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‘Identity Crisis’: Will The US’s Largest Evangelical Denomination Move Even Further Right?
Thousands of Southern Baptists from across the US are heading to Tennessee this week to vote for their next president, a choice laced with tension that could push America’s largest evangelical Christian denomination even further to the right and pote
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A Different America: How Republicans Hold Near Total Control In 23 US States
Democrats across the US cheered last month, as Texas legislators staged a walkout from the statehouse to block the passage of a Republican bill that would enact a number of restrictions on voting access. But the victory seemed short-lived, as the sta
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25 Corporations Marking Pride Donated Over $10m To Anti-LGBTQ+ Politicians – Study
June is Pride month, and many US corporations are advertising their support for the LGBTQ+ community. A new study, however, has found that 25 companies otherwise eager to wave the rainbow flag have donated more than $10m to anti-LGBTQ+ federal and st
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Covid-19 Around The World: How Are Some Key Countries Faring?
With some notable exceptions – including the UK – where confirmed infections have begun climbing again, the number of confirmed new coronavirus cases appears, once more, to be fading in many countries around the world. But that situation may not last
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Mapping The Anti-trans Laws Sweeping America: ‘A War On 100 Fronts’
On the first day of Pride month, the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, signed a law banning transgender girls from participating on girls’ sports teams in middle school through college. It was just one of 13 anti-trans bills conservative lawmakers i
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The Push To Archive The History Of Jungle And Drum’n’bass
Chingford Sainsbury’s may be an unlikely setting for an encounter that helped capture a key part of British cultural history, but MC Navigator’s weekly shopping trip to his local supermarket would prove crucial. Navigator, one of the leading figures
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How Republicans Came To Embrace The Big Lie Of A Stolen Election
Just a few days after the polls closed in Florida’s 2018 general election, Rick Scott, then the state’s governor, held a press conference outside the governor’s mansion and made a stunning accusation. Scott was running for a US Senate seat, and as mo
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Zero-hours Contracts ‘Trapping Women Of Colour On Low Pay‘
Women of colour are almost twice as likely to be on zero-hours contracts as white men and almost one and a half times more likely than white women, according to new research. The joint report from the Trades Union Congress and the equality organisati
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No Lights, No Camera: UK TV Producers Face Equipment Shortage
Britain’s high-end film and television producers are facing a shortage of cameras and other key equipment as the industry struggles to keep up with unprecedented demand for new shows caused by lockdown-induced drama binges. The public’s seemingly ins
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Scotland’s First Female Astronomer Royal Looks To Open The Universe To All
“I’m always shocked that it’s 2021 and we’re still having ‘first female’ stories,” says Prof Catherine Heymans. Nevertheless, it is an unavoidable fact that, with her appointment two weeks ago, the renowned astrophysicist not only became the first fe
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Party’s Over: Amsterdam Plans To Keep Tourists ‘In Penis Outfits’ Away
Amsterdam has said it will not allow a return to the “nuisance and massive crowds” the city endured before the pandemic, sending a blunt warning that visitors “whose intention is to booze and misbehave, dressed like a penis” should go elsewhere. As m
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‘It Will Be Busiest Year On Record’: England Caravan Parks Boom As Lockdown Eases
Caravan parks have recorded a boom in demand as lockdown measures are relaxed, providing an unlikely source of economic growth as overseas travel remains largely off-limits. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show activity in the UK’s ac
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Smashed Prices: Australians Enjoy $1 Avocados Amid Record Production
It was the summer of 2018 and Australians were sweating. In their hands: a single avocado pear, barely ripe. The price: $9. Could it possibly be worth it? And how many times had it been squeezed? Thankfully, though much has gone wrong in the world si
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Straight Story? The YouTuber Taking A Direct Route To Success
When Tom Davies and his stepbrother, Greg, were growing up on the edge of Aldridge, a town in the West Midlands, they would pick a point in the distance, a TV mast for instance, and make their way straight there, even if it meant clambering through q
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Hello Possum: The New Zealanders Who Keep Wild Marsupials As Pets
Maurice likes to stay up all night. When he finally settles down at 5am, he makes sure everyone knows he’s there – then he curls up and sleeps all day. “When he’s ready to go to bed, he gives us a good face wash to say ‘hi,’” Jo Little* says, laughin
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Brexit: What Is The Northern Ireland Row About?
