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Moving Roadkill Could Save Golden Eagles At Wind Power Facilities
New research analyzes ways to help golden eagle populations cope with wind-energy growth. Wind energy is a major component of the US clean-energy goals. Already one of the fastest growing and lowest-cost sources of electricity in the country, it is p
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Are Bright City Lights Shrinking Some Birds’ Eyes?
The bright lights of big cities may be causing an evolutionary adaptation for smaller eyes in some birds, a new study shows. Two common songbirds, the northern cardinal and Carolina wren, that live year-round in the urban core of San Antonio, Texas,
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What You Should Know About The New Postpartum Depression Pill
The Food and Drug Administration has approved zuranolone, the first-ever oral medication for postpartum depression. One in seven mothers reports suffering from postpartum depression, a debilitating condition that occurs in the weeks and months after
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Vaping May Increase Asthma Risk For Young Users
Vaping increases the risk of asthma in adolescents who have never smoked conventional tobacco products, a new study suggests. Vaping, or the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), among adolescents has grown dramatically over the past several y
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Cosmic Structure Growth Isn’t As Predicted
The rate at which large cosmic structures grow is slower than Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity predicts, report researchers. They also show that as dark energy accelerates the universe’s global expansion, the suppression of the cosmic structur
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How A Newborn’s Cry Triggers The Flow Of Breast Milk
Hearing the sound of a newborn’s cry can trigger the release of oxytocin, a brain chemical that controls breast milk release in mothers, a new study with rodents shows. Once prompted, this flood of hormones continues for roughly five minutes before t
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Smart Speaker Can Mute Parts Of The Room
Deep-learning algorithms let a smart speaker system mute certain areas of a room or separate simultaneous conversations, even if two adjacent people have similar voices. The hape-changing smart speaker uses self-deploying microphones to divide rooms
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Plant Compound Shows Promise Against Fungal Infection
A compound found in many plants inhibits the growth of drug-resistant Candida fungi, including its most virulent species, Candida auris, in the lab, a study finds. The journal ACS Infectious Diseases has published a paper on the discovery. Laboratory
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Should All Newborns Get Neurodevelopmental Disorder Screening?
Expanding newborn screening to include identifying genes associated with an increased risk for neurodevelopmental disorders would cause more harm than good, according to a new study. While some experts believe early identification of neurodevelopment
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Rate Of Climate-induced Extinction Is ‘Shocking’
Climate change is causing extinctions at an increasing rate, a new study shows. Researchers surveyed populations of the Yarrow’s spiny lizard in 18 mountain ranges in southeastern Arizona and analyzed the rate of climate-related extinction over time.
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56 Million Americans Unknowingly Exposed To Secondhand Smoke
More than half of American adults have recently been exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke—and the vast majority of them are unaware of it, according to a new study. Nationwide, the findings suggest that 56 million Americans are unknowingly and routine
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Gaps Let Eastern Hemlocks Fend Off Pest
Creating physical gaps in the forest canopy helps eastern hemlocks withstand infestation by an invasive insect, a study finds. Eastern hemlocks are an ecologically important tree species found from eastern Canada to the Great Lakes states and south a
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Deadly Hospital Infection May Have Surprising Origin
Deadly Clostridioides difficile infections may not result from transmission, but from within the infected patient themselves, a new study shows. Hospital staff spend a significant amount of time working to protect patients from acquiring infections w
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Higher Dose May Get People To Stick With Opioid Treatment
People with opioid use disorder who received a lower dose of buprenorphine dose were 20% more likely to discontinue treatment than those on a higher dose, according to new research. The study, published in JAMA Network Open, focused on patients presc
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Lots Of Sitting May Boost Older Adults’ Dementia Risk
Adults age 60 and older who spend more time engaging in sedentary behaviors, such as sitting while watching TV or driving, may be at increased risk for developing dementia, according to a new study. The study shows the risk of dementia significantly
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Majority Of Firearm Owners With Teens Store Guns Unsafely
More than a third of US households with teens own firearms and more than two-thirds of these owners store at least one gun unlocked and/or loaded, according to a new study. Surprisingly, the findings also show that prior exposure to violence is not a
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Will Boozy ‘Dunkin’ Spiked’ Nudge Teens To Start Drinking?
