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Tiger Woods Wins First Golf Tournament Since 4 Back Surgeries
Tiger Woods did something Sunday that he hasn't done in more than five years: He won a tournament. The victory at the Tour Championship in Atlanta was the 80th victory of his PGA Tour.
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Trump And Japan's Abe Meet In New York Ahead Of U.N. General Assembly
The two leaders met for dinner at Trump Tower, where they discussed trade and military ties. The meeting comes as the U.S. considers imposing hefty import tariffs on foreign-made automobiles.
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The Women's Wave: Backlash To Trump Persists, Reshaping Politics In 2018
A big gender gap threatens the GOP in November, as the energy of the women's marches the day after Donald Trump took office has been sustained by Democratic women invested in the midterms.
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Emma Stone Grounds The Funny, Fidgety 'Maniac'
Not everything works with Netflix's offbeat comedy-drama weaving the story of a mad scientist with the dreams of two of his subjects. But lead Emma Stone and director Cary Fukunaga are in top form.
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'The Times They Are A-Changin" Still Speaks To Our Changing Times
The Bob Dylan classic came out in 1963 and was embraced by the civil rights and anti-war movements. Decades later, young people are finding it vibrates with new meaning.
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Flood Waters From Florence Hit Elderly Hard
For the elderly, a flood can turn in to an eviction notice. They're often on fixed incomes and can't afford repairs.
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Can't Get Comfortable In Your Chair? Here's What You Can Do
Chair design shifted dramatically about a hundred years ago, and it hasn't been good for our backs. Our daily lives are filled with chairs that make our posture worse. Luckily, we've got hacks.
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Sailor Rescued At Sea After Dismasting During Round-The-World Race
Abhilash Tomy, an Indian navy commander participating in the arduous non-stop, unassisted race, called for help on Friday after his boat was rolled in an Indian Ocean storm.
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Jeremy Dutcher, The Newest Light In Canada's Indigenous Renaissance
Dutcher spent five years researching, writing and recording his brilliant and ambitious debut album, Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa -- now, it has earned one of Canada's most prestigious prizes.
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High-Skilled Immigrants Call Out The Trump Administration's 'Hypocrisy'
The White House says it wants an immigration system that prioritizes high-skilled workers. But critics say the administration is making it harder for those immigrants to live and work here.
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Kavanaugh Denies Fresh Harassment Allegations From College Classmate
A college classmate of Kavanaugh's says he acted inappropriately during a drunken party 35 years ago. Kavanaugh, who's currently a federal appeals judge, denies the allegations.
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Comcast Outbids Fox And Will Acquire British Broadcaster Sky
The U.S. cable giant won a rare auction held by British regulators with a bid of $39 billion. Comcast hopes acquiring Sky will help it compete with online streaming services Netflix and Amazon.
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China And Vatican Sign Agreement On Appointment Of Bishops
The "provisional" deal — signed in Beijing by deputy foreign ministers on both sides — gives the Holy See a say in naming of bishops, and grants the pope veto power over candidates.
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A Timeline Of Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill Controversy As Kavanaugh To Face Accuser
As another Supreme Court nominee faces allegations of sexual misconduct, what can be learned from the handling of the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill controversy?
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'Night Moves' Captures Fleeting Moments In Chicago — And Life
Jessica Hopper's memoir oscillates between charting a story of gentrification, a young woman's love affair with Chicago, and the types of friendships that represent the texture of a city.
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Do Healthy Diets Protect The Planet? As The U.N. Meets, A Focus On Sustainability
As United Nations leaders gather in New York, top food and nutrition experts are convening for a forum to talk about how people around the globe can have both a nourished diet and a healthy planet.
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Teens Sleeping Too Much, Or Not Enough? Parents Can Help
Though teenagers need about nine hours of rest a night, most get only seven and are suffering. A new survey suggests their parents are struggling, too. Here's how to improve the quality of teen sleep.
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'Unclaimed Baggage' Is The Quintessential Southern Novel For Teens
Jen Doll's new novel follows a group of misfit kids working at Alabama's legendary Unclaimed Baggage store, a place where all kinds of lost things (and people, and one purple leopard suitcase) end up.
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New Book: Vaccines Have Always Had Haters
That's one of the themes in the new book 'Between Hope and Fear: A History of Vaccines and Human Immunity.'
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Secrets Of A Teenage WWII Spy In 'Transcription'
The young protagonist of Kate Atkinson's latest historical novel finds herself working for British intelligence during the war — and suddenly confronting that experience years later.
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One Year After The Las Vegas Shooting, 2 Survivors Remember
Two survivors of the Las Vegas shooting: A young man, shot in the lung, hid under a dead body and survived. A police officer who had never before fired his gun on active duty, now trains others.
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PHOTOS: As Florence Floodwaters Rose, Rescuers Helped Hundreds Of Animals In Danger
Some evacuees are unwilling or unable to bring their pets with them, leaving them in a dangerous position. Rescuers have been tracking down scared animals in danger and bringing them to safety.
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Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford To Testify Thursday
Attorneys for Ford reached an agreement with committee staff on Sunday after days of negotiations over the conditions and details of her appearance.
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A Bunch Of Cocaine: Boxes Of Donated Bananas Contained $17.8 Million Worth Of Drugs
"Sometimes, life gives you lemons. Sometimes, it gives you bananas," says the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. "And sometimes, it gives you something you'd never expect!"
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Wildfire Breaks Out Near Camp In Greece, Home To Thousands Of Refugees
A plume of smoke was visible not far from the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. The number of migrants and refugees arriving in Greece by sea has soared this year.
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Good Charlotte Speaks To 'Generation Rx'
Good Charlotte ruled the pop punk world in the early 2000s. Now, as rocker dads, the band has released a new album to inform the next generation about depression, drug use and more.
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Trump Administration Will Seek To Limit Green Cards For Immigrants Needing Public Aid
The Department of Homeland Security has proposed a new rule that would expand Trump administration efforts to restrict immigrants' access to welfare programs.
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Indians Are Partying And Praying For Elephant-Headed God Ganesh
For 10 days, they sing, dance, chant and pray at the feet of Ganesh statues, then submerge them in water. The festival was once used to circumvent British rule.
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Lorraine Hansberry: Radiant, Radical — And More Than 'Raisin'
A new biography of the African-American playwright shows that she was so much more than her most famous work: A Raisin in the Sun.
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New Findings On Loan Forgiveness; Puerto Rico Schools After Maria; DeVos Calls For Free-Speech
The Education Department offers new findings on student loan forgiveness; Enrollment in Puerto Rico's schools drops after Hurricane Maria; DeVos calls for more free and open speech on college campuses
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