riotously decorated with his work in picture frames: giant gold frames, tiny ornate frames, sad little junk-shop fra
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A Musk Or A Ma: Which Type Of Manager Are You?
It is protocol at the Financial Times to submit edited versions of opinion articles to a senior journalist for final scrutiny. Once, a colleague on deadline sent a notoriously pernickety editor an op-ed for approval. Within minutes, he called her bac
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Forget Republicans V Democrats: Meet America’s New Tribes
As the US midterms loom, animus between the Democrats and Republicans is plumbing new depths, with polls showing the country is split 50-50. The size of the divide is depressing. But if you want to get a wider — more cheering — perspective on US poli
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Artificial Intelligence: When Humans Coexist With Robots
The human race is not on the scrapheap after all. Or at least not yet. There has been no shortage of predictions in recent years about how advances in artificial intelligence and robotics will see humans replaced in all kinds of jobs. But most AI exp
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Prepare To Tell Long-serving Bosses Their Time Is Up
You should be able to divide any list of chief executives into three categories: the indispensable, the interchangeable and the irredeemable. The past week has provided examples of all three. The US Securities and Exchange Commission decided Elon Mus
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Inside Danske’s €200bn ‘dirty money’ scandal
The world’s biggest money-laundering scandal had yet to be uncovered in August 2015, but management at Danske Bank were trying quietly to close down the business at the heart of it. Russian entities and others from former Soviet states had moved €200
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Can Russia Stop Using The US Dollar?
President Vladimir Putin’s government says it is working on plans to de-dollarise Russia’s $1.6tn economy and wean its biggest industries off the US currency, following four years of US sanctions against the country and its expectation of new restric
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A Successful Start-up Pitch Is In The Hands Of The Entrepreneur
The pitch — that moment when an entrepreneur briefly has a chance to market their idea to an investor — has acquired a hallowed status in the start-up world, and beyond. Manuals abound (Pitch Perfect, Life’s a Pitch, Perfect Pitch — you get the idea)
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Facebook: The Court Of King Mark
Mark Zuckerberg sits grinning over a mock meat birthday cake — designed to look like a fat rack of ribs, a tri-tip steak and a huge turkey leg — surrounded by the smiles of his inner circle. The Facebook photo, from May last year, shows the company’s
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Super-Rich Seek Off-The-Grid Luxury Havens in Case of Global Catastrophe
Tech titan Peter Thiel spent millions to buy a home in New Zealand, but now that the country has banned foreigners from buying existing residential property, here’s why Iceland and Croatia are both good bets for the global super-rich seeking an escap
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The Food App Revolution Will Eat Its Drivers
Wang Xing, co-founder of Meituan Dianping, aspires to “make life better for everyone”, says the prospectus for the world’s largest food delivery company, which floated this month in Hong Kong at a value of $53bn. That is an impossible dream, but his
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Should Amazon And Google Pay Us For Our Data?
Over the past month, the mighty Cleveland Federal Reserve has been sending out a steady stream of tweets about one of its educational tools, a free online game called “Escape from the Barter Islands!”. It’s designed to teach kids (and adults) about h
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Saving Liberal Democracy From The Extremes
“Nothing to excess”. This motto, also known as “the golden mean”, was displayed in the ancient shrine of Delphi. Such restraint is particularly crucial for the preservation of liberal democracy, which is a fragile synthesis of personal freedom and ci
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Private Equity Plays Risky Game Of Musical Chairs
Lorraine Kelly has been going to the Gala bingo hall in Stratford most weekends for the past two decades. Even though the east London business has changed hands multiple times over that period, she says the place has stayed largely the same. “Sometim
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How The Promise Of Electric Power Could Transform Aviation
Airbus thought it was about to make aviation history. When the company’s battery-powered E-Fan aircraft lifted into the air with barely a sound on a summer day in 2015, a cheer went up from those on the ground at Lydd airport in southern England. Jus
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How US Banks Took Over The Financial World
Three days before Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in September 2008, Bob Diamond was ushered into a large conference room with “buyer” hand-written on the door at the New York Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan.  As the Barclays boss closed on a
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JPMorgan: Defying Attempts To End ‘Too Big To Fail’
A decade ago, Jeffrey Kindler, then chief executive of US drugs giant Pfizer, was plotting an audacious $68bn acquisition of rival Wyeth. But when the financial crisis hit and one of his lenders pulled out at short notice, the deal was thrown into do
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How Data Can Help You Get A Pay Rise
Negotiating a salary can be so painful for some people that they avoid it, even if it costs them dearly. Almost 60 per cent of employees admitted they accepted their company’s first offer in their most recent job, according to a survey by Glassdoor,
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How Purdue’s ‘One-two’ Punch Fuelled The Market For Opioids
Accused of exaggerating the benefits of OxyContin, the company’s owners had a bigger share than realized.
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Life Lessons From The People Who Worked At Lehman Brothers
On the morning of September 15 2008, Nadia-Elisabeth Seemuth, an analyst in Lehman Brothers’ fixed income division, heard that her employer had filed for bankruptcy. She remembers looking at the office walls, thinking: “It doesn’t exist any more. The
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Saudi Arabia’s Curious Romance With Silicon Valley
A Gulf country splashing billions of dollars on overseas investments is a familiar tale. Remember Dubai before leverage brought it to the brink of financial collapse? How new investment vehicles proliferated in Abu Dhabi over the past decade and how
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The Story Of A House: How Private Equity Swooped In After The Subprime Crisis
For the full multimedia experience, please view this article in a browser. For personal trainer Trevor Pace, the house at 418 Homeplace Drive in Stockbridge was more than just a mansion-style home with a fireplace in the bedroom and a jacuzzi en suit
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Why So Little Has Changed Since The Financial Crash
“Here I am back again in the Treasury . . . but with one great difference. In 1918 most people’s only idea was to get back to pre-1914. No one today feels like that about 1939. That will make an enormous difference when we get down to it.” John Mayna
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Quantum Computing: The Power To Think Outside The Box
As a keen player of the board game Go, Mark Griswold was enthralled by the 2016 contest between the world’s top player and a computer — a milestone in the history of artificial intelligence. He still recalls move 102 in the opening game with awe. The
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The Battle Between Two Elites: The Haves And Have-yachts
“Elite” is the political hate-word of our time but, during a rant in Fargo, North Dakota, this summer, Donald Trump said something interesting. “They call it the elite,” he complained. “We got more money, we got more brains, we got better houses and
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Superstar Chief Executives Can Self-destruct
Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists decamp to the Nevada desert this week for Burning Man, the annual jolly to celebrate “radical self-reliance”, gift-giving and co-operation. It culminates on Saturday with the torching of the effigy
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Why Rising Temperatures Are Bad For Our Mental Health
A couple of years ago Solomon Hsiang, assistant professor of public policy at University of California, Berkeley, became fascinated by a important issue: what effect does heat have on our brains – and emotions? It is a pertinent question right now, g
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Air Pollution: Why London Struggles To Breathe
Four years ago Sophie Power was walking along Marylebone Road, thinking of the son she was pregnant with at the time. The buses, lorries and cabs clogging the central London thoroughfare  make it one of the most polluted places  in the UK.  “I wonder
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Don’t Be Evil — Google At War With Itself
The full-blown crisis of confidence that has overwhelmed Facebook and resulted in a flight of talent from that company has now come to Google. As we learnt late last week, 1,400 of Google’s own employees signed a letter protesting the opacity of the
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