Just six months into Brexit and relations between Brussels and London have hit a new low with veiled threats of trade wars from the EU if the UK does not comply with an agreement Boris Johnson signed over Northern Ireland almost 18 months ago. What i
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‘I Fell In The Water, But It Was Worth It!’: Guardian Readers On Their Most Extraordinary Bird Photographs
I took this photo at the end of January in Balloch, Scotland. I have always wanted to take a picture of a male mandarin duck. It is the bird that made me want to start taking photographs. They are beautiful, with so many stunning colours. At the end
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What Caused The Internet Outage That Brought Down Amazon, Reddit And
For 45 minutes in the UK morning, a significant chunk of the web did not work. People trying to visit a huge array of websites, from the Guardian through to Reddit, Hulu and the White House, received a blank white page and an error message tel
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How The FBI And Australian Police Gained A Front Seat View Of Underworld Workings In 90 Countries
It was mid-2018 when a convicted narcotics importer met with FBI agents from San Diego and made them a tantalising offer: in exchange for a possible reduction in the importer’s sentence on other charges, would the bureau like a backdoor into the encr
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Trump Feared Democrats Would Replace Biden With Michelle Obama, Book Claims
Donald Trump called Joe Biden a “mental retard” during the 2020 election, a new book says, but was reluctant to attack him too strongly for fear the Democrats would replace him with Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama. Biden went on to beat Trump by mo
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How we made Three Lions: David Baddiel and Ian Broudie on England’s Euro 96 anthem
I knew that New Order had done a football song [Italia 1990’s World in Motion], but I was hesitant when the FA asked me to do Euro 96. Fantasy Football with Frank Skinner and David Baddiel was big on TV at the time, so I thought they should sing it a
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Digital Currencies Pose Threat To Economy, Warns Bank Of England
The rise of digital currencies could lead to a flood of withdrawals from high street banks, risking financial stability and the wider economy, the Bank of England has warned. Threadneedle Street said that stablecoins – a new form of digital asset usu
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It’s Not Just Football – It’s A Barometer Of Diversity. Bring On The Euros…
Last week, after more than a year of playing in empty stadiums, the England men’s football team finally walked out into the Riverside stadium in Middlesbrough in front of a small, socially distanced crowd. This warm-up game for Euro 2020 was hardly n
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How A Ghostly Outline Revealed The Secret Of Modigliani’s Lost Lover
No one wants to be reminded of a failed relationship by having the ex’s portrait hanging around. After Amedeo Modigliani and his lover, Beatrice Hastings, broke up, the Italian artist is thought to have obliterated her memory by painting another woma
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‘It’s A Love Letter To Adventure’: The British Musical About Jogging
Daniel Bye is twisting in his seat, recalling the day he set out from his home in Lancaster, ran through the city’s streets and then up the nearby peak of Clougha Pike. “It was like I’d left one world, and entered another,” he says. Cue a song from B
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‘They’re Like Gold Dust’: Why The Humble Beach Hut Is The New Des Res
When Vicky Gunn bought a little ramshackle beach hut at Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex four years ago for £10,500, she had no idea what an incredible investment it would turn out to be. Last week, she sold the seafront hut with its new stylish interior
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Agreement To Tax Google And Facebook Is Historic. Will Brexit Britain Stay Onside?
The historic deal signed this weekend is intended to prevent digital companies such as Google and Facebook from playing a cat-and-mouse game with national tax authorities. G7 finance ministers have established a minimum global corporation tax rate of
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Over 50? It’s Not Too Late To Start Saving In A Pension
The secret to a financially happy retirement? It’s £26,000 a year for a couple or £19,000 for a single-person household. That was the headline finding from research this week by Which?, the consumer body, which surveyed almost 7,000 retirees and conc
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Stonewall Is At Centre Of A Toxic Debate On Trans Rights And Gender Identity
Since its 1989 inception in response to a ban on the “promotion of homosexuality” by schools and councils in section 28 of the Local Government Act, Stonewall has been a part of every major struggle for LGBT rights in the UK. But in the past few week
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Lockdown Makes Humble Flip-flop Summer’s High-fashion Hit
Flip-flops have long been a staple of heatwaves, found everywhere from beaches to barbecues. But, in 2021, the humble footwear – which can cost as little as £5 – are set to be fashion’s shoe of the summer. Flip-flops featured in the collections of hi
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