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Fighting Continues Between Israel, Hamas After Biden Calls For Cease-Fire
Israeli warplanes carried out another round of airstrikes against Hamas targets in Gaza, leveling a six-story building, while militants fired dozens of rockets into Israel.
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Congress Passes Bill To Counter The Rise In Anti-Asian Hate Crimes
The legislation, which had near-unanimous support from the Senate, now goes to President Biden's desk for his signature.
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Biden Tries A New Approach, But North Korea May Stick To Its Old Playbook
President Biden says he's open to diplomatic talks with North Korea. Former presidents have failed to make any significant progress toward North Korea giving up its nuclear weapons.
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Hospitals Serving The Poor Struggled During COVID. Wealthy Hospitals Made Millions
The financial gap between wealthy hospitals and safety-net hospitals, which take everyone who walks through their doors, has widened during the pandemic, an NPR and PBS Frontline investigation found.
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Oakland Becomes Latest City Looking To Take Police Out Of Some Nonviolent 911 Calls
The city's fire department will oversee the pilot project that aims to pair an EMT with someone with lived experience in the mental health, addiction, criminal justice or homeless services systems.
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America's Satanic Panic Returns — This Time Through QAnon
In the 1980s, false accusations of satanic ritual abuse spread across the U.S. Now, QAnon has revived those fears, borrowing from the playbook of the Satanic Panic from decades prior.
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What Will Shape Biden's View Of Gaza Violence Most? Hamas Attacks, Says Dennis Ross
The president is facing calls from some in his party to exert more influence on Israel, but the former Mideast envoy says Hamas rocket fire is "what's guiding him probably more than anything else."
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A Fungus Is Pushing Cicada Sex Into Hyperdrive And Leaving Them Dismembered
A fungus called Massospora produces an amphetamine in some cicadas and makes them lose control. Cicadas that are infected lose their genitals — and they don't even notice.
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Top House Republican Opposes Bipartisan Commission To Investigate Capitol Riot
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who directed the ranking Republican on the Homeland Security Committee to negotiate the structure of the commission, now says he will vote against the deal.
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Rep. Tlaib Pushes Biden To Protect At-Risk Palestinians In Middle East Conflict
During the president's visit to her home district, the first woman of Palestinian descent to serve in Congress shared her harsh assessment of Israel's role in escalating the violence.
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It's Harder Than Ever To Buy A House, And Bidding Wars Keep Breaking Out
A record low supply of homes for sale and strong demand from buyers are sending home prices to record levels and frustrating homebuyers who keep getting outbid.
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Movies Bypass Asian And Pacific Islander Actors And Directors, Study Finds
Hollywood's top grossing films rarely include API roles and when they do actors are cast in stereotypical roles. The exception: Dwayne Johnson, who accounts for a third of all API lead actor roles.
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To Be Carbon-Neutral By 2050, No New Oil And Coal Projects, Report Says
"This gap between rhetoric and action needs to close if we are to have a fighting chance" of reaching emissions goals, the head of the International Energy Agency says.
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Fox News Moves To Have Dominion Voting Systems Lawsuit Dismissed
The cable news outlet says it is protected by the First Amendment and alleges it sought to show both sides of the legal dispute led by former President Donald Trump over the 2020 election results.
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Colonial Pipeline And What It Will Take To Keep America's Grids Secure
The shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline revealed most of the nation's critical infrastructure is vulnerable to cyberattack. What will it take to keep pipelines and grids secure?
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Climate Change's Impact On Hurricane Sandy Has A Price: $8 Billion
Scientists have long thought some of the carnage from the 2012 hurricane might be attributable to a warming climate. New research calculates the additional flooding due to rising sea levels.
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Prosecutor Says Deputies Were Justified In The Fatal Shooting Of Andrew Brown Jr.
Brown was shot and killed in his car by Pasquotank County, N.C., sheriff's deputies as they arrived to carry out warrants last month. His family called his death an "execution."
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Cancel The Olympics, Says Tokyo Doctors Association
Tokyo-area hospitals "have their hands full," the Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association says in an open letter to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. The group represents some 6,000 primary care doctors.
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Author John Green Explores How To Live In Uncertainty In 'The Anthropocene Reviewed'
The author of best-seller The Fault In Our Stars uses humor, wisdom and a keen sense of connections to offer guidance — as he reviews how humans are reshaping Earth.
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Facebook Calls Links To Depression Inconclusive. These Researchers Disagree
The company has reached out to a number of researchers in recent months, though those same researchers are skeptical about the company's motivations.
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Colorectal Cancer Screening Should Start At Age 45, Experts Recommend
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says the age that routine screening begins for colorectal cancer should drop from 50 to 45. Colorectal is the third-leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S.
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In 'Better, Not Bitter,' One Of The Central Park Five Tells His Own Story
In 1989, five kids were falsely accused of the brutal rape of a Central Park jogger. Yusef Salaam writes about systemic racism — and how his family and faith got him through seven years in prison.
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No Vaccines, Supplies Or Hospital Beds: Pregnant With COVID In India
A pregnant journalist investigates and finds many pregnant, COVID-positive women can't access life-saving healthcare during the country's deadly second wave.
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Cyclone Hits India On Deadliest Day Of Pandemic
At least 16 people have been killed by Cyclone Tauktae, the most powerful storm to hit India's west coast in decades. Among those evacuated to higher ground were COVID-19 patients.
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WNYC Fires 'On The Media' Co-Host Bob Garfield For Alleged Bullying
According to a statement from New York Public Radio, an outside investigation found that Garfield violated the company's anti-bullying policy. He was the subject of a similar investigation in 2020.
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The Case For Universal Pre-K Just Got Stronger
A new study looks at the effects of government-funded preschool in Boston and finds big benefits for kids.
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A Destroyed Town Denied Aid By Trump Braces For More Wildfires
Ninety percent of the West is under drought. Concerns of another bad fire year come as one farming community in Washington state has barely started cleaning up from a destructive fire last year.
NPRCrime & Violence
The Next Generation of Civil Rights Lawyers Could Start Here
A scholarship program named after late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and Constance Baker Motley, the first Black woman to be a federal judge, is trying to foster a new generation of lawyers.
At Miss Universe, Contestants Mix Pageantry With Political Messages
In recent years, pageant participants have openly embraced the platform that such contests offer — and in turn have used them to bring attention to issues dear to them.
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Israel Launches New Strikes As Gaza Conflict Enters Week 2
Palestinian officials say nearly 200 people have been killed by Israeli airstrikes in recent days, including many children. The death toll on the Israeli side stands at eight, including one child.
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