Dunkin’ Spiked, a new line of alcoholic iced coffees and teas from the coffee and donut chain Dunkin’, might give youth “too easy an entry point” into alcohol, warns substance use prevention researcher David Jernigan. The beverages are sold at packag
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Survey: Pandemic Gun Buyers Have More Self-harm Risk, Extreme Beliefs
People who bought firearms during the height of the pandemic have much higher rates of recent suicidal thoughts, self-harm behaviors, and intimate partner violence, a new study suggests, compared with other firearm owners and people who do not own fi
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Hydrogel Uses Sunlight To Make Water From Hot Air
A new molecularly engineered hydrogel that can create clean water using just the energy from sunlight. The researchers were able to pull water out of the atmosphere and make it drinkable using solar energy, in conditions as low as 104 degrees, aligni
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Engineered Microorganism Breaks Down Plastic In Salt Water
Researchers have genetically engineered a marine microorganism to break down plastic in salt water, according to a new study. Specifically, the modified organism can break down polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a plastic used in everything from water
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Some Vocal Learners Are Really Good Problem Solvers, Too
Starlings, along with other complex vocal learning birds, are also superior problem solvers, researchers report. The European starling boasts a remarkable repertoire. The versatile songbirds learn warbles, whistles, calls, and songs throughout their
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Battery-free Robot Microfliers Use Origami Folds To Descend
Researchers have developed small robotic devices that can change how they move through the air by “snapping” into a folded position during their descent. When these microfliers are dropped from a drone, they use a Miura-ori origami fold to switch fro
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Alzheimer’s-linked Protein Is A Driver Of Preeclampsia
A protein in cerebrospinal fluid associated with Alzheimer’s disease is also a driver of the pregnancy condition of preeclampsia, a new study shows. It can influence diagnosis and treatment of the condition, the researchers report. The researchers id
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Year-end Snowfall May Predict Season Totals
In some western states, the amount of snowfall already on the ground by the end of December is a good predictor of how much total snow that area will get, a new study shows. Researchers who study water resources want to know how much snow an area wil
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Calorie Info Is Often Missing From Food Delivery App Menus
Restaurants posting their menus on third-party food delivery platforms such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub are not consistently following a law requiring calorie disclosure, new research shows. The researchers say the Food and Drug Administratio
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How Disorder Alters Quantum Spin Liquids
A study begins to address a longstanding question in condensed matter physics about whether disorder mimics or destroys the quantum liquid state in a prominent compound. Quantum spin liquids are difficult to explain and even harder to understand. To
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Fungi Show Promise Against Microplastics In Water
A new study identifies a potential way to remove microplastics from water with fungi. “Although fungal pelletization has been studied for algae harvesting and wastewater treatment in the past decade, to the best of our knowledge, it has not yet been
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Representation Of Women Physicians Is Lacking In US Movies
US movies perpetuate gender stereotypes in the medical field, a new study finds. The study in the Journal of the American Medical Association examined the portrayal of women as physicians in US films from 1990-2020 and found that representation of wo
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Vet Students Pick Up Iffy Beliefs About Dog Breeds And Pain
As veterinary students go through coursework, their beliefs about dog breeds’ pain sensitivity and trustworthiness can align with those of practicing clinicians and faculty, research finds. The work is important in understanding how veterinary attitu
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How To Raise ‘Lawn Mowers Of The Reefs’ In The Lab
Scientists are trying to raise as many long-spined sea urchins in the lab as possible. The urchins are known as “the lawn mowers of the reefs” because they eat algae that could otherwise smother reef ecosystems and kill corals. Aaron Pilnick, a postd